Locked From the Inside

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  1. A professional snow boarder has been competing at this level for four years. With his wins came interviews, tv appearances, and no small amount of press. So he called it quits. Completely blocked out anyone involved with magazines, television shows, or advertisements, save his sponsors. So how does an up-and-coming magazine agency with a reputation to build plan to get the inside scoop on this man? There's no better way than a pretty girl to break through the shell and betray him.

    There's only one rule for her: Don't get attached. But she does, and he begins to return the feelings. And in an attempt to get her to continue to leak information about his personal life, her editor does the unthinkable. He outs her for what she really is.

    The goal is to play this from the beginning, if at all possible.

    I'm looking for someone to play the role of the male, as I'd like to play the female. If you're under 18, we can make this mature if you so choose.
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  2. This seems really interesting! I'd love roleplay the guy, if you'd have me!
  3. That sounds great! Did you have anything you'd like to add/any questions?
  4. I hope you don't mind; I sent you a PM!
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