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  1. Hey, I'm Liv. I've been role playing for about twelve years, but I'm just coming off a long hiatus that was due to a family emergency. So I apologize in advance if I'm a bit rusty at first.


    1. Please try to reply at least once every other day, and let me know if you're going to be away for a while.

    2. Let me know if you're bored. We can either let the RP go or try to fix it.

    3. I like getting to know my partners. Don't be afraid to talk to me OoC.

    4. I'll RP m// or m/f. I highly prefer m// though. You need an amazing plot for me to consider m/f.

    5. I will not RP characters under 18 or any school settings. I'm 23. I'm not interested in reliving my high school years. Though I /might/ play a younger character for GoT.


    Game of Thrones-esque [ I don't have a specific plot, but I think this could be amazing. We'll both need to play multiple characters for this.]

    The Maze Runner-esque [I've only seen the movie, but I get the gist of it.]

    ~Other Genres~

    Werewolf x Mortal

    Ghost x Human

    Apocalypse/Post-apocalyptic [not zombies]

    Percy Jackson-esque

    Something Silent Hill-esque

    Some kind of dark/horror plot

    Reincarnation [we'll have to come up with a plot together if you don't have one.]

    This is not a complete list at all, but it's all I can think of right now. Feel free to suggest anything.
  2. Hello~ I would be willing to RP the idea of a Percy Jackson RP if you want. I can write up to 3-4 paragraphs on a good day and since I'm out of school for the Summer I have a lot of time on my hands. :)
  3. Hi! That sounds good to me! I'm about to get off for the night, but if you send me a PM I'll reply after work tomorrow.
  4. Heh... reincarnation. You do realize that could mean one person being reincarnated as a squirrel, the other as a fox?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.