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  1. Matt's alarm went off with an abrasive buzzing, quickly silenced by a slap of his hand on the snooze button. This was the fourth time it had gone off and also the fourth time he had promptly fallen back asleep, his long fingered hand still resting on top of the alarm clock.

    "Matthew James!" His grandmother shouted as she bustled loudly into his room, throwing his blinds open. "You get out of bed this instant you are late late late!"

    Matt woke and squinted at the clock. Mm yes. His first period started in approximately 10 minutes. The school was right down the street. He rolled back over.

    "Five more minutes, Nan.."

    "Absolutely not!" She said sternly, yanking the blankets off of him. He cried out in protest but finally sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and running a hand through his messy black hair.

    "Have you packed your school bag?" He shook his head. "Did you try your uniform on to make sure it still fits?" He shook his head and his nan 'tsked' so loudly he heard it from across the room.

    "Fine fine. I'm up," he mumbled, stumbling to the closet to where he pulled his uniform off the hanger and pulled it on. It still fit, which was a bit unfortunate for him. He was at the age where all of his friends had finally started to grow into their adult forms. He seemed to be stuck in this shrimpy, scrawny, short body. Either puberty was going to strike late or...he feared, never.

    He threw a few notebooks and pencils into his backpack and grabbed an apple on his way out the door, sprinting to the school, now five minutes late for his first day back at school.

    He stopped in the office to get his new schedule and to get his tardy pass, all which he received under the disapproving stares of the office secretary.

    Once he'd been issued his pass and schedule he wandered the hallway, looking for room 212. Evidentially his first class was with Mr. Morrison. For math. His very least favorite subject.
  2. Sitting in his class Chesh smiled at all the girls staring as his wavy magenta dyed hair was pushed out of his eyes and revealed his amber colored irises . His thing was cons and magic tricks so he was an intrest to lots of people."Cheshire Catherine Rollins?" He raised his head and smiled "yes sir?" He said to Mr.Morrison as he twirled a pen between his knuckles.
  3. Matt entered the classroom late, holding out his pass to the teacher. This was the third time he'd been transferred to this school. Hopefully the final time. Mr. Morrison was familiar with him enough, anyway. "Where'd you leave off in your last math class?" he asked.

    "Uhh... I think it was some trig stuff... with the triangles and the cosines..."

    "You're a bit behind us then." Surprise. Matt was always behind in math anyway. Mr. Morrison handed him a textbook and showed him where the class was at. "I won't assign any homework for you tonight, but you are expected to keep up with us after the lesson tomorrow, so read up on the chapter so you can follow along."

    Matt grimaced a bit and went to sit in the only empty seat in the classroom next to that flamboyant kid with the pink hair.

    "'Lo" he mumbled as he plopped in his seat.
Thread Status:
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