Lock n' load, Ceri's out hunting again. [M/M, M/F, F/F, ?/?]

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  1. Good day and merry meet, y'all. The name's Ceridwyn and I'm on the prowl for some role-plays based in a fantasy setting - I'm going to be as upfront as possible: if it lasts longer than two weeks, I may lose focus and stray off into other things. I'll do my best to let you know, but sometimes I forget. A little prodding works wonders, it does. Sometimes I'll kick back into gear and pick up where we left off, but sometimes I'll cut it. I appreciate my partners, and when they're patient with me, that's like sugar on my god damn sugar cookie. It's great. If not, that's okay too.

    That aside, I'm looking to role-play a couple situations that get down and dirty as soon as possible. I'm in a PWP - plot, what plot? - kind-of mood, but that doesn't mean you'll be dealing with quick sentiments and brief, one-faceted characters. I like a lot of life, and I love wit. Mind games? Yes, and please. All characters in all the games I commit to are eighteen years or older. I can play women and men with ease and sexuality ain't no thang. I'll role-play almost anything.

    • The first idea involves a dragon who catches a rogue wandering into their cavern/lake/tower/wherever they've chosen to call home, or maybe the dragon's gone incognito into the city. You're the dragon, I'm the rogue, and there's going to be penetration. How we get there is entirely of our own devices, the fruits of our discussion. My only rules? No death, no non-con.
    • I've got a killer she-boner for prestigious wizards and dirty little secrets -- even better if it's plays on the whole professor/student dynamic, where it's a school to train new soldiers for the up and rising country, or instead a cabal looking to initiate newcomers. If not, hey, whatever. I'll gladly play the wizard that makes you goddamn cower into submission and puts you in his pocket for later. Or I'll play the opposite. Whatever.
    I'm open to suggestions. These are just a couple of the things I've had haunting around my head space. Shoot me a PM if you're sassy keen in making trouble with me. Thanks for reading!
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  2. The last idea is really interesting to me ^^ I have a system of magic I would love to use for this, if you're up to it!
  3. I am. Hit me up via pm and we'll talk more.
  4. Well, that was fast. I'm all set on games for right now <3
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