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  1. Hey, Hi and Hello
    My name's justaguy64 feel free to call me guy, I'm a pretty experienced with role playing as i'm with another role playing site, for the admins i made a mistake on my birth date i'm actually 14. ANYWAYS yeah
    I like Negima, The world only god knows, Kimi no iru machi and many other manga
    and don't ask me my real name ヽ(´▽`)/ because i'll never tell...

    thanks for reading! =P

  2. Hello there and welcome to Iwaku, Just.
    I'm Kitti, by the by, and it's good to meet you.
    The sections here are fairly self-explanatory but if you do need any help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
    Happy playing!
  3. Welcome! ^^ hello, Guy. I'm new to the site as well. Feel free to call me Jess. ^^
  4. Its a pleasure to meet you both, Jess nice to know another newcomer :D

    And kitty i have a question, does Iwaku have a online chat?
  5. Hi Guy! :D I'm assuming you were born in 1997? I have that fixed now. XD if that's not the year, let me know.

    Also, welcome to the community!
  6. welcome guy :9 I'm Alec or red that people have started to call me now xD hahah
    I also likes manga but sadly enough not the ones you have said xD hahah Ever read 07-ghost or death note? those are awesome :9

    Anyway I hope you like it here at iwaku ^^ I think this is the best roleplay site ever and I hope you think the same soon ;)
  7. HELLO HELLO WELLCOME you must be THAT guy from FF2 :)
    He kept dieing on my team though O.o
    YOUR 14? Watch out for red shell stalk you becuase you just showed your age.
    And yes red im stalking you now X.X

    Any way HAVE FUN GUY
  8. Lol thanks Diana for the change, yeah i am born in 1997 so you got the year right :D

    Redblood but people call you red? i suppose i'll abide by customs and call you red too xD yeah i have read Death Note (LOVED IT!!!) and i'm trying to expand my manga interests. I'm a romance/action lover so yeah xD i'll read anything of those genres or just anything that interests me.
  9. D: iliana wants to make friend with awesome too!
    *grabs the random guy and never lets go....NEVER* O - O
    stranger danger!
    wait.....you want a friend? ok :)
  11. :D HI JUST A GUY! *pff* rhymes...
    I'm Iliana! I'm probably going to get on your nerves with random messages of hugs and gummi bears but this is Iwaku so theres a lot more where that came from!
    You'll have so much fun here in this place full of creepers like Ed fun people like Ed and other peoples! :D
  12. lol sure Ed i'm always open to friendship :)

    Iliana oh my... @//////@ *pats Ilianas head whilst escaping*
  13. D:< GET HIM!
  14. lulz *puts Iliana in a box*
  15. Ed you think I will do something like that to a minor? o.O
    You are the only one fore me ^^ and chrona :) aaand that person to.. and that one ... hmm...
    Well now when I think about it, it could be possible that it is me who stands outside guys window at night xD

    Yeah death note rules :) You should test to read 07-ghost ^^ it's action/fantasy, not so much romance though, but friendship is one of the main things in the manga :9
  16. Iliana stop stalking people. You know you're too innocent for that. He isn't afraid of you; he thinks you're adorable.
    I would kindly say "Welcome to Iwaku" but you've already been poisoned by the kindness already.
  17. Hi Just A Guy. *Glomps* Welcome to Iwaku! I think you'll fit right in with all of us. I'm Terra