Locked Away

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  1. Locked in this horrible tower? Was that what it had came to? A cold breeze blew though the window as she stared out at the beautiful scenery: the bright cloud free sky, the freshly cut grass and the clear blue lake that screamed at her to swim in.

    God how she missed being free to roam the small but glorious kingdom. As of late her father had refused to let her out of her sight due to a little indiacreation she had with an old knight she yerned to be with. Getting heart broken only made her father tell her more that she needed protection.

    She wanted to wonder the kingdom feel the electricity of the cheery people. Sure at first she enjoyed being alone but her heart was healed and she missed visiting friends. She would make her plans to leave tonight.

    Though there was reasons her father wouldn't let her out of her sight. She was in danger of being captured by a uncontrollable, vicious man who had been banished from the kingdom years before but had been spotted.

    As she gets her escape plan sorted and she's finally free will she once again be captured?


    Okay so I love detail and love long posts however I have the tendency to make a lot of mistakes not that my language isn't English but I have a habit of forgetting so as long as I can read it I don't mind. But minim paragraph will be 2 please.

    Real pictures and please.

    Get into your character let your anger out. This can be a very violent rp if you want.

    Don't be scared by sexual scenes.

    Hope someone joins :)
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  2. Hey I might be interested, should I be the guy who wants to kidnap her? Because I think thatd be really fun. This also might be for some reason already taken... Please inform me soon...
  3. Yeah its still open :)
  4. Awesome so, you never answered the other question, am I gon' be the guy trying to kidnap her
  5. Yeah you can :)
  6. Awesome, sounds fun... Shall we move this to the roleplay section instead of the sign ups
  7. Oh can get get cs just basic

  8. Can I use a picture for appearance?
  9. Do you prefer real picture or drawings/anime
  10. Ashton Kutcher
  11. Anime is fine I was having trouble finding a real pic anyways
  12. Name: Angelina Jones
  13. I tried finding a real pic but it was not working out
  14. You wanna male the thread and just copy what you already posted
  15. Oh yeah sure my phone was dying and I had to plug it in.

    That was just an introduction
  16. One last thing, time period this takes place?
  17. I guess but I'm not the best with the language so just regular language
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