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  1. Hello, I'm Liv. I'm 22, and I've been role playing for about 10 years now. I'm looking for some new long-term Role plays. My time zone is EST. I love getting to know my partner, so don't be afraid to chat with me. I'll RP male/male, and male/female. If we do male/male, I do not do seme/uke labels. I actually prefer to play male characters, so I'd be happy to play as a male for male/female RPs. I love coming up with plots with my partners, so I don't have any pre-made. I am in college, and I work, so some days I may only be able to get a reply or two out to you. I prefer to role play with people who are at least 18.

    All fandoms will be with our made up characters unless it says otherwise.

    ~ In The Flesh
    ~ Silent Hill
    ~ Supernatural [This is the only fandom I'll do canon characters with. I'll do just about any pairing for this, but some of my favorites are Dean/Cas, Adam/Samandriel, and Samandriel/OC. I'll also be willing to do OC/OC.]
    ~ Game of Thrones
    ~ Harry Potter
    ~ The Maze Runner [I've only seen the movie, but I get the basic idea.]

    ~Originals + Parings~

    ~ Reincarnation
    ~ Apocalypse/Post-apocalyptic [Not zombies]
    ~ Ghost x Human
    ~ Werewolf x Mortal

    This isn't a complete list by any means. It's just what I can think of off the top of my head. Feel free to suggest anything if you don't see something you want on my list. I hope to hear from you soon. c:
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  2. im interested in rping with you :)

    my ideas
    1 red dead redemption style a old time western gang leader x ranch hand

    2: I like the werewolf/ human rp but what if the werewolf is being instructed to protect the human from another character

    3: im interested in harry potter

    4: have you heard of vampire knight ?
  3. Hi

    Would you be interested in rping one of your original rps with me?
  4. Ooh, I think that the werewolf/human RP could be interesting with that. I'd love to give it a try.

    Which one were you thinking of?
  5. cool do you want me to pm you or continue to talk on hear ?
  6. PM me, please. I have to get off for a bit, but I'll be on again later tonight.
  7. Would you still be open for an rp request? I'm interested in the Maze Runner, and have a pretty awesome idea
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