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  1. What is the BEST thing about where you live (aside from the fact that you're there, of course)?
    Anything from awesome weather to the nicest neighbors on the planet!
  2. We currently have the biggest bonfire in history.

    We got Timbits. :3
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  3. Hmm o.o That's an incredibly tough question to answer.

    Well I guess one thing would be that I'm not a minority? Lol.
  4. Where do you want me to start?

    If I had to choose one defining feature of why I'm going to be staying in College here and probably moving back to retire, it's the hardcore mixture of country-and-cool. You can go horseback riding, fishing, and hunting less than an hour away from the nearest club, and dear God I'm in love with how brisket can be in the same restaurant as sushi and enchiladas. For someone who really like going outside but also being an introverted weirdo, it's an amazing place.

    S'fuckin' hot though.
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  5. Middle of nowhere.

    No poverty.
    No politics.
    No inner-city people.
    Nobody's trying to shove their opinions down your throat.
    Lots of privacy.
    No crime, like, at all.
    Tons of jobs available.
    The air is actually clean.
    It's quiet.

    Have to drive at least 15 minutes to get anything (but you save money cause you shop less.)
    Lots of wild rednecks running their lift-kit pickup trucks around on the country roads (but they are mostly decent people in the end.)
    Running into deer is the major cause of most automobile accidents here.

    We get a lot of wildlife out here, it's pretty awesome most days. My personal favorite is the red-fox who set up camp in the woods behind me. She shows up late in the evening, pretty chill.
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  6. The beaches and mild weather up unti summer when it becomes a literal sauna for weeks at a time.

    Woo Florida
  7. I live in mother nature's mood swing capital. Swing from -40 to +40 and back again like a cat in the tumble dryer.

    On the flip side, nothing venomous or poisonous really survives up here. Mainly because nothing survives six months of a winter so bitter mother Russia looks on and winces. Seriously, we can have cold snaps so rapid and so potent that pigeons will sometimes get caught out of nowhere and die frozen sitting on a roof somewhere.

    Where I live is uh... It's boring. And aside from boring, it's the murder capital of Canada. So uh... Um...

    Welcome to Edmonton, we have murder?


    In all seriousness, during certain times in the spring and autumn, it can be really beautiful here. Usually for a couple weeks before mother nature PTSD's back into obsessive heat or obsessive cold.
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  8. The city I live in has a really low crime rate. Like ridiculously low.

    ... That's all it has going for it.
  9. Beautiful scenery, in the Rocky Mountains foothills. Small, but only 20 minutes from Calgary, I live a 5 minute walk to the river with some beautiful hiking trails, my apartment has a gas fireplace, my town makes hella amazing ice cream, and next town over has its own craft beer brewery, as well as doing awesome pop, and I'm only an hour from Banff National Park.

    It's pretty much paradise. Only thing that would make it better is having a weird science defying subtropical micro climate that's like being on a Gulf of Mexico beach in the winter and I couldn't ask for moar.
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  10. I should probably narrow in for where I live... Cause keeping it as zoomed out as 'Canada' is what made me resort to offensive humour timbits.

    I live in Oakville, about an hours drive off from Toronto.

    It's all right, firstly it's a pretty safe town. Other than one murder that turned out to be self dense several years ago news on crime has been almost radio silent (Well there is my old Campus's 'rape forest' paranoia. But what I've seen that's likely the "1 in 5" version of rape... So a non-issue). But as a result people in the neighbourhood are so pissy that people decided to divert their time to the horrors of people biking on the sidewalk... Which is now illegal via bi-law. And no, we lack any form of functional bike paths to make up for this. Oh, and there was one case my Sister saw of a Drunk guy getting arrested... For being smart and taking the bus home, people in Oakville are stupid.

    The town has some stuff to do, movie theatres, restaurants, laser tag etc. Nothing that even goes close to rivalling that of big cities like Toronto though, which is close enough people that prefer the wild life like to compare the two and claim Oakville has nothing, which is a lie. However, we're also in the middle of this "Mid-Class to High-Class" town conversion for the past 10 years where people have been buying houses, tearing them down and making Monster houses to then sell. This has resulted in a lot of rich people moving in, which has added to the listed stuff above like Biker and Public Transit paranoia. Additionally they've been closing down malls and such deemed too low-class in an effort to renovate it... They stopped mid-update so we now have the same mall as before, with only half the stores cause the other half are closed off for 'construction'.

    TL;DR It's decent, has some stuff and it's pretty damn safe. But as a side effect people get scared over nothing and become rather snobbish.
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  11. I grew up in the city ghetto suburbs, congested and run down, and not very pretty. D: So I always wanted to move to a small town that is pretty.

    And I did. 8D I love out pretty little downtown street with it's creek and small businesses.

    And. AND. I have a fireplace.
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  12. Park with lots of pretty birds (Canada geese, mallards, robins, chickadees, sparrows, herons) right next door
    And it's mini sized!
  13. I live near Boston, so there's a lot of places to spend my money (arguably not a good thing), lots to do, etc.

    I also live with people that hold similar views to me.

    Other than that... It's good just because I don't have much to be upset about.
  14. I live in a very affordable place in nyc right on the water. Great view
  15. Pros: Perfect weather, good variety of upper tier food choices, good breweries, close to many awesome nature escapes. Micro climates are awesome if you need a quick change.

    Cons: Wine industry, INSANE cost of living, many gangs, hippies, Ultra rich and dirt poor living within same community causes issues.

    All in all it's not terrible, no way I could retire here though. Gonna work and make money then move outta state (or at least to a Waaaaay cheaper county) for the old man years.
  16. Do you still do the same stuff for work? It's been a helluva long time. As for the wine industry, is it vineyards you hate or? I am not even sure I've been within throwing distance of one so I don't know much about any culture surrounding them.
  17. Yup, still building things :) It has been like forever, Miss Kitti! I thought you disappeared forever!

    It's a long story about the wine industry here. Aside from the depletion of resources and being seemingly invisible to laws regarding water usage and illegal hiring/firing practices, they often clear cut natural growth to expand. The other issue is the snooty people that vacation/have vacation homes here, I mean yeah they bring a lot of money in, but have little to no respect for the counties history. It's a mirrored sentiment of many older generation families that have been here forever. People like myself can't really afford to live here, but without contacts in other places it's not easy to relocate.
  18. My town is a small town. Everything is in walking distance! Only downside: everything is closed when main street isn't busy, or you have to go out of your way to get to crossing lights. :x

    Benefits though: best bakery, best ice cream, and a pretty awesome library. I used to sneak out of middle school to go read during lunch. 8D Nobody there even questioned it cuz I was friends with one of the senior librarians!
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  19. Pros: It's in Australia.

    Cons: It's in Australia.

    Jokes aside, I think I live in a great spot. It's near a lot of shops and the fresh food market is just a 10 minute walk away. A shopping center is a five minute drive and 15 minutes by bus. There's a lot of I get if I need it, I'm just too lazy :P. Lots of buses that can take me to the CBD (business district) as well. So yeah, pretty happy. Big garden, big house, lots of space.

    The only thing I could complain about is that we live right behind a vet, so at night all I hear is barking, meowing, chirping and all those animal sounds. It gets annoying but I've adapted. Also possums and roof rats tend to fight on the roof. I can hear them outside the window.
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