Living life in the shadows

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  1. Vermillion walked through the crowds of people like a ghost. She wore a white dress and had long wavy brown hair and chalky pale skin. Not many of the humans noticed her, though a few did turn her way. She was a hunter hunting her prey. The dance club throbbed with pulsing lights swirling on the dance floor and music. Not many of the humans struck her fancy, and she sighed. She made her way to a bar and ordered a drink and food, though she couldn't eat or drink anything other then blood, since she was a vampire. She picked up her drink and brought it to her lips, though she didn't drink, and turned around on her stool so she could look for potiential dinner options.
  2. Kyle had grassy green eyes, his dark brown hair was buzzed and it better reveiled the black tattoo of a clover. He had creamy milk chacolate skin, complimentary of being half Irish, and half African. He was at the bar tonight, wearing his jeans, a white t-shirt and a grey leather jacket. He had a small smile on the connor of his lips as he made his way to the bar, he ordered a vodka on the rocks with a cherry on the side. He swirled the cherry around in his drink when it was given to him, eyeing the people infront of him. He was alone tonight, as usual. Though he was almost always alone coming in, most of the time though he would leave with a girl on his hip. He chewed on the end of the cherry before he saw a girl in a white dress. He smiled approuching her "Hello miss."
  3. She returned the smile.

    "Hello. And who might you be?"

    She wondered. The burger and fries she had ordered from the bar sat in front of her, still untouched and getting cold. She set her drink down next to the plate as she waited for the man who had joined her to introduce himself.
  4. Kyle smiled at her, wide and toothy, setting his drink down beside him.

    "Kyle, and your name is...?"

    He took a seat on the stool beside her. He rested an elbow on the bar counter and took in the girls features. Her pale skin standing out in the dim lit room. Not many people looked good pale, also not many people looked good falling asleep in the tanning bed either. Her pale skin looked good on her though, stunning actually.
  5. "I am Vermillion. Vera for short though."

    She picked up her drink again and made it look like she drank some, though in thruth the glass remaind full.

    Vera was average height and build, and had long gentle wavy auburn hair that flowed to the middle of her back. Her eyes were a deep dark blood red color, though they looked black in the darkness. She scanned the humans once more before she set her glass down again next to her as she waited for the man to say something more.
  6. "Vera, now what brings you here."

    Kyle paid no attention to the untouched food, nor the drink that always seemed full though she brought it to her lips a few times. Well he didn't even touch his own drink. He would pick it up from next to him but all he would do was swirl around the clear liquid using the cherry to stir.

    He did notice her looking around the room a little bit so it only made him ask.

    "Are you looking for a friend of yours?"
  7. She turned her attention back to him.

    "Oh no."

    She answered, and smiled slightly, finding the question a bit amusing.

    "I have never been here to this dance club before. I don't get out very much so I figured it's about time I did."

    She wasn't much of a dancer herself, but she had always like watching humans.
  8. Kyle chuckled to himself a little and put down his drink.

    "Well would you like to dance with me? You can expect to come to a club and watch everyone else have fun?"

    He held out his hand and stood from his seat to lead her to the dance floor. He actually didn't dance to often, he wasn't that good either but he wasn't bad.

    "I promise I won't bite"
  9. At that she laughed out loud, her laughter musical and bright, like bells.

    "Of course."

    She said, still laughing. She took his hand and let him lead her to the dance floor. She couldn't remember the last time she had been to a dance. She wondered if she still could.

    "It's been a long time since I've danced. I'm not sure I still have it in me."
  10. Kyle chuckled "Well I'm not much of a dancer but it helps if you look at the other people around you. If you dance once than I'm sure you can easily do it again."

    Once they were on the dance floor he let go of her hand and smiled. The song changed to something a bit more up beat and he side stepped to the beat of the music. One of the only moves that he really felt comfortable about considering it was the same one most people used.
  11. She took his advice and quickly glanced around her. Her vampire eyes didn't miss a thing, and she started to copy the others around them, smiling as she got into the grove of the music and the dance. She had never done this kind of dance before. When she was human, she had often gone to fancy ballroom dances and had a live orchestra playing with piano and violins and other instruments.
  12. He smiled at her "See your doing just fine"

    Kyle couldn't help but admire her figure as she danced. It may have just been an adverage build but god, did she make it work. He put a little rock into his sidestep. The beat of the music was loud and you could feel it's vibration in the floor. He clapped his hands rythmatically against his hip. He had no idea of this girls true nature but he liked her, maybe enough to want to hang out a second time.
  13. "You gave good advice."

    She said, smiling wider and flashing her pearly white teeth.

    She liked this human. At least so far. He seemed to be charming and knew proper ettiquite and manners. She wondered though, if it was a good idea for her to hang around a human should she loose control of her urges.
  14. "The only good advice is one used by the giver."

    The song still ended and changed and he took her hand, taking her back to the seats they were just at. Her hand was soft and somewhat small compaired to his. He let go and took a seat.

    "So what did you think of dancing, did you have fun?"

    He asked her, a wide smile playing on his face, he sure had fun watching her dance though he himself didn't care for dancing.
  15. She laughed again.

    "It was very fun."

    She agreed.

    "I should do this more often."

    Their drinks and plate and been taken by the bar tender while they had been dancing. She sighed. It had been so long since her sire had been slayn since she had had this much fun.

    "Thank you for the dance."
  16. Kyle laughed "You should, it's good to see a fimiliar face her once in a while."

    He took a seat on the stool beside him

    "It was no problem ma'am, So what do you do for work Miss Vera?"

    He guessed she would be a nurse, their were alot of those that came here, though usually in groups, it wasn't uncommon for them to be alone. He almost laughed, when you know what kind of people come to the bar, you know you come too often.
  17. Her smile faded a little and she straightened a bit, trying to figure out how to best answer him. Finally she came up with something.

    "I am unemployed. I have been for a few years now."

    She studied him for a moment.

    "What about you?"
  18. Kyle nodded his head seeing her smile fade, maybe that wasn't the best of questions to ask her, not everyone liked to talk about their occupations, exspecially if they were something embaressing like an escort, a dealer, an exterminater, or unemployed.

    "A carpenter. I work for myself though bussiness is slow so it very well could be more cost efficient to file for uneployment."

    He smiled a little
  19. She returned the smile.

    "I wouldn't know about that..."

    She sighed a little.

    "Unemployment can get a little...borring."

    She said, her smile fading again. Especially if unemployment is forever. She thought to herself. She turned her gaze past him to the dancers.
  20. "Boring huh? Well I guess I can see where that is comming from."

    Kyle turned himself around to look at the people dancing behind him.

    "Well I think we had enough of a rest."

    He said cheerfully and stood up from the stool.

    "Would you like to go dance with me again?"

    He asked, his smile widening.