Lizardkin and the Nymph

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  1. "Are we safe, Mermia?" a shuttering but cooing female voice whispers.

    "I'm positive." a stern, but another feminine tone responded.

    A stream of lush forest and creek spread across a peaceful landscape. This was the untouched forest, the parts of the land hidden away by the ruckus of war and dispute over territory. The only sounds that could be heard or felt alum would be the wind, stream, and flagging of the brush. The mountains to the east touched the sky with drifting fog of clouds. Much like a rainforest from afar, trees touched to heights higher than what the sun could ever surpass to hit the ground. These parts of forest were known for the works of dwelling creatures, those that enforce life in the neck of these woods. Encouraged growth and enforced life upon this green biome.

    A band of sisters, water nymphs of the forest stalks the main creeks of the forest. Hidden in their amphibious or fishy forms, they follow the paths and inspect all vital signs of the water and inhabitance. The sisters of four, as what they are well known to be called, stay close and live in the shallows of an Eden paradise. Hela, Deja, Mimi, and Mermia are their names.

    One sister in particular, the oldest from the three named Mermia, is the only one out of the three that seeks comfort out of the forests aquatic life. The 'irresponsible one'. She can't blame herself for letting her golden curls flow loose in the wind some time. Her aspect of the forest is much more laid back then what her other sisters would like. Most of her excuses include 'the forest will eventually fix itself' or ' we don't always have to babysit every nook and cranny'.

    Mermia and her sisters this fateful morning had to investigate a dispute between a migration of gekos. Mimi and Hela, the two youngest out of the sisterhood went to the far east of the forest and the others went to the far west. Mermia and Deja soon had to come to a conclusion on how to protect the geko family from the up coming heavy rain fall that was about to happen that afternoon. They contorted contraptions and sooner than later had finally made a home dome made out of rock for the critters.

    Deja questioned the safety of this new home, but Mermia was more than positive this would work out fine. Deja, naive and the attitude of a follower only nodded her head and obliged with her sisters words.

    "Trust me Deja!" Mermia exlaimed, picking up a small stick into her small palm. "They'll be happy!"

    Deja absently looked to the river below. Her other sisters had told her to take most Mermia's reassurances as a grain of salt, knowing she does things the lazy and cheap way. She sighed and looked dead on to her only slightly taller, blond sister. She glanced to her sisters even and narrow jaw line and opal eyes; which was compared to her slightly rounder face, but also small brown eyes.

    "The last time you said things were fine was the time that beaver damn broke, there was a flood for a week... and your exact words were 'no, everything will be fine Deja'. And the stupidest thing I could have done that day was believe you." her tone was dry and quite.

    "That was almost a month ago! Besides... I can keep my word on it. Especially towards some amphibi-"


    Mermia clears her throat apprehensively after being disrupted.

    "Ahem... reptiles, I'm pretty sure we're safe with making dens of rocks."
  2. "Give up, you mongrel!" A dark voice almost hissed angrily.

    "Not 'til I got ya skinned, shiny!" Another voice barked back, before steel clashing against steel could be heard.

    A blue-sclaed Lizardkin was fighting a dark-furred Gnoll in the middle of a forest. Both were far away from their homes, and neither had expected to run into each other here, far away from the war. Yet here they were, crossing sword and shouting insults at each other.

    The Lizardkin swung his scimitar at the dog-man, who managed to dodge it, making him lodge his sword in a tree. The Gnoll attempted to use this opportunity, and swung his flailed his mace at the lizard-man. He attempted to jump back, yet his left arm got hit. He hissed at the dog, leaping up to a tree behind him, and launching himself over the Gnoll, before quickly pulling his blade free from the tree. Using the Gnoll's moment of confusion, he swung his sword at the mutt, giving him a deep cut across his back.

    The two fighters kept on their struggle, loud shouts and sounds of battle ringing out through the forest. The Gnoll suddenly threw his mace at the Lizardkin, and as he dodged it, he was open for the Gnoll's sudden charge, throwing himself at the taller man, attempting to maul him. He didn't get time to do more than lifting his elbow, hitting him in the chest, before he fell backwards. Yet instead of the hard ground they were expecting to hit, they started rolling down a steep hill, towards a small creek. They both attempted to claw and bite each other, caring little about their situation, nor the large rock approaching rapidly.

    The Lizardkin opened his eyes slightly and attempted to see what had just happened. His entire body hurt, yet he could see the Gnoll in front of him, with his sword sticking out through his chest, in a pool of his own blood. He grinned slightly, and started attempting to crawl towards the stream, in an attempt to clean his wounds a bit, yet his hands felt extremely heavy...

    Slowly, it all faded to black...
  3. The sound of crackeling bone and rocks echoed, birds flew away from the chaotic sound. Deja and Mermia instinctively stood their guard. Their heads turning to the sound insync. Their pointed thin ears twitch and move to the still rippled echoes in the air.

    "W-we should get out of here!" Deja squeeled stepping back, Gekos rustled around from the disturbance. Mermia sternly looked to her sister, refusing such an idea.

    "We should investigate it, it could be an animal wounded near the creek."

    "But it sounded much more heavier than any amphibian, or fish I've ever heard... I-it could be a bear." Deja's small voice rattled in her throat. The thought of a giant mammal made her shake at the knees; even worse, the thought of anything non-aquatic made her sweat in the cold.

    "You can go scamper off home then, I'll investigate." Mermia stood tall to her sister, as if to look down upon her. Deja was always easily persuaded through peer pressure, especially if there was sign of disappointment. Deja unclenched her shaking hands, leaped to her walking sister.

    "P-please! I... I can come with you. We have to stick together." Deja had slight doubt but reassurance in her voice. Deja hated nothing more but to viewed as a weakling among her sisters. Though, she could not help being afraid of most things, being the one to end up getting Meria out of her troubles which causes her to get in tighter situations than she'd like.

    Mermia only smirked to her easily persuaded sister and in a flash formed into a white fox. Her sister, not expecting the quick transformation. running behind her escaping sister, scattering away at full speed. She soon turns into a baby taper, exclaiming towards her sister to slow down.
  4. The Lizardkin groaned loudly, as he returned to consciousness, at least for a moment. His vision was blurry, but he still saw something lying a short distance away, still not moving. He attempted to move his hand in front of him, to pull himself towards the stream, yet his left arm hurt far too badly to move. With a groan of effort, almost making him black out again, he started dragging himself forward.

    His vision blurred and cleared as he moved, yet the sound the running water made him keep going. His hand finally felt the cold water around it, and with one last pull, his head was just over the water. He lapped at it with his long tongue for a bit, before his head started drumming heavily. He pulled slightly back and laid his head on the ground, his vision fading again.

    Before everything turned black, he could see two blurry figures coming out of some bushes...
  5. They jump out of the bushes at the edge of a small creek. Mermia jumps to a giant rock. She sees a figure laying in the creek, moving and grunting. Deja pants and heaves behind her, until she looks at what her sister is gazing upon. Deja felt her bad clench and sputtering, nervous words puked from her lips.

    "H-human?!" she squealed with frantic little feet stepping back, bumping against more rocks.

    "No. It's a lizardkin..." Mermia explained, she turned her head to the small, frantic taper. "How it got to these parts, I have no clue."

    Before Mermia could take one step towards the limped body, Deja grabs ahold of the white fuzzy tail. She squeels and tugs at it with full might. Mermia hisses a bit at the clamp of rigid teethe on her delicate tail.

    "Mmf.. nnoff..weemth mustth geth homeff." the muffeling of her snout filled with a clump of fur squeeked and protested. Mermia rolled her yellow eyes and flicked her strong tail back, Deja let go and fell to the ground.

    "I have to see if he's enemy or friend... Then we can decide on whether or not we should help him." Mermia gave a tone of sterness, like she normally does to her still younger sister. She stomps a foot in resistance to her sisters whining. She soon lowers her head towards the body, she scampers to him, nose sniffing at the scaly face. "He's unconscious anyways..." she called back to her sister, which is seeking comfort behind bushes, watching from afar.

    Mermia paws a bit at the cloak of the lizard, then slowly transform into her original form. Hand placed upon his cheek. She inspects the face and armor of the lizard. She is baffled at how the skin feels beneath her hand. This would be the first time she's laid a hand on anything other than furry critters or her own sisters.

    "D-DON'T TOUCH HIM!" a peeping squeeky yell from the taper.

    "Quite you!"
    Mermia scorned towards her flustered sister. worried that such an annoying pitch in tone might awaken the lizard.
  6. The Lizardkin groaned slightly and twitched slightly as he heard some voices around him. He opened one eye again, attempting to find the sources of said voices.

    "Nrhg... Help... Please..." He hissed at the form in front of him. He could hardly see who or what it was, yet he was pretty sure whoever it was was his only chance. He reached his hand weakly against the figure.

    He could feel something covering most of his body, and he guessed it was blood, both his and the Gnoll's. His scales almost looked red instead of blue, and he had a feeling that it didn't exactly make him look too trustworthy.
  7. Mermia saw the lizardkin reach out to her. She felt concerned and knew what she had to do immediately. She turns to the small, cowering animal that is Deja.

    "Help me carry him. We must bring him home. No questions asked!" Mermia's demanding voice boomed to Deja. Deja swallowed back her million confronting questions and pleas of the idea of bringing home a possible threat. Deja sighed loudly, and soon transformed into a small-ish sized horse. Mermia only nodded in being her sister to finally cooperate with her.

    After almost 2 hours of traveling slow, bickering of sisters, and making sure the 200 lbs of muscle that was the lizard didn't break Deja's back they were finally at the watering hole, the center of the forest. Mermia runs through the thick brush, to the green hued circular pool in the middle of a flowery opening. There awaited her two other sisters in their fish-like forms. One sister walks out of the water with a grin. Mermia feels herself already nervous as Deja plomps through the thick brush with the foreigner still covered in blood. They all shriek in sync. Mermia is no facing the scorns of her sister.

    "W-what is that??" one shrieks in dismay, Deja walking forward as the body falls into a pile of flowers and soft plantation. Deja breaths heavy for a moment of catching breath.

    Mermia winces at the body. She now second guesses herself on her plan to help this creature.

    "I can explain..." she tries to reassure hands up in defense.

    "Explain what? Explain another of one of your terrible ideas.. One that involves a stranger-- a LIZARDKIN into our HOME?!" Hela, a much thinner blond to Mermia, but hair with red highlight glows with burning rage. Her scowl burns into Mermias eyes. The other sister could not look at Mermia, she was too busy over exaggerating her frustration, crossing arms and peering off into the trees. Mermia looks to the still groaning, bloody lizard-man.

    "Please..." her voice quite, begging almost towards her two sisters. "We need to help him."
  8. The Lizardkin could feel himself being moved, but he simply couldn't bring forth the strength to actually see where he was being moved, or where.

    As he was moved, he could feel the sun on his scales, giving him a bit more strength. It was almost comfortable to be carried around like this, even if the two voices were bickering, so he simply let it happen, drifting out of consciousness.

    All too soon, he was dropped down onto some rather soft ground with a thud. He groaned loudly, opening an eye slightly, seeing more of the... Soft-skinned females, whatever they were.

    Using a lot of what strength he had, he put his good arm under himself, and lifted himself slightly off the ground. "Where.... Where am I?" He hissed, hoping he wasn't close to Gnoll territory. He didn't know these creatures, so for all he knew, they could be allies of the mutts.