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  1. At the time of its creation the vaccination known as R5N3 was believed to be the cure for all future illnesses. It was a human created antigen that would force the immune system to permanently bolster its production of antibodies while at the same time mutating the abilities of the antibodies so that they were able to envelope and annihilate viruses. It was considered to be one of the greatest advances in the history of medicine. After a very short three months of animal testing it was determined to be safe enough for human trials. Over the course of the next six and a half months a mass testing was done on approximately 50,000,000 people throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Five months after the testing was finished the results of the human testing were brought forth to the world.

    The ‘Cure’ as R5N3 had become known as was proven to prevent future illness both viral and bacterial. The drug had minor and rare side effects. It was found that about 1 in every 100,000 people suffered from a skin discoloration centered on the back of the hands. It seemed that within about three months the effect is first noticed as either a black or a dark red circle no large than a pin head but seems to only increase in size slowly. Some people were found to suffer the discoloration on both hands but the discoloration was always mutual. This was the only known side effect to the drug and it was determined not to cause any kind of cardiac, respiratory or nervous problems/disorders. Because of this the FDA approved R5N3 for commercial production on the 12thof August 2017. This day was marked as the beginning of a new era for humanity…

    There are four classes for those that have become altered. Each is represented by a mark on the back of the hands appear as a Heart, Spade, Club or Diamond. Hearts and diamonds are obviously red with spades and clubs being black. Each different suit has a certain set of abilities that are associated with that group.

    Hearts deal in powers related to the mind. Such as creating illusions, mind control, telepathy, etc.

    Clubs deal in powers related to the body. Such as super strength, speed, healing, density and mass, being able to see parts of the light spectrum that are invisible to normal people, etc.

    Diamonds deal in powers related to the elements. Such as Pyrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Metalforming, etc.

    Spades are the miscellaneous section dealing in anything that couldn't be covered in a different section. Such as necromancy, dream walking, power stealing ,infection, etc.

    Basically there is no limit to what kind of power you could create or use for your character. So you can make up anything you want, do not limit yourself. If you find yourself unsure as to whether something is over powered or not then just ask. If it is you can create a weakness. If there is enough interest I will continue to pursue this roleplay and make updates until I am ready to publish it and start it off. It will likely be a group roleplay needing at least four players approximately but it can easily sustain many, many more.

    Credit goes to Changingm92 for coming up with the original roleplay (I was a co-gm and helped create part of the universe). I do have his permission to use his base ideas/creations. If you wish to see the original this is it (
  2. Interested.
  3. Cards are the sweetest deal. Interested.
  4. I could certainly see myself in this.
  5. I like it. I might join if you don't mind.
  6. As I told you before, I am very interested. . .
  7. i would join but a quick question if they have one on each hand does that mean they have two powers?
  8. I am glad to see I have people interested. This is still under development but it will be coming out as soon as I can get it finalized and get a few more plot ideas and twists put in. I cannot put a certain date on when this will be yet because I am currently still deployed in the Middle East. Just know that it will at least be within a month.

    You are correct Nightingale. Some people, if they wish, will be allowed to have two powers. But just be aware that if you have two powers each of them will be weaker over all compared to someone who only has one power. Does that make sense? If not I can make an example to better describe what I mean.
  9. i get it so if two pyromancers battle if one of them has two powers the one with only one power would win in just a pyro battle
  10. Yep exactly!
  11. Yes yes yes :D I'd love to join this, it looks like my kind of roleplay.
  12. So wonderful, how I do wish to join in! :)