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  1. So first off, I want to say that this will be a small RP. I would love help designing it and making it intricate, having the characters linked somehow through histories or whatnot, etc. Here's what I have so far. (Thanks to CosmicWeinerDog for helping me with this so far).

    The land once relied on skill and technology to grow and prosper, weapons to fight war. Then magic awoke and there was no need for physical weapons, no need for electricity and no need to know how to create things. The old skills were forgotten and prosperity reigned through magic, which coursed through ley lines in the earth. Weapons, seen as brutal and arcane relics, were disassembled or melted down. Only a few remain as relics in highly guarded displays.

    One day, a scrying revealed an alternate world had come into alignment with our own. Eager to reach out, one astrologer channeled the power of the ley lines to open a doorway. However, the ley lines reacted too strongly, pouring magic through and ripping a rift between our world and an unexpected one. Pulling creatures through. Hurriedly, the dying astrologer closed the rift. But it was too late. The inhabitants of this strange otherworld had come through, and they were not nice. To make things worse, magic had fled, the ley lines drained of their power. The creatures tortured the astrologer before leaving him and hurrying off into the world.

    With his last strength, the astrologer wrote a final entry in his journal and poured the magic that still coursed and shook through him into a paperweight on his desk. The note spoke of the location of the last magic, for he knew that those who found his body would know what to do with it. It also said the following:

    "Use the last magic. Make Weapons."

    So that's the plot. the idea is that the mages who find journal and last magic know that they cannot create magic relics that could fall into the wrong hands and that normal weapons won't be enough to stop the invaders. So instead they take the magic and imbue humans with the characteristics of weapons. Attitude and fighting style will reflect a weapon and each person will have certain strengths. This is the last magic in the world. The job of the living weapons will be to get magic back, but first to defeat the invaders. Meanwhile, the world has lost all ability to use magitech and is essentially post apoc.

    NOTE: The people do not transform into weapons. However, they may have attacks that may cut or hit as hard as weapons, depending on what is decided.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Interest?
  2. Personally I think major focus should be that the character's are turning a weapon into something that's traditionally not lethal. Like... I dunno a style of speech or something. Or infiltrating another creatures dreams and tearing them apart from the inside. (I lay claim to this concept if so)

    Also I'm still of the opinion that you should make the planet illiterate prior to the rift opening, you should knock the planet all the way back to the stone age. At the height of their dependance on magic, the lot of the community has done away with the written word entirely after centuries of being able to imprint knowledge directly. Reading takes time and is inefficient.

    Thus come the opening, you have an almost instant set back to the stone age. From there everything has to revert back to spoken communication with no written media. As a result stories will stretch and become more and more baseless the farther they venture from home.
  4. Another idea is if you take that base concept and jump it forward 40 years.

    Suddenly whatever came through the gate has since enslaved the magic users of old after the overturn of modern convience. Taken root in structures not originally designed for them and twisted them accordingly in barbaric manners. Small groups of run aways run into the living weapon concept and the story can go from there.

    Or something.
  5. As far as the imbuing goes, are the mages strictly looking for buff, muscular people or is there more to their train of thought? Are there auditions and competitions where they try to figure out who is the best out of the best? I definitely see this as very militaristic line of thinking with a LOT weighing on the Human Weapons.
  6. This is starting to feel like Herbert's Dune.

    Except more mystical and shit. I vote take the direction and roll with it!
  7. Very willing to do the no reading concept. Could you clarify about the 40 years in the future one?

    Zen, I think that it depends on the weapon. Someone who is embodying a ranged weapon might be quick as opposed to bulky. They might have certain people in mind or seek out certain people depending on how high surveillance on normal people was before the fall. The alternative is that the magic might break free when the mages are trying to turn themselves into weapons, sink into people it meshes with, stuff like that. though that would require lead up backstories to be played out.
  8. Minus the 40 years into the future, this reminds me of a book called "Kingdoms of Light" by Alan Dean Foster. I love the idea. Good job, Revi and Cosmic!
  9. Sure I can clarify, it'll go into why the whole play feels like dune in a weird format. I'll make this as spoiler free as possible for those that haven't read dune but if you haven't, I'd recommend against clicking this:

    It doesn't have to be 40 years into the future, but in epic quest tales of this format you usually have a time basis where the protagonist has a coming to age time bracket. This not only develops the plot and the characters, but also proceeds to talk about just how bad the usurpers are.

    Legend of Zelda OoC: Link spends Seven years in the temple of time while Gannon destroys Hyrule.

    Conan The Barbarian: Conan is captured as a child and raised as a slave to adulthood (totally not related to the awesomesauce books, but still)

    The Lion King: Simba is chased out as a kid and later returns as an adult to retake back his kingdom.

    The list goes on. 40 years is more of a plot device more than a set in stone date. We also could play up in scenes. The event of the time prior to the opening, the act of the opening, and later the revolt and uprising of those that came before.

    IE: freekin' dune man.
  10. Sounds like a good way to get past the inevitable chaos. It would also give us time to track down the weapon-people themselves if the energy goes haywire and finds who it wants.