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    Emory quietly unlocked the front door, tip toeing into the place he shared with his friends. H He had a bit of a hangover, having used his fake I.D. to get into a club. The brown hair growing out of his head was a mess and his clothes were wrinkled.

    The money he had left from the previous night had been spent on a cab that morning and he needed coffee so he instantly headed to the kitchen to make some. He pulled his sleeves up over his scars again after having to reach up into a cabinet to get out the coffee grounds.

    Once the pot was on and the coffee was being made he sank to the ground, bringing his knees to his chest and resting his head on them as he waited for his warm drink. He wondered if any of his roommates were awake yet. He had made more than one cup just in case, plus even if they weren't up he would probably just end up drinking all of it. If they were up, he might make some hot chocolate for himself later because that was delicious.
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  2. Dani stretched her arms walking into the kitchen where she found Emory. "Sup babe?" Dani was quiet as she spoke as not to awaken anyone. Dani pulled Emory up into a hug and then she looked at the two coffee cups. "Are you drinking two or can I have one?" Dani smiled at him.

    Dani had been nice and friendly towards him often. Sometimes getting she was a little to touchy but it was flattering in its own way. It wasn't like she paid special attention to Emory though, she hugged almost everyone. Especially when she just woke up or was in a good mood.

    Dani had been wearing a big red plaid t shirt and short shorts. Her usual pajama and morning clothes. She never really said why she wore short shorts to bed. Dani glowed though, even with her hair messed up and looking rattled.
  3. "You can have one but it's still brewing," Emory murmured, still sitting on the ground but tilting his head up and looking up at her, "There should be about eight cups--that's how many I was brewing. You'll want to get a mug out of the cabinet, though. I got one for myself, that's the one on the counter. It's orange I think. . . I don't know, I'm kind of tired. I just got home. How did you sleep?"
  4. Dani flashed that smile, the smile that hid so many things. "Like a baby as always." Dani began to start a cup for herself. "How was your night? Anything special?"
  5. Robin had woken up when a car alarm went off in the street, but had continue to lay there with her eyes closed for the past 20 minutes. She liked listening to the sounds on the street and around the home. The night before she had to work later than usual. When she finally got back in the late hours of the night she helped herself to the available liquor that was kept in the cabinet with a lock. Robin was the only one legal among her roommates, and the only one with a key. Not that she ever kept it locked. After a glass or two she'd passed out on the couch watching reruns of House.

    She listened as Emory entered and brewed coffee. It smelled good and promising. By the time Dani wondered along she was tempted by a cup to the point where she decided she would finally participate in the land of the living. Sitting up, she cracked her neck, which was sore from how she slept. "Yeah,how was the gay sex Em?"
  6. Emory instantly blushed at the question, burying his face in his knees, "I-I'd rather not talk about this with you guys. It's kind of. . . personal and you guys don't need to know and it was actually really good so thanks for asking but let's drop the subject, now."
  7. Dani looked at Robin for a second before shaking her head. "Sorry Emory. Anyway. Are you guys going to see The Verdict?" Dani had been looking for a whole two months for someone to go with, she had failed. She asked everyone, always with a negative answer.

    The Verdict is a movie with several famous actors, it's about Aliens landing on Earth to judge whether or not they are a suitable race to fly among the stars.
  8. Robin slugged her way over to pour herself a mug of coffee. She drank it black and hot. As it ran down her throat she scrunched her nose. "Don't be so embarrassed Em. I tell you all about my gay sex whenever you ask," she teased. She continued to drink her coffee ravenously as Dani spoke. "The Verdict? How are its reviews?" Her head hurt a bit so she spoke slowly.
  9. Dani winced a little bit as Robin mention 'her gay sex.' Dani returned her face to her usual calm and cool though. "It's premiering tonight. I haven't read any reviews. I'm worried there might be spoilers." Dani raised her eyes brows. "Do you wanna go with me?" Would it be awkward? God I hope not...
  10. Sniffling since the hot drink made her nose run, Robin checked the fridge. She searched for berries as Dani replied and located some raspberries she then proceeded to wash and pop in her mouth. She shrugged, "It depends on the time. Its the weekend and thats when I have a shift at-" Robin hesitated to say, "You know...that adult shop."
  11. "Well it's premiering tonight. If you don't wanna see it then, I can wait a day or two." Dani shrugged. "It's fine if you have to work. So uhm. Yeah. Any time in the near future is good." Do I look desperate? I guess I am...
  12. Rick stopped at the front door of the house and pulled his collar up higher, the bitter morning air was starting to freeze, he worked most nights being a HGV driver an all. He rummaged in his black cargo trousers looking for a key to the house, once he had found it he slid it into the key hole and slowly turned the key he didn't know the others would be awake and did not want to wake them
    "Home at last" He whispered to himself as he walked into the house, closing the door behind him and placing his bag onto the floor, he new almost instantly that at least someone was awake as his nose picked up the smell of freshly brewed coffee
    "Lovely, someone has got a coffee waiting for me" He said with a grin, loud enough so that anyone in the kitched could hear him
  13. Kate woke up from the sound of voices downstairs. She pulled her hair back nicely and pulled on a pair of sandals. She kept her white tank top and sweats on as she walked out of her room and down the stairs. "Hey. Everyone already awake?" She looked around, waving at Rick who looked like he'd just walked through the door, then taking a seat in the main room, stretching a little before pulling her legs up under her.
  14. Robin, munching away on what was readily available, nodded at each person as the entered. "Who called for a town meeting? Everyone's here at once." She said, no more sarcastic than usual. "What a rare occurrence." She looked from person to person and found no real reason to stick around longer. "Dani, I'm going to get dressed then I'll check my schedule and get back to you."
    Weaving her way out of the crowded kitchen she made her way to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. She left the door open just a crack so she could hear if anyone mentioned her name or something happened. Robin had a habit of filling the big sister roll, or at least trying to.
  15. Dani sighed and took her coffee to her room. "I'm going to go change. Then I got class. Then I might go do something. Then... I don't know." Dani looked at everyone. "So what are you guys doing today?"
  16. "I don't have anything planned," Emory yawned, deciding that he'd let the others drink all of his coffee, "I'm probably just going to sleep and then go out clubbing again tonight."

    Emory didn't actually have a job. He had managed to make a fortune in stocks and with his low cost lifestyle, he didn't need to work. He mostly just partied.
  17. Kate shrugged at Dani's question. She didn't really have any plans for the day, she hadn't found the right college to go to yet. She picked up a college magazine, skimming through it.
  18. Rick waved back at Kate as she walked past and he continued to remove his shoes and jacket, after he had done that he entered the kitchen and looked around at everyone "Morning people" Rick smiled as he spoke then walked over to the counter to make his own coffee. Once he had finished making his drink he turned around and leaned against the counter listening to the conversations the rest of the group were having, ocassionally taking sips of his drink.
  19. Night aka Wild one ran out of the Room. "GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD DAY" she yells at everyone super cheer. she was wearing her cheerleader outfit. she then want to the kitchen to get a lollipop. she was super happy she found out yesterday she was accepted into a cheerleading collage. she need a lollipop for the award. she could not sleep at all so she got up when she heard everyone.
  20. Kate waved at Night. "Hi."
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