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  1. One of my rp characters that I had recently re-drew out. I've always had fun working with Skade. Didn't do a bg cause I hate doing backgrounds. They bore me really

    Skade Artifact.jpg
  2. ​* ^* ohlawrd. All types of beauty! You're awesome. ^^
  3. lol why thank you ever so much
  4. Been working on this for a bit now (its actually a lot further along than what you see, with base shading and such) but its with my two fave characters of ever.
    The Drow is Rhelic (from Saving Sol series that has yet to make a debut) and the Elf is Rhye (from Flycoren Archives: Generation I that i've worked on for the past 11 years)

    Really need to finish this and quit just staring at it in my files. I apologize for the quality- it is coming from my photobucket and they sap the quality right out-

  5. Just a bit of fun random things that i have done either early last year or this year.

    How they go in attachments is:

    • Onai is a wolven character; a furry totally without the anthro hands. She was done for my brother in law cause he is a furry lover and likes to torment me with wanting me to draw naked furry girls. Not guna happen. But this one was done for the RPG game he is working on and she is a concept.
    • The drow elf is part of my yet to be written out novel start for Saving Sol; and he is the secondary character Zen. He is a new form of paladin that i am still working on
    • Just a random sketch of an Anubis (I love Anubis!)
    • Arza; from a friends story about a Sun god and this is how he was to look
    • Now we are getting into the Flycoren Archives side: The green dragon woman you see was a prior guardian to Casbael, Nero. She is forest element and her species is called Draglynns; as there are more females than there is males. This is only her humanoid form which still stands about 7'5",
    • Final picture is the two out of four main characters for Flycoren Archives and my original rp characters back in the years of 99' to 03'. Grey Walker is the male and Rhyden (Rhye) Hunter is the female. I adore these two with all my heart, and hopefully i will get off my lazy butt during 2013 to finish writing Chasm of Reckoning.

    Theres the art for today; yipee

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  6. Awesome stuff, keep it up.
  7. I shall try with much gusto

    Wow i had a really silly moment there; I almost said I bet your fave character of mine is Zen due to your name; Zen.

    Imma go in the corner now lol
  8. One of the lead characters from Flycoren Kausim - Belle Strym : She is called an Orca Jukin while her brethren species are Coral Jukin (they have a varying type of colour skin from pale greens to rosy pinks)
    Jukins are one out of thirteen races on the main lands of Flycoren.

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  9. Jareal.jpg

    One of my most favorite pieces of work that I have spent a lot of time working on (20hrs or more) the God of Hell for Flycoren; Jarael. I had redesigned him time and time again over the past 11 years and never have been very happy with him. This was the one that cut through the rest and I have officially been sedated with his look; meaning i can finally work on the other two; Baquhin of Heaven and Khaotic of Earth. So please enjoy cause I ever do love this one.
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  10. Needed to do a doodle for a newer character that is usually out of my forte, I worked a bit with a modern western styling for this gunslinger girl.

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  11. Reading over my husband's one story connecting to that of Flycoren Archives; I realized how much I urgently needed to update a character's look.

    Duo Krizon; one of the last remaining Fire demons on the mainlands of Flycoren! Duo possess' no manna base abilities -an art long lost to the fire demons- but he is a spunky fellow who alliances himself to the Darkian when the newest rule begins.

    Totally has a Scottish type accent when he speaks, love him to pieces.

  12. I hate shading, really do. Give me colouring and I will be on it with glee and gusto. Perhaps why me and my husband work so well as an artistic team, he hates colouring and loves shading. Not to mention his backgrounds are just so damn amazing that i dare not go up against him. Thats his thing, not mine. But upon the new year arriving, i know it is time to quit my bitching about shading cause it does make a HUGE difference to any picture.

    So tonight, i spent the time from start to finish; to do just that. A pic with shades and all that jazz!

    Rather happy with how she turned out really; this is Svenja Page

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. ...I love your work. That dragon is to dieeee for! Keep up the good work, =D

  14. I spent a god awful long time with it, but it is one of my showcase pictures. I think there is still blood on the wall from me banging my head lol

    Working with a friend recently to help him create some of his characters in a visual sense since he can't draw. So i've happily taken up that role.

    Anyways these are just other characters that associate with the mains: from left to right is - Rhett, Mason, Dara and Minx

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  15. The clothing you draw is really impressive, and I really like your characters and how they look specifically Belle Strym and Svenja Page. Though Belle looks so real and detailed, it makes me crave more of your work like that. Can't wait to see more!
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  16. I hate shading so much so its really rare that my charas get that sort of detail, but im pushing myself for it. Lol thanks though, comments like that push me to get my ass to shading
  17. Its been some time since I worked with these two and with all the writing I've been doing here on Iwaku and on Flycoren; I couldn't hold back the urge to doodle something up.

    There is something always so terribly fun for me when I put these two up against one another! Cause in the end, I personally never know who will be walking out alive and who will be dragging themselves out by their hands. Anywho, this is just the lineart, as i am currently shading thru the picture - the difference between lineart and shading on this one is immense-

    Bits and pieces to the picture firstly - Grey is a elf mixed with demon bloodline that has some quirks in his system. Rhye is pure elf and is one of the highest ruling bodies in Flycoren known as a Guardian. They often quarrel about her decisions and Grey's distaste for Casbael in general.

    Lineart is first

    And for the finished product: think there is a difference between lines and colour lmao (i actually shaded it O.O oh lord love a duck, scary.... and i think i liked shading it too, even worse! DON'T TELL ANYBODY!!!)

  18. I am glad that you might have actually liked shading. Because I think you do a really good job at it. I'm not an artist or anything so I wouldn't really know, but to me it's really impressive. You do good with clothes, anatomy, shading and everything else! I am definitely going to be watching out for future drawings by you. You don't happen to have a DA do you? Oh and if I didn't already say it, you are awesome.
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  19. I've always hated shading but playing around with what i did last night.... i liked it. OH i feel so dirty now!!! *rolls around*

    Okay now im blushing, there are far greater artists out there than me, but your comment totally went to my ego! I do have a DA which is lol (I warn you, i update a LOT!)
  20. One of my fave characters that is a rp character for whatever; Jyn has gone through so many changes ever since i made her. 2013 has not been any different as i have decreased a lot of her furry attributes. Rather just the legs and ears now when it used to be nearly all of her. I am not a furry in least, to say i rather like the Kemonomimi styles more so.

    I love Jackals and that only goes into the deeper love of Anubis. Even if they are a death god, i love them.