Living with a Snake Demon

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  1. Goshin, the Land of Five Elements, was a place blessed by the gods. With the five divine races maintaining the balance of nature, the kingdoms of men prospered. With their harvests bountiful and the ground abundant in earthly wealth, their sovereignty expanded far across the lands.

    But soon the kingdoms of man became the target of divine ambition. Of the five divine races, there was one tribe feared by both man and gods. The demonic Naga tribe. And a terror above all was their leader, known as the Shadow in the Deep, Devil of the sunless sea and divine aspect of death. The Naga ruler was a creature without equal, and under the leadership of three peerless generals, the Naga clan set out to conquer the human world.

    Though the many kingdoms united under one banner, they fought a losing war. Seeing their cause lost, the humans beseeched the other divine races for help, but their entreaties fell upon deaf ears. Save for one. One of the noble Garuda, eternal enemies of the Naga , bestowed a weapon of tremendous power and divine essence upon a champion of man. With these gifts he was called the Dragoon, slayer of the serpents. Under his leadership and might they sallied forth and once more crashed against the inexorable tide of the Naga army. But instead of suffering defeat, the armies of man earned victory after victory.

    They pushed back the vile serpents back to Sanadu, where the fate of Goshin was to be decided. There the Shadow of the Deep and the Dragoon fought like feuding gods. But with a swift stroke of his spear, the Dragoon severed one of the great Naga’s horns of power. Facing imminent defeat, the Shadow of the Deep opened a gateway to another world and vowed to return one day to exact vengeance.

    The gate opened to a strange world filled with humans and deprived of the blessings of the gods. There was no trace of magic or any of the five divine races. Already weakened from injury and battle, the Naga’s power was further limited by being transformed into the body of a human. It is there in the very streets of Yurusa in Japan that a young man’s life changes as he stumbles upon the Naga in human form.


    Hello. I’ve had this RP in my mind for a while, and finally decided to throw it out in the open to see if anyone would be interested in it. My main inspirations for this are Hataraku Maou-sama and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It’ll be a modern fantasy romance/slice of life in “Japan." I’ll be playing the female Naga character. I would prefer you to be comfortable with eventually playing two main characters, as I would like for the Dragoon to eventually come into the story. Not immediately, but at some point in the future. My thoughts for the “Earth” character is that he’s a “starving college student” type with no job or a low paying one, and lives in an apartment for one. But if you have other ideas I am open to them. I’d like to talk about the story as much as possible before we start so we can make it as good as we can.

    Also, I really appreciate partners who are willing to chat about the RP. If for example, you’re experiencing writer’s block, don’t be afraid to ask to bounce ideas around with me. Or if you have some ideas about where to take the story, you’d be willing to bring it up. The goal is for both of us to enjoy ourselves, and I think it’s more enjoyable if we both have a hand in guiding the story. Anyway, if I caught your attention in a good way, PM or post away!
  2. Hmm, this seems pretty interesting. I'd be up for it. While I am experienced playing 1x1s, I've never actually ventured far into romance genre territory, so if that's okay with you I might need some guidance in that department, but I'm all for trying new things. Chatting about the RP would indeed be the best way to go about it, and I agree with you when you say we should both have a hand in guiding the story. Also, playing two main characters shouldn't be an issue at all.

    If you'll have me, I'd be glad to begin discussing the RP. :3
  3. Huzzah! To be honest, I haven't had much experience either, so I'm not really qualified to do any hand holding. I'm sure it'll be fine though. Anyway, I guess the first thing we need to sort out is your character. I didn't really think about making a character template, so I guess you could just use whatever format you feel like. You could just have a collection of notes if you like. That's what I've done for now.
  4. All right then, this should work:

    Name: Hisao Kurosawa

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male


    Hisao is a fairly laid-back kind of guy. Most of the time he tries not to take life too seriously, and keeps a relaxed attitude wherever he goes. He's also a patient man, which allows him to get along with all kinds of people easily. He doesn't let too many of life's worries bother him too much, which is probably a good explanation for his current monetary siuation. A lot of people in the past have been astonished by Hisao's apparent immunity to stress. However, there are things that worry him. When the issue concerns only himself, he usually doesn't mind much, but when it involves a friend in distress, he quick grows panicked and loses his usual cool. Naturally he would be quick to help, but he'll feel unsure of how to deal with the issue, and may end up making things worse.

    When it comes to Hisao, the end justifies the means. If he has a goal in mind, he doesn't care what he has to do to reach it, and will try anything and everything. Of course, considering how laid-back he is, he usually doesn't have any major goals in mind. On the rare occasion that something seems important enough to him, though, he will go all-out. Sometimes this can end up hurting himself or others around him, but that doesn't cross his mind until after the deed is done, leaving him with quite a few regrets.

    Hisao is also a pathological liar. He doesn't see an issue with lying if it gets him out of tough situations or simplifies things, and will often create tall tales without thinking twice. He won't lie for no reason, though. While he doesn't really have that many secrets to keep, Hisao can be rather secretive towards those he doesn't know, and tends to use lies to cover up the truth.

    His deceptive nature doesn't end there. One of Hisao's strongest traits is his cunning. Since he feels that when he's aiming for a goal, anything goes, he often uses cunning, deceitful ways to achieve this. If he feels it necessary he can even concoct an entire evil scheme for his needs. The result: countless cheated tests.

    Appearance: (hope you're cool with pictures)
    Hisao (open)


    Hisao never knew his parents; for most of his childhood, he grew up in a foster home. Nobody ever told him who his parents were, but in truth, he never really cared. The foster home he grew up in was rather lackluster. The social workers there were unmotivated and seemed to loathe their job, so the kids naturally grew to resent them as well. The kids themselves were never given proper guidance by the workers, so they were quite unruly. Most of them went about breaking rules and causing mischief. Hisao was no exception, but he did it in a more... discreet manner. Ever since he was young, he found great pleasure in scheming against the workers. The schemes were minor simply minor pranks at first: stealing workers' food, gluing them to a chair, etc. However as time progressed and Hisao became ever more cunning, he began plotting to take over the foster home.

    By the age of thirteen, he'd already managed to frame two workers and get them fired before his new parents came, putting an unprecedented stop to his plans. At first he naturally didn't want parents, what with his evil plan so well underway, however the couple that came to visit him that day was by far kinder than any he'd ever seen before. They treated him almost as if he were their son on the very first encounter. In the end, he couldn't resist it; his desire to have a family was greater than his silly plans, and they seemed to like him too, so they began their life together.

    Life was pretty normal from then on. Hisao's new parents gave him the freedom he desired, and always treated him nicely, so there was no longer a reason to be concocting evil schemes. As with most cases like these there was bound to be some friction in the beginning, but the couple was very considerate, so everything worked out. Both of them were high school teachers, so Hisao eventually attended the school they taught in.

    Now, he's attending college. Although his foster parents offered to pay for his tuition, Hisao flat out refused, saying that they'd done enough for him. It wasn't what he'd usually do, but he felt indebted to his foster parents, and so began to strive to repay the debt by working hard himself. Besides, he thought, how hard could it be?

    Very hard. Much harder than he thought. At this point, Hisao's stuck working two part-time jobs to pay for tuition, and studying simultaneously. Normally he'd probably give up, but what keeps him going is his gratitude towards his foster parents, and the desire to make them proud.

    Side note: he's aiming for a bachelor's degree in psychology, and his grades are pretty much average.


    So there's that. If there's anything missing or things that need changing, let me know.
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  5. That looks great. I can't think of anything that needs changing. I'll be working on the first post. But we should talk about where we want to take the story while I'm at it. I'm thinking that my character will pretty much cling like a parasite to Hisao, so what kind of misunderstandings can we get out of that? Does Hisao have a girlfriend/crush? Anyone who has a crush on him that might get jealous? Maybe his parents seem them together. :devil:
  6. Hehe, I like your thinking. Let's see...

    This might be a bit out there, but what if Hisao's psychology professor seems to be under the impression that he's suffering from some kind mental disorder, so she's (yes, she) always checking up on him out of concern. But is it concern... or something else? :3
    She's also more than a little eccentric. Because eccentricity rules.

    Just a random idea that popped into my head.
  7. That sounds good. Eccentric stalkers are always interesting. :bouncy:

    Anyway, I'm still working on the first post. I'm pretty slow at writing, so bear with me.
  8. That's cool, I can wait. My pace is admittedly a little slower than average too.

    Oh yeah, just a heads up: on weekdays, I'll usually only be on after school, so around 5 PM Eastern Daylight time. The first two or three days of next week should be an exception as I might have a few days off, but that's the general routine.
  9. I posted the thread. And that schedule's fine. I don't mind if it takes you a while to post as long as I know you're eventually going to post.

    Also. I realized that I'm really rusty. @_@ Writing that was slightly painful. Hah hah, oh well.
  10. No worries, it looks fine to me. Heck, if anything, I'm even more rusty. I only recently got back into RPing after half a year of break, so.

    Anyhow, time to get postin.
  11. Question... what season do you think it should be? (spring, summer, fall, winter?)
  12. Judging from the fact that there was no sign or mention of snow, but your character was still quite cold, I think late autumn would be a good time. Around that time the temperature should've already dropped, but not to winter-like levels.
  13. Mmmmm... Hah hah, fair enough. I was just wondering if there was a particularly good season for things to happen. But Fall it is.
  14. Lol. Springtime. Things tend to happen in spring. Lots of things.


  15. Spring it is then! :cow: (By the way, you can consider my avatar my picture for my character.)
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  16. Ah okay, sure. Was just about to ask that.

    Also, you can skip ahead to when they get to the apartment if you like.
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  17. I would show the whole picture but it's a little... risqué. If you've ever played Dark Souls, you would know why. The avatar's actually making me a little confused about how to play my character, because I picture her as my avatar, but I keep imagining a different personality because I also imagine the main character from a Korean Drama that inspired this (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho), and she's light and playful, versus the serious and deadly Queelag.

    Fun fact: Dark Souls inspired another story I was thinking of doing, but this one won out in the end.
  18. Heh, I know what you mean. When you're basing something off of something else or even simply taking inspiration from something else, it's really annoying when you can't get the source material out of mind. A lot of people have succumbed to that in the past and ended up creating something totally unoriginal, myself included.

    By the way, I really like your writing style. If this is you while you're rusty, I can't wait to see what you're like at the top of your game. :3
  19. To be honest I try not to concern myself with originality too much. Just too stressful to think about, so I just worry about execution. Though it's still stressful. @_@

    And thanks. You're probably the first person to compliment me on my writing style. :hyper: Being focused on academic writing for a long time makes me feel rigid and equipped with the wrong set of vocabulary, so it's a bit odd trying to be more poetic and fluid. I really need to read more books for fun. :cow:

    Maybe I'm just biased against my writing, but your writing reads like a river.
  20. True, it is a real pain to think about. It's usually why I kind of like making and reading fanfictions; they can be really horrible at times, but it's a lot easier to make a good story when you've already got something to work with. At least I find.

    My writing? Really? I have to admit I'm a bit biased against mine as well, but I always thought it was too simplistic. Even back in my RPing days, I was more or less average among my fellow players.