Living Next To A Werewolf...

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    Name: Alex Chander
    Age: 17
    History: Alex lives with her mother and younger brother, her father has passed away a few years ago and her mother works as a nurse doing the night shifts, so the two are left alone a lot in the night. She is going to school and is in her last year and is very excited to get off to school and leave her small boring town behind.

    I am looking for someone to play a new guy who just moved into the house next door to hers. He is a werewolf and has come to town to find his mate, and Alex is his mate she just doesn't know about it yet. At first he is sweet and charming to Alex, but towards others he is a tad mean for he is very possessive over Alex and every so often his mask of kindness falls with Alex. Alex does start to fall for him and even starts to have a relationship with him.

    Alex however can not just ignore the strange happenings, people are going missing and then turning up dead, not just dead but torn apart. Of course she has to find out whats going on and slowly she starts to put two and two together. This will be very mature and gory and have twists and drama now if you are interested or have any questions just message me!

    If interested or have any questions message me here or P.M here.
  2. I'm interested in playing Wolfy : )
  3. Sweet, do you have any questions or just want to jump into things?
  4. we can jump into things : ) do you sykpe rp?
  5. I have no idea what that is and I don't have skype
  6. Okay gotcha! could you post first n send me the link to the thread? : )
  7. Thx : )
    I'm excited!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.