PROMPT Local Idioms

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  1. The following quote is taken from Levusti's wonderful Indepth Guide to Creating a Language! Idioms are a great way to add culture flavor to your locations and settings.

    For this exercise you will be creating some commonly used IDIOMS for your location.

    Some more examples:

    That man is a hammer in a tornado when he's angry. (Suggesting he does major damage!)

    I woke up today ready to spank the devil. (Someone woke up ready to start trouble!)
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    To have blocks on ones head (to concentrate hard on a task)

    Fire-breather (One who speaks ill (scalding words) of others; a gossip)

    Mudmouth (A person given to foul language, a person whose language is considered coarse or dirty)

    Warm-handed (A caring or nurturing person)
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