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  1. Think I've got this writer's block beat. So yeah, back again and stuff.
  2. Bad Grumpy. Now TK's gonna staple your butt to your chair so you can never escape.
  3. *Loans Grumps his Terminator buttplate*

    Just in case
  4. oi welcome back
  5. Grumpy, get your ass to MODERN. There's a job for Harry that involves the Zone.

    Now wheres my piggy back ride! >: D

  7. Grumpz? REALLLY ? :O
  8. Nice to see you back, Grumpy. <3 *Snuggles*
    I am still tempted to change my profile to Ramona Flowers. But I like Fluff Norris too much. XD

    *Goes to read her Scott Pilgrim comics*
  9. Good to see you again! We've been missin ya
  10. Welcome to the site, I am also new ^^