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  1. Sleeping, dating, studying, partying--Some roommates live together, but some roommates live together. These roommates might not always be best friends but they always managed to have fun. They threw parties with one another, they threw beer bottles at one another, love triangles, pranks, and so much more.

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    2. Silver Jae
    6.Iron Men and Saints

    Other[Boyfriends/Girlfriends/Other friends/siblings/etc]:


    [I'm going to wait for at least four people to join before starting the Roleplay on the main page.]

    Swearing is fine.
    Romance is fine but please fade to black for explicit situations. Iwaku's rules.
    Ask to join.
    Contribute to the roleplay, don't just put your character away from the group.
    Please write in third person so it's less confusing.
    That's all, for now.]

    Character Skeleton:







    Thanks for joining!

    My Character~

    Name: Emory King

    Age[18-23]: 19


    Bio: Emory was extremely insecure growing up. People could sense this and they picked on him for anything from having trouble reading to calling him ugly. It only became worse when they realized he was gay. His parents tried to change him and he thought that he needed to. He began cutting himself at the age of thirteen whenever he had a thought that he knew his parents and peers would get mad at him for. He finally saw that none of it was his fault at the age of sixteen, when he stopped cutting, and he moved out of his judgmental parent's house at the age of seventeen, into his uncle's house.

    Personality: When people compliment him and are nice to him without wanting anything from it, he gets kind of shy and amazed that someone would think that. He can be kind of a slut sometimes, making out with any guy he can because he needs to feel wanted. He's far from innocent, but he's also a little puppy.

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Other: He's really self conscious about his scars.
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  2. If you are still interested in doing this, I would love to join =D

    Name: Kate

    Age[18-23]: 19

    Appearance: (did not mean to forget to add the picture =P)

    [​IMG] Bio: At a young age she learned quickly that not everyone was to be trusted. Her mother had been killed in a bank robbery by her 'best friend'. Kate saw this as impossible, but her father helped her overcome this, teaching her how to defend herself and so on. She became pretty self-reliant at age 17.

    Personality: First impressions are huge on her. When you first meet Kate, she seems anti-social and not very friendly because she doesn't see anyone trustworthy when she first meets them. Once she gets to know you, if she finds you trustworthy, then she turns out to be very friendly and she doesn't seem to 'act her age'. She's been told a lot that she acts like a 16 year old more than a 19 year old.

    Sexuality: Straight

    Other: Sometimes she talks to herself, sort of like she's deciding something. She does it very quietly, almost making no sound, but it's still talking to herself.
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  3. Would love to do this if this is still up :)

    Name: Richard 'Rick' Martel

    Age[18-23]: 20

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Rick was born in London although his parents were orginally from Holland, since his birth he lived in various parts of the UK, at a young age his father was killed while serving with British Army leaving his mother to raise him throughout school. He left school early and began to follow his dream of travelling the world which also came to an end early on when his mother died.

    Personality: Rick is cautious about meeting new people but he tries to get to know them before placing a judgement, he has close bonds with all his friends as he has no more family to turn to being the only child and other members still live in Holland. As nice as he is quick to lose his temper when it comes to others causing trouble with his friends or loved ones and will sometimes act irrationally.

    Sexuality: Straight

    Other: Rick is very laid back most of the time around his friends but when he needs to be he can be more mature and serious
  4. dont mined if i join
    can i post it tomorrow?
    and can girls be roommate with you?
  5. can I join?
  6. I would be interested as well if this is going to kick off! :D
  7. psst... are you still accepting?
  8. May I be another of the many wondering if there's still room for me? Perhaps?
  9. All of you can join. I stopped watching this after about a month because I figured no one wanted to join. I'll start it soon.
  10. Hey guys--for the sake of everyone else if your character and someone elses are kissing or something just go *they make out* and move forward. For sex just *they do it* and move forward so no one gets too uncomfortable.
  11. Name: Epsilon Eridani Jackson

    NickName: Dani. Everyone called her Dani.

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Dani was a cute girl. She tended to wear over sized shirts and tight fitting ripped jeans. Dani's pale skin contrasted her raven black hair that she dyed blonde in a few spots.

    Show Spoiler

    Bio: Dani hadn't had a perfect life too date. She has tried to kill herself several times, she never had many friends in her earlier teenage years but she was branching out. It was a first for her, before all it had been was being hit, being heart broken and constant failure.

    Personality: Dani was quite the mostly innocent girl. Occasionally she would break her bounds but most of the time she kept herself to her morals and lived as nice as can be. She was empathic and never hurt anyone, physically or emotionally. Dani had been in a mental hospital a few times. She had told the group once but reassured them after that she got over it.

    Sexuality: Bi - sexual

    Other: -----
  12. Name: Robin Washburn

    Age[18-23]: 21


    Bio: Robin grew up in Northern California in the mountains with her sickly mother and elderly grandmother. And only child, she spent most of her childhood exploring the redwoods, pretending she was chasing fairies and catching frogs. She grew more attached to her books and cassettes and movies than she did to other kids. When she was 15 her grandmother died, and they lost their house so her mother went to live with Robin's rich aunt, while Robin herself went to live with her father in Texas. Her and her father were very close and very much alike. It was hard for her to adjust to living with him, her stepmother, and two very young half brothers. Learning how to be a big sister was a challenge for her, especially being 10 and 12 years older than her siblings. In high school she kept to herself. Robin wasn't unliked but simply did not get close to anyone. She dated very little, almost not at all. At the first chance she got, she moved out and pursued her passions at art school.

    Personality: Robin comes off as quiet and reserved, which she is most of the time. Most of the time she'd rather watch things happen than actually be a part of them, so her friends usually have to push her to do things. She's quiet but very not passive, and often says things quietly to no one in particular. Robin is known to be blunt, which makes most people think she's cold and mean, when she really means no harm. She avoids drama to the best of her ability, and has a bit of a hard time communicating her emotions, as she is usually very stoic. If someone manages to open her up they would find that behind her stone wall, Robin is thoughtful, observant, and somewhat of a romantic.

    Sexuality: She doesn't care. Robin lets what happens happen.

    Other: Robin likes to drink. A lot. Like an old man. Her drink of choice is wine. She also occasionally helps herself to a smoke. Robin is always tight on money and works whatever jobs she cans. Currently she's working at what she likes to refer to as an "Adult Store".

    (Also I was wondering if she could be roomates with someone?)
  13. Well we are all room-mates right? So what are you looking for Peachy?
  14. ((Yeah--they're all roommates. I just didn't write all your names up there because I'm in a lot of roleplays right now.))
  15. Oh! Sorry I typed the wrong thing because my mind was drifting. I mean like, exes.
  16. I would be down for Epsilon and Robin being exes! Could make for a more interesting story.
  17. Sounds good to me.
    With that so, Robin would definitely act like the whole thing never happened, leaving things slightly tense between them.
  18. Nice, can't wait for this ;D