Living the Dream

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  1. When Sam gets a chance to become a famous singer she isnt going to let go of this chance. This is the story of her and her journey.
    Sam waited in the cafeteria line with her tray. She smiled at the lunch lady once she gave her her food she turned around to look for her friends.

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  2. Andrew spotted the girl across the cafeteria. The one he had his eye on since the beginning of the year. He finally had decided that today was the day he was going to talk to her. He stood from his table and walked over to her.
    "H-hi..." he stuttered terribly when he was nervous,"I-I-I'm Andrew." He held out a hand that was shaking so bad it looked like he was seizing.
  3. She smiled sweetly at him and shook his hand, "Hi I m Sam. Its nice to meet you Andrew." she was nice to everybody. Her rule is that if you are nice to her she is nice to you.
  4. Andrew withdrew his hand and exhaled the breath he had been holding painfully. He smiled a shaky grin and said, "Ya, it is nice to meet someone new..." He paused and looked around the lunchroom, "Are you sitting with anyone?"
  5. Mike was sitting alone in the cafeteria. He looked around him at the large room full of tables and other high schoolers. It wasn't that Mike was a loaner or anything, he just wanted to sit alone for this lunch period. Mike took a bite of his spaghetti an then sipped on his chocolate milk.
  6. She smiled, "Well all my friends seem to be out sick today so no. You wanna sit with me?" she noticed Mike and she instantly felt bad for him. She was tempted to go over there and sit with him. She looked back at Andrew, "How about we sit with that kid." She pointed to Mike. Andrew nodded and they walked toward Mike. Sam smiled, "Hi. I am Sam nice to meet you. May we sit with you?"
    ((Thats weird I had an Ex named Mike XD))
  7. Jake sat by himself no one wanted to be near him they all made him look bad so he kept his distance with no lunch just some water he was keeping a rhythm by tapping on the table he'd had always wanted to be a famous drummer in a rock band but everyone just told him to go away So he always thought he may never live his dream.
  8. Sam looked over at Jake a smiled. She new who he was and wanted to get to know him better, "Hey Jake!" she yelled out to him, "Why dont you sit by us?" she scooted so he would have enough room.
  9. jake stood still keeping the beat in his foot steps as he came over and sat with them and looked at them and put up his hood of his black hoodie and tightened it he knew they probably just goanna tell him he's weird so he braced himself and kept his rhythm
  10. Andrew smiled to him self as the group of loners and outsiders began to form at the table. He liked the feeling of sitting beside Sam, she was just so pretty after all. He watched her closely from the corner of his eye as she laughed and brushed the hair from her face. He had never had a girlfriend before, he figured that Sam was the right girl to be his first one. He decided that he would get to know her better, but knew that she was the one he wanted without any doubt. Andrew looked up at the Jake kid sitting directly across form him.
    "Are you new here? I've never seen you around?" He tried to look the kjd in the eye, but they were shadowed from the hoodie.
  11. Jake "I've been here a long time Andrew I have math with you and gym" his voice was subtle and kind of deep but not a deep as everyone says it is.
  12. Aerie walked into the lunch room. She didn't go the line. Instead she searched around the room, when she finally spotted Sam and some other people she didn't recognize, she walked over to them. "Hello everyone!" She said smiling and taking a seat beside a guy with a hoodie covering his face.
  13. jake "greetings " he was still monotone he want he best conversationinst but he tried
  14. Andrew was a little embarrassed.
    "Oh yeah, I remember now..." He scratched his head and blushed a little. He was usually good at remembering people, but he seriously did not remember Jake. His attention switched to the girl now sitting beside Jake.
    "Hello. Who might you be?" He tried to smile and not sound so nervous.
  15. Aerie turned her attention to the guy who asked who she was. "I'm a friend of Sam's, Aerie. And you are?" she asked him. She loved meeting new people.
  16. jake kept the beat going it was up soft and kinda sad
  17. "Nice to meet you Aerie. I'm Andrew..." He noticed he wasn't stuttering
  18. jake was counting in is head for tempo then he started to hum
  19. Andrew noticed Jake's tapping and smiled.
    "Are you a drummer?"
  20. jake "yes I have my own drums at my house" he sighed