Locations, Location ?

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  1. It's kind of funny how we've kind of mistreated the poor location part of our profiles. Nobody wants to say where they are really from, so instead we kind of delete the purpose of the entire thing by putting some random location, all thinking we're doing something original. I myself put that I was living on the moon. I have recently unearthed a gigantic dusty green Atlas from underneath all of the smaller yet thicker books that are in my closet, and I was delighted and surprised to find that there is a town called Waldo. I FOUND WALDO! Go ahead. Google Earth it. Is that what you say? I'm not sure. I am a collector of Atlases and Phone-books. I have recently found a rare baseball card, several NASA photos, and a book receipt hidden inside that big ol' Atlas. So, what gave you the idea for your location, and is it actually a location on this earth, or is it a town mapped somewhere on your brain?
  2. Apparently my location is set to "Undercouch". There's really no reason for it, since my address is pretty much public knowledge, and I live with an Axeman in a house full of weapons, so I'm not afraid of anyone coming to kill me... o___o

    Undercouch is a glorious place where House Elves like me live. 8D And dust bunnies. Of the plot variety.
  3. I always feel like it's a safety issue. Mine's Milky Way Galaxy, because as a kid I associated more with outer space than the Earth.
  4. Mine says the Sun Shine State, simply because I don't want to say where exactly I am... Even though I hold conversations with people who are in the same state as me. >.<

    However I do have a household full of painful things should anyone try and hurt me.
  5. If anyone knows what my location is a reference to without using Google, I will give them a cookie.
  6. I find that it's kind of fun to see what people put for their location. It almost conveys a sense of personality, in a way.
  7. I had mine set to "The Golden state" For basically ever, and I think most people know I'm from California. If people really wanna know where someone else is from they could always start up a conversation and ask? .......?

    Like most of the info I use, my current location is a reference to a band I like. Jet city is from the Queensryche song Jet city Wooooooomaaaaaaaaaan : )

    EDIT: Ok I changed it and forgot. It is now set to "Future world" Which is a reference to a Helloween song.
  8. My location is set because it just feels correct. It's a little dreamy and ever so slightly dry and obscure.
    I pretty much tell anyone where I'm from, partially because I have a general faith in humanity and enjoy meeting my fellows when we get together and partially because anyone know would take the time to creep on me would probably also be aware of what a bad idea that is. Also, my location has been the same foreeeeeever.
  9. My setting is my actual setting. Just with alternate words.
  10. Mine has always been this in any forum I go to.

    Which pretty much explains why I'm here with her.

    I may have picked you up by accident.

    Well, it was a hospital for the mentally unstable.

    And you are from...?

    I was a professor who practiced lobotomy for a living. And then I found myself in another person's mind.


    Technically, Bedlam was a place that existed. I may have worked there. Or possessed.

    Tangent; if you ever wonder how the name of your location would sound like if it was written in a literal meaning (ala Tolkien), then you should check this out:


  11. I actually put 'Oregon', but I think I used to put 'Dinosaur Cupcake Land'. 'Cause I love dinos and cupcakes. I really don't care who knows what state of the US I live in. It's no secret, either. So it's been that for a while.