Lmao, "Anime Physics". Looking for friends and potential roleplay partners! (:

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  1. I'm not sure what exactly I ought to check. I write many different types of stories, and don't see myself conforming to one genre in specific. That's something I can discuss with anyone who has an interest in me!

    With that aside, I should make it known that I write as a hobby. Enjoyable though it is, I can only do it so long as I have the time to spare. There may be occasions in which I won't be able to respond to a one-on-one roleplay for a few days due to real life phenomena, as I would imagine is the case with many other people.

    People so often emphasize gratuitous description and excessive word counts. While detail is nice, I feel the goal of cooperative story writing shouldn't be to slap as many adjectives into a post as you possibly can; rather, it should be with the intent to paint a vivid image in the heads of author and reader alike. Sometimes it doesn't take a novel's worth of words to convey the beautiful scenery being strolled through. Sometimes it does. It really depends on context in my opinion.

    Vocabulary and sentence structure variation both do a lot of work in successfully achieving that aforementioned vivid image I mentioned prior.

    I'm a very laid back and, in my opinion, friendly guy. I'm not looking for a master of the English language, as I'm by no means one myself. I just would rather write with someone who's okay at varied sentence structure, has a decent vocabulary and can adequately convey what they're making happen rather than someone who turns into a walking thesaurus when it comes down to things.

    I really don't ask for much, I promise! I by no stretch of the imagination am accusing anyone of this, I just sort of went off on a philosophical tangent in regards to what I thought made up "good writing". I'm super excited to make some friends, and even more so to maybe gain a roleplay buddy in the process! Just hit me up if you're ever interested, I don't bite! C:

    P.S. Moral of the post: I don't think writing should be a super-strict structured thing. It's called roleplay after all! The aim is to have fun with me! I also may or may not use too many exclamation marks. I'm a very jovial person, so... yeah!
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  2. Hello!

    I'm Lena, and I already like you. Writing is my passion but I don't like telling people what they should do at writing. People have certain ways and yes that's about it.

    I'm very adjustable to any kind of genre. Except girlxgirl. I tried it before and yes it failed. But I'm still trying.

    Now, onto business xD

    I would to RP with you. I have list of ideas already posted but if you don't like anything that is listed there, we can discuss ideas :-)

    I'm sweet and I don't bite.
  3. Haha, I'm glad to know you like me. I'd much rather that than being hated or something similar! I don't think you need to worry about a "girlxgirl" roleplay with me, as I predominantly and almost solely play the part of a man. Playing the part of a woman has never appealed to me.

    I'd be more than happy to roleplay with you, too!

    If you would prefer, we could just go with one of your roleplay ideas: Seeking & Save Me. Though, perhaps it would be better to not jump into things quite yet? I would love for us to get a feel for what the other likes and dislikes in a story, and a back-and-forth with this in mind might prove beneficial. You know, just so we can come up with something that the both of us would like a whole bunch!

    I'll leave the decision up to you, as I'm pliable and more than happy with just getting to write with someone else.

    P.S. Kitty doesn't have fangs, but does she have claws?!
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  4. Wow. I'm simply amazed with this.. It kinda made me inspired to roleplay now. Aha. But, I'm willing, well, more than willing to work out a plot with you.
  5. Well how about that? I didn't imagine myself striking inspiration into anyone else, but it's a pleasant surprise all the same.

    It'd be wonderful to come up with some sort of plot to follow with you, Taichou. As a side note: do you have any nicknames you'd prefer to be called?

    Anyways! Did you have anything particular in mind, such as the theme or type of setting? Or did you just want to lob ideas back and forth until we've come up with something that sounds awesome to the both of us?
  6. I'm about surprises from time to time. But, glad it gave you a positive turn out. (:

    Likewise, but, call me Seki. It is easier to spell out and all that, and I'm more comfortable with it. What may I call you, or prefer me to call you?

    I like the idea of shooting ideas back and forth with eachother until we create a master piece! Would you like to take this to pm to start the thinking process?
  7. Personally, it doesn't matter much to me. If you'd prefer the privacy of a PM, I'm more than fine with that. Also, you can just call me Cobalt!

    Feel free to just shoot me some ideas if you have any in mind for us to write about; whether it be about the genre, the setting, the type of characters, etc. I'm open to almost anything. Hope to hear from you soon! (:
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