EXERCISE Local Festivals

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  1. Every town, city, country, and world has it's own brand of special events and traditions! Here in my town they celebrate the blooming of the dogwood trees at the start of spring with the Dogwood Festival. In Japan there is the Sapporo Snow Festival where they build all kinds of cool ice and snow sculptures. Recently for one of the Iwaku Masquerade roleplays, the small town of Rowenfel held a yearly festival in honor of a faerie queen, trying to lure her out of her mountain home.

    Festivals are a huge part of ANY local culture! What a location celebrates is a mark of their history and what they feel is important in life. It adds a wonderful flavor and gives characters in a setting something to participate in.

    In this exercise, create a FESTIVAL for your location.

    Consider some of the following things:

    - Is this a LOCAL festival, only celebrated in a tiny town? A big city festival? Or something that is celebrated all over the world, no matter the country or culture?

    - What are some special events that only take place during this festival?

    - What are some traditions that go with this festival? Ways to dress? Certain foods that are eaten?

    - What is the history behind this festival? How and why did it get started?

    - Who runs this festival? A committee? A religion? Free form and within households like a holiday?
  2. Festival Name: The Great Owl Festival

    This festival is exclusive to the city of Night Watch. It happens once a year on the first day of Fall. The origin of this celebration came from the religion of people here who worship The Great Owl that comes every new moon. It's more of a cult actually...Anyway,during the three day festival many things happen. The first day is the parade where owl themed floats that were made by people throughout the city and people dressed as owls march down the main roads. That night at least a hundred owls are set free into the night sky where they fly away to be captured again next year. The next day around noon a feast is held. It is mostly meats and breads but there are all kinds of food. Every organisation brings in large amounts of food for the feast and they get to set up booths if they do where people can buy their merchandise. That night everyone goes to their own homes to have a big dinner with their families and the third day is the hunt. The entire city goes up to the cavern in the mountain and hunts the giant deer that live there,bringing back as much meat as they can and roasting half of the meat for another feast that night while the other half is put on a giant tower the next night which is the new moon as an offering to the great owl. It's a loved tradition in the city and almost everyone,even the supernatural races,participate every year.
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