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A four legged beast watched curiously as the more intelligent, English speaking members of the League of Scoundrels. Anyone who heard about these malevolent creatures only assumed this to be a rumoured group. In this beloved fantasy world, things always seemed to work in favour of the pure! Not this time. The League of Scoundrels would be triumphant somewhere, even if that meant leaping into a world completely different from their own.

"Today is the day! Today is the day!" one of them cheered maniacally, raising his fist in the air. The majority of the group was cloaked in darkness, their eyes glowing with hate, blood lust and fury. The four legged little demon chattered in response, snickering afterward while he waited for the portal to open.

Something went wrong, though. Terribly wrong. As the hole in their reality grew, it never stopped! It ended up swallowing the Scoundrels, causing them to panic, while others literally jumped into it, excited to parade the streets with havoc. Above the city of Montgomery, Alabama, a dark vortex was spinning in the sky.

Soon, the humans would learn that not everything is a fairytale...

There was nothing different about Vanya's day. The Ancients had been properly defended weeks ago, so she was spending her days in the forests for investigation more than anything else. There were rumours of something vile developing outside of her village, so she took up the duty of solving this mystery. The Night Elf strolled through the shadowed forest while a purple furred wolf named Phantom sniffed the ground in front of her. "Anything?" she asked her companion, expecting a no.

Before she could get her assumed answer, Phantom was making a dash for something. She raced after him, pulling out an arrow from her quiver whilst readying her bow. Just when she got her weapon armed, she stopped herself in the loose soil, standing still behind her wolf as he growled at something headed towards them. Vanya couldn't quite identify it... It appeared to be a darkness heading towards them. It was swallowing the animals running away from it!

"Run!" she cried, putting her arrow away. Phantom obeyed immediately, staying at her side while they tried to escape this fast going portal. It was all for naught; their speed was outmatched. The only thing Vanya and her friend could do now was stay close together, their bodies hanging still in a background of nothingness. Although the portal was fast, the travel was slow. Not from from her, she could see other creatures who were captured. 'Who could have done this?'[/bg]


[bg=#000033]Owen was expecting his daughter to be home soon from the school bus. As for his wife, she would probably be finishing up at work soon. For the time being, he sat in their office room, petting along the thick skin of a corn snake who he fed some thawed out mice not too long ago. Their house was filled with reptiles and amphibians! It was a hobby of Owen's, especially during his days off. Whenever he was left alone, he was in the company of his adored pets.

Deciding to leave the snake to her nap, he wheeled out of the room, heading towards the kitchen for a snack. Their house, to put it bluntly, was enormous. His money combined with his wife's, not to mention the checks he got for being paraplegic, allowed them to afford whatever was needed. Lots of space was important for a man stuck in a wheelchair. More than that, he wanted the best for his family. Gretchen would always have room to play and Paisley would always have a garden to tend to. It was pure happiness, he thought.

With an apple in hand, Owen went over to the kitchen table, dropping his eyes to a newspaper all laid out. While he waited for someone to come home, he silently read the news, blissfully unaware of what was happening in the sky above their city.
Ben was in the school's main office again, waiting to be ushered in to see the principal. This was hardly surprising. He sat sweating in the chair outside the office, anxious to get this over with. His brown eyes darted back and forth, looking at the other people in the room. A secretary, tall, blonde, with long legs. She was applying make-up while Ben watched, transfixed. She and the principal were intimate, he knew that. He also knew that that relationship was the only reason that secretary worked here. She caught the boy staring at her, and gave Ben a fearsome glare.

The young boy's tongue darted to gloss over the place where a tooth once was, now replaced with soft, tender gum. It had been punched out in a fight last week. That was why he was here now. Fighting. He did a damage assessment. His small fingers gently prodded at a throbbing bruise on his forehead. He winced, and then gingerly touched his lip. When he pulled back his hand, he was able to see blood. He leaned back in the small plastic chair, thinking. He thought about how this office reminded him of the dentist; bland, lifeless decor with all the charm of a morgue and the ever increasing sense of dread. The longer you waited, the more afraid you were, Ben reasoned, it's apprehension. And anxiety. Or both.

He ran his tongue over his split lip, trying to get it to stop bleeding. He ran a hand through his white blonde hair and sighed loudly, signally the fact that he was, indeed still waiting. Nobody in the office seemed to care. Ben stood up and stretched, watery brown eyes still scanning the room. He gave a start for a moment, as he caught something out of the corner of his eye. Something wrong in the sky. He shook his head. Nothing, nothing at all. He slumped back down in his chair, and folded his arms. He looked up at the secretary, and scowled.

"May I go if the principal isn't interested in seeing me? I've been waiting a while now, and would like to go home."

That was a lie. Ben was well aware that it was a lie. He didn't want to go home. Home would be empty. His mother would still be at the Highschool, grading papers or jabbering to her colleagues in French. His father didn't live with them anymore. He had no pet, no siblings, and thus, going home involved being utterly alone, alone with the dark and an unlocked door. Somehow, however, this seemed more appealing to Ben than being trapped in this place. He'd been here before, but today his skin was crawling and his lip hurt horribly.

At least at home there were pain meds.
The Plane of Shadows, Timeless Area
"Look at them all... Pathetic." The tentacles being spat, talking to himself as he watched the shadowy, humanoid figures pass by. A transitional plane already, he currently stared at the misty forms of a half-dozen adventurers on some fool errand he had prompted them to do. It wasn't even him that put them there. They hardly needed his guardianship when they were so deep in thrall to their own wizard, and far too stupid to see it. "The wizard himself is power-mad and dangerous. Why do I even bother?" One of the tentacles upon his back whipped audiably in distaste.

One ear flicked, and his head turned to stare... At a large mass of purple. This struck him as odd: the Plane of Shadows was utterly colorless. This purple began to seep forward like a mass of ooze, and the six-legged cat crept backwards... As the shadows around him changed. From the scene of adventuring morons to a sky view of the city... Millions of people. He looked down in confusion, unheeding to the purple haze that washed over him. "Human... All of them?"

Light as clouds, he floated down... This world's Plane of Shadow was strange to him. Stifling - it smelled of fire and poison. Covering his muzzle with a tentacle, he floated above the city streets, a strange creeping feeling coming with him, even through the planar barrier. He was, thankfully, invisible... What he needed was fear... Easiest way to get it... "Children." Sniffing at the smog-shadow air, he crept like a ghost... Towards a school. Dei Maal's face creaked in a twisted, Cheshire Cat smile... And outside the school, he punctured the barrier... Creeping into the school through an open window and growling happily... Looking at the woman with her back to him with hungry eyes, tongue extending to lick at his own chops. Anyone else in the room was of no importance to him now... He needed the fear to sustain him.

Raising his front half up, he puts a paw on the table and glances into her eyes... Which looked right through him. Just fine, he got what he wanted. His feline lips brushed her ear as he whispers, "You're not pretty. You never have been. On the outside? Maybe. On the inside, you're ten times as ugly as the people you put down..." As he says this, he switches her make-up with other objects... Her lipstick with a gluestick... A tentacle spilling several things and replacing it... Distracted by her thoughts, she doesn't realize that her every effort his just bringing out how she looks on the inside, even as she attempts to mask it. "Just look for yourself." She holds the mirror to her face and freezes in horror. For that moment, she turns to look behind her - she swore she could see some... Thing. She shook her head and began to reapply her makeup.

Dei Maal clung to the ceiling, admiring his work. It came to his attention - the prickling of the fur on his neck... Someone could see him. He slowly turned, his yellow eyes locking onto the eyes of the other in the room - Ben. With a grin, Dei Maal whispers: "I see you."
Golem slogged out of the river, his weight causing him to sink slightly into the bank as he walked out, until he finally found firm ground. He was very gingerly holding a large, leathery egg to his chest, one of his Mistress's things. One of the other Golems had dropped it and let it fall into the river, and so someone had to go get it before she found out. She didn't like it when the golems did something wrong.

But the egg floated and got caught up in a fallen tree, and hadn't gotten broken in the trip, so all was well. Golem just needed to find his way home. He could follow the river upstream and that would get him close to Mistress but he didn't have much of a plan after that. But Mistress's tower was easy to see.

Halfway back home, following his own deep bootprints, he started to hear it. He didn't know what he was hearing, but he was hearing it. He looked around curiously, before he saw it, this onrushing wave of darkness. He broke into a run, but he couldn't run very fast without the egg bouncing out of his arms and he couldn't hold it tighter or he would break it.

It was getting closer now too. Was the river safe? Was it going into the river? He couldn't tell from here, but the egg was too important to lose in the darkness. And it was safe in the river right? So just before he got swallowed up by the darkness he tossed the egg back in the river.

And then he was floating. No matter what he did it didn't seem to help him move at all. He wasn't sure if he was right-side up or not either. He tried to look around, but everything seemed to be empty. At least he didn't see the egg. Mistress wouldn't yell at him about losing it.
Coming home from a shooting match with his cousin Raymond was depressed. " Why is it every time I whip his ass in anything he bitches louder then most car stereo systems go?" It had been his 200th time in a shooting match with his cousin, and again he had gotten a perfect score and humiliated his cousin by doing so. Now his cousin is considered a great shot and always had talent, but he was no where near Raymond's level and the cousin was a very sore looser. His cousin would also act all high and mighty when he won anything. Raymond hated people like that and always felt bad when they bitched at him for royally handing them their asses on a silver platter with all the trimmings.

On the way back to his house off base Raymond spotted a box on the side of a road in an alley. " Whats that?" Raymond was curious about what was in the box. Letting curiosity take the better of him he quickly stopped to see what was in it. Raymond stepped out of his truck, a 1998 Dodge RAM 4500 ( basically a 3500 with a semi engine in it), and he walked up too the box. Lo and behold inside the uncovered box was a liter of Imo-Inu puppies. "Oh! You pups look cold." Ray noticed on the side of the box a free puppies sign. "Okay... Well I guess I'm taking you guys home. I know the guys on base will love you all, I think?" So with that Raymond grabs the box of Imo-Inu puppies and puts the box in the front passenger seat of his truck, and buckles the box in. "Okay you guys look secure now." With one last check Raymond steps back into his truck and drives off towards his house.

Getting home he takes the puppies inside first, and then he got his gear out of his truck. Quickly putting his stuff away he checks on the puppies noticing they look hungry. "Kisa!" He calls for his half wolf half Imo-Inu, yes he's had Imo-Inus before, and she comes running in from outside. " Hey girl could you watch these puppies for me?" BARK! is Kisa's reply. "Good girl, now get in there." Raymond points to the room the puppies are in, and Kisa dashes in there to stand guard. " She is such the faithful friend." Raymond observes out loud. And then he goes to make supper.

Finishing cooking the food Raymond chops some of it up really good for the puppies, and leaves the rest pretty much whole for him and Kisa. Walking into the puppies room he places the food bowls down and the puppies quickly go to the bowls and begin eating and drinking. "Hey Kisa here you go." Raymond tells her as he puts her plate of food down. With that done Raymond walks into the living room, which is right outside the room the puppies are in, and starts eating his own food. " Oh this food is good, I amaze myself sometimes at how good I cook!" Raymond stated in jubilation at his Grilled Garlic Chicken with steamed vegetables.

After finishing his food Raymond washes his dishes. "It's a nice night out to night." It had gotten dark as he had his super. Finishing up dishes Raymond goes and checks on the puppies finding all of them blissfully asleep and not a scrap of food left on their plates. Kisa was waiting in a corner of the room looking at him her plate licked clean as well. Raymond quickly gathered up the dishes and washed them. Later after the dishes were done he sat down on the couch to read a bit. Then hearing Kisa barking very loudly at something. Getting up and grabbing his .45ACP, a STI 1911 with a 14 round double stack clip, he goes outside to check it out.
Ben felt the fine hairs on the back of his neck stand up straight, and he felt his shoulders begin to shake. He wasn't sure what to say. He swallowed, and the audible gulp echoed in the room. He closed his eyes tightly, rubbed them, and then looked again. The cat was still there. He could still see the six legged creature, with those tentacles and those bright amber eyes. He did his best to hide his fear, but his shoulders would not stop shaking. Ben took a deep breath. This creature could not exist. Such a thing did not exist. And yet, here it was in front of him. I must be going mad, Ben thought to himself.

He stood up, his fingers curling tightly into fists. He was trying to be brave, but he was afraid. He wondered what would happen if this aberration killed him. He supposed that his mother and father might cry for precisely a moment before returning to fighting among one another. A depressing thought, but probably an accurate one, he figured. He took another deep breath and looked at the cat-demon. He supposed, in a certain light, the sight of the thing could be bearable, but when he looked at it now, all he wanted to do was look away. He didn't though. He was so scared that he couldn't move. If he moved, this beast would know he was afraid. He was afraid of the thing knowing that he was afraid. It probably knew already.

He glanced at the secretary. He thought that he caught something uneasy in her expression. This was hardly surprising, since he had seen the cat-demon tormenting her. She was scared, just like Ben; she was uneasy in a subconscious way. Ben could tell about the way she stared, empty eyed into a wall, not looking at the cat-creature on the ceiling. The secretary hadn't seen it. Only he could see it. Ben nervously ran his tongue over his split lip. He couldn't run away from the beast, it was clearly agile, and would clearly catch him in a moment. He wasn't even sure it was real. What was the point in running from an illusion? His shoulders stopped shaking. He was still afraid, but he knew that he would wake up, and this thing would be gone. This couldn't be real.

He looked up at it calmly, and sat back down in his chair. He even attempted a smile, though it wobbled with a nervous spirit, "I suh-see you too," he replied, stammering a little, "Why can I see you? Who are you?"
(Imagine a 1800's London)

Estyer peered across the vast streets that stood before him. The thousands upon thousands of beasts roaming, selling, buying, eating. All of them, living out their pathetic lives. He'd seen them before. Those ants that meant nothing. The came, screwed, and died. All the while he watches. He hadn't taken a job on in just under a year and his time off didn't seem to be doing him any good. His blades grew dull, as did his wit. The rings around his eyes grew darker and darker as the lack of sleep crept up to him. He'd been trying different Correls to help him sleep, but nothing worked. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was why.

He glared at them. Pathetic. Sneering all the while. Harbouraging a hatred and resentment that ran deeper indside him with every passing second. He hated all of it, and it hated him back. He descended to the streets, keeping his coat buttoned while dodging the pleas from beggars. He could hear the patter of feet as younglings ran over the cobble-stone ground, shouting and screaming and having the time of their lives. He squirmed away into the shelter of one of the city's many back-alleys. It even smelt like scum. The shapeshifter kept his eyes focused on the bright red door only twenty metres away. He pushed and shoved past the crowds of low-lifes who waited in line to get into the club. He shrugged off any attempt to grab him as different members of the crowd called his name, asking for help with the bouncer. He moved with purpose, and quite a few diverted their gaze. His reputation proceeded him. Rachen had the door tonight. The part lizzard wore a black suit and tie combo, guarding the entrance with his inquamable presence. A stare from him could freeze to the bone. Thankfully Estyer had no bonal structure, just a fake one.

"Move." The shapeshifter stood firm, staring into the almost hypnotic eyes of the reptilian-like humanoid. With a slimy smile the creature opened the door to let a small group of nobody's past before slamming it shut again and moving forward in an attempt to tower over Estyer. Slowly the shapeshifters height rose until the stood equal. He tiled his head to the left slightly, dawning a deadly smile before repeating;

"Move." A moment later their two's deadlock-gaze shattered and the reptilian, in an effort to dodge a ruckas, re-opened the door. Estyer pushed past, moving with a newfound elegance and grace. His newfound vigour wasn't an act, no. This club was where the scum of the city came, where he got his contracts. He was home.


A few hours later the shaeshifter moved back down the now-empty alleyway, accompanied only by the echoes from inside the club and the whispers that always flowed with the wind. Estyer.

"Shut up Mother." All in your head Est', All in your head.

There was a low growl, this wasn't the wind. Slowly, Estyer turned his head. There, at the mouth of the alleyway was sheer darkness. He'd seen the like before. Vortex's. But what did it want with him? It moved slowly, sleekly, with purpose. He stared into the abyss, daring it. Again...the wind whispered;'And so it comes.' There was a flash of darkness, and then...Nothing.

Paisely wandered out of the grocery story with a massive cart filled with many bags, she had been shopped for both family and job. Earlier that day she had been working with some friends on a new recipe at one of their houses since they had yet to get an official shop. Now she was on her way to to make her lovely husband and daughter a yoummy dinner and get to work on tweeking the new recipe. As she loaded the car with all her bags she took notice of the sky swirling in a strange manner. She assumed it to be just a strange storm coming along but that look of it made her feel uneasy for some reason.

She quickly put her now empty cart away and closed up her cars truck, hopping into the drivers she as soon as she could. She wanted to get to her house and make sure Owen was still alright, and that Gretchen would get home safe. She drove along the road quietly, her eyes wandering up to the sky every now and then, curious as to what was going on. As she pulled up to her house she opened the garage door and pulled her car inside, quickly turning off the engine and hopping out. She wandered out onto her driveway for a moment as she looked to the sky, it was darker than before and the weird vibes she was getting just worsened. Be it paranoia or motherly instinct, Paisely knew something was up.

She went back to her car and opened the truck, grabbing as many bags as her arms could hold before heading into her house. She opened the door and wandered into the kitchen, smiling as she noticed her husband sitting at the table. She set the bags down at the other end of the table and turned to her husband, a smiled on her face but her tone slightly bothered.

"Owen, you've got to look outside...The sky looks really weird."

Brynhilde wandered through the forest quietly, travling along the dirt path that would lead her to her final catch. She had been gone from her home for so long, and now she would finally be able to return and prove those stupid advisors that she was truly a good heir for her father. She adjusted her hammer on her shoulder a little as she trudged along. She had many plans for when she returned, one of them being she take a proper bath and sleeping in a proper bed, it had been ages since she had been able to do either without risking getting caught by bandits.

As she stomped on her way a strange noise came to her ears. At first it was very faint, just an annoying little buzz in her eye. But then it got louder, and louder, becoming a loud whirlling sound. Brynhilde turned and was shocked to see some strange vortex consumming everything in sight. And it was heading in her direction! Useing all her might the dwarf ran as fast as her armor would allow her, keeping a good bit of distance between her and the ever approching portal. Sadly, fate played a cruel hand and she tripped on a badly placed rock, leaving her completely to the will of the winds.

Before she could even atempt to get back up she was sucked into the tunnel of nothing and tossed about wildly, the dwarf holding onto all her belongings as best as she could. She kept her eyes shut tight and just waited for it all to end, knowing that sooner or later she would be at the other side of this vortex and would have other problems to face.
Raidne ran the narrow comb made of some glittering materials, brushing it straight into a glittering flow of pale strands that caught the light and shone like gold. She was well-satisfied with the result and she shook the cooperative cascade once more before setting down the new object. This thing, the people called it a brush, and it was one of the many objects about the mainland that she'd been trying to grow accustomed to since she wandered into town not three days past.

The roads were impressive, they were expansive and she marveled at how the people shaped the earth to their whims. Even the stone houses, in their sturdy construct, were amazing to Raidne. The people accepted her excuse that she was from an island without much qualm and offered her olives and wine to stay with them. The young men of town were captivated by her beauty and began to present her with lustrous metal pieces that the women wore. Raidne was flattered by them but told them that she liked the simplicity of just her woven garment best.

When Raidne was taken in by a family, she could not have been happier. The weaving work she was assigned to learn was enjoyable and her easy life allowed her many opportunities to explore the town that she happened upon. There was a complacency that her sisters would have chided had they been around, though, when the darkness opened up before her and swallowed her whole. She felt like she was warping in shape, melding into different forms and elastically bouncing back into her original shape. Briefly, she wondered if this was what it was life for an immortal to die.

When at last Raidne could open her eyes again, she nearly fainted on the spot. A bad dream could not even begin to describe the traumatic difference that her eyes told her was in front of her as reality. Not even her wildest dreams could have translated such fantastical images.

The beast's ears flicked, and it turned to the secretary... who turned, glaring at Ben. "What? Are you talking to me?" She states, oblivious to the beast clinging to the ceiling. She then ignores Ben, returning to fixing her face. The beast chuckles, moving along the ceiling towards the boy, his feet padding on softly, tentacles whipping through the air... it crosses onto the wall, ending directly above the boy... where he lays down, grinning cruelly at him. He whispers, "Only the fearful see me, you know. Haven't your parents warned you? When you're bad... I come, to gobble you up." The beast leans in, breath warm against his head, blowing his hair about.

He then tilts his head back in laughter, a tentacle patting Ben on the shoulder. "Just tweaking your head, kid. I don't actually... eat. So you're safe in that regard." He grins, tentacles curling. "The principal, however, won't take to kindly to your actions... what'd you do, anyway? Kids normally just beat people they don't like."
[bg=#000033]The sound of a car pulling into their driveway made Owen smile. Looking up from the newspaper, he rolled away from the kitchen table so he could wheel over to his wife and offer to help her. Although he couldn't walk, his lap could be of service. Surely, she couldn't carry all those groceries by herself!

The smile on his face faded as curiosity struck him. Paisley looked happy, but worried. "Let's check it out," he suggested, rolling past her to lead them outside. After reaching the bottom of the ramp to their front door, he tilted his head upward, gazing at the twirling shadow in the sky. This had him wondering what kind of weather this was, if this was weather at all. Even his pets in the house seemed disturbed, pacing back and forth in their tanks.

There were many other people outside to observe the strange vortex. Everyone exchanged confused glances, whilst others disappeared into their homes for safety. Owen then widened his eyes to the sight of a shadowy looking creature falling from the sky. It landed on the head of his neighbour, cackling madly as it tormented the poor man. This little monster looked nothing like a regular animal! Its shape resembled a small human, with horns on its head and piercing, red eyes.

"Sweetie, we should get inside," he said quickly, wheeling over to the car so he could snatch up the rest of the groceries. They were set into his lap before closing the trunk door. For some reason, he didn't want to leave these behind.

In the distance, Vanya could see a light and several bodies disappeared at the other end of it. Gently biting her lower lip, she reached out for Phantom, gripping the fur on the back of his neck. The Night Elf could tell that this was going to be a long fall. Whether or not it would be painless, she couldn't quite tell. Hopefully, the persons behind the creation of this void was smart enough to make it so they'd drift to the ground instead of crash.

Golden eyes widened to the sight of skyscrapers, a lack of trees and lots of... Humans. Phantom growled softly when he realized they were in a completely different realm. Still close together, the Elf and her companion fell slowly towards the ground, however they were being taken in a certain direction. Vanya felt a sudden connection with somebody... It was as if she's talked to them before, or knew them in another life.

Something else caught her attention, though. There were dark critters causing trouble in this city! Vanya couldn't identify them, which became worrisome. She was an expert in identifying all living things; this time she was stumped. This distraction was broken when her wolf barked, warning her that they were about to meet the ground. There was a man standing there, staring at the sky like many others were.

The moment she landed on her feet, she withdrew an arrow from her quiver, readying it in her bow. It was pointed in random directions, her companion staring warily at Raymond while he let his mistress be flustered and defensive. "Where in the world are we?" she asked aloud, her eyes meeting with Raymond's. For some reason, she didn't want to hurt him or interrogate him. A voice in the back of her mind told her he was harmless. 'Humans are everywhere!'[/bg]
Raymond was looking at the sky and was watching as several creatures were drifting from the sky. " What in the hell is going on." (Is anybody else seeing this?) Raymond was looking around at other people as they just stared at the disk and he was the only one watching things fall. All the sudden Raymond felt something strange like he was connected with something or someone. (What is that feeling and why am I having it?)He watched as creature after creature and thing after thing drifted down to the earth.

(Okay this is getting weird.) Ray observed as more and more things started to continue out and drifting down. Raymond quickly checked and racked his pistol just in case he got an unfriendly creature or thing. The sky continued to fill up with creatures and animals. (Okay that's even weirder now.) The sky was getting pretty crowded. (Now I'm getting worried.) Raymond observed something then falling right for his back yard, where he was now. (I hope it's friendly.)

Raymond watched as what looked like a woman and a purple wolf landed on his lawn. (Okay this is getting really weird.) He also watched as the woman, who Raymond knew as soon as he saw her ears was an elf of some sort, got up drew her bow and looked around as her purple wolf looked and growled at him. (Aw! Hell! Had to be a woman huh God!) Raymond was thinking about aiming his STI at her but decided not to antagonize unless provoked, and for some reason he thought she was the one he was having a link with. When the girl asked "Where in the world am I?" in English Raymond nearly had a heart attack. "Um... You're.... in... Alabama....Uh... specifically Montgomery." Raymond managed to stammer out.
If Golem felt anything as he saw the city below him, it was confusion, and no small amount. This... this was not home. He was high in the air and he couldn't even see Mistress's castle! Mistress would yell at him. She hated it when the golems got lost, would yell at them when they got back. She even disassembled one! Golem didn't want to be disassembled.

The ground was about twenty feet away, and he could see a... street? Golem had seen paved streets, but not one that seemed to be made out of one stone! It must have been a very big stone that they used. Maybe they had a wizard combine pieces of stone? It must have been a very powerful wizard. Or multiple wizards? He didn't see any wizards, but there were people standing outside their homes, looking up at the sky, and Golem looked up too. There was a massive vortex slowly spitting out all kinds of creatures. Mistress would have yelled at him for standing and staring up like that.

Golem didn't quite understand the feeling, but a human would have said it would be the feeling that something bad was about to happen. What he did understand was what would happen. He looked back at the ground and saw a grassy yard about twenty feet below him. And then with a mighty thud the ground was in his face. He'd sunk a ways into the ground, dirt was in the slit in his helmet. He laid there for a moment, absolutely still, while he tried to determine if he was damaged. Mistress had told him one day how hard it was to make the golems able to tell if they were damaged. He didn't understand the technical terms, but he understood it was hard. But he seemed to be unharmed.

Parts of him still groaned as he got up though, shaking off the dirt and stepping out of the Golem-shaped hole he had left in the yard. His gaze met that of a woman(who was not Mistress) and a man sitting in a chair with wheels. They were strangers. Golem wasn't supposed to talk to strangers(Actually he wasn't supposed to talk much at all). But he didn't know where he was or where Mistress was. That made it an emergency. His indecision was obvious, as for a long time he was full of half-turns to either side, almost reaching out or waving, making noises like he was about to say something. Finally he squared his shoulders and looked at the woman standing there. Mistress was always in charge at home, so it made sense that he should try to talk to this woman first.

His voice was deep, a hoarse, with a sound almost like a rusty nail being scraped against a bucket at the edges. "Hello... I need help. I don't know how to get home from here."
Ben felt his hair move slightly when the creature blew on him. Not a dream, then, he supposed. Never before had he a dream this vivid, and he doubted that he ever would. this thing was real, but apparently, could not be seen or heard by the receptionist. This made Ben nervous, because the creature was either a profoundly detailed hallucination or was telling the truth. Both of these options seemed equally frightening to him. The young boy gulped, and swiped his hand across his face to get his hair out of his eyes.

"I hit somebody. They insulted my parents," He said slowly. He nervously looked at the tentacle on his shoulder. It didn't seem particularly threatening, just laying there, but it was scaly and warm and felt altogether too real. Ben ran his tongue over the split in his lips, a nervous reflex, perhaps, or just trying to do something, other than speak to this demonic creature.

Ben took a deep breath and swallowed. He was trying to be brave, but he was still very scared, "Why are you here though?" he asked the thing, maybe trying to distract it from what Ben was about to try to do. The boy didn't know what would happen if he touched this creature, whether it really would eat him, or whether it would simply laugh in his face. He reached out a hand, as if to touch the cat-thing on its shoulder.

Paisley watched their poor neighbour with a look of horror on her face. A creature had just fallened from the sky, and it looked like a human except smaller. It's high pitched crackle sent a shiver up her spine. Her husband didn't even need to tell her to head into the house, she was more than eager to run the whole way! However, before she could make her mad dash after her husband, who had taken the rest of the groceries, there was a another loud thud.

She turned a looked to see another creature had fallen, right into their lawn. For a moment she wondered if it was dead...until it started to get up. The hole it left was rather big and the creature itself was much larger than the first on, it was even taller than her! She watched in fearful silence as the creature of sorts seemed to act uncertain and look around nervously, obviously confused about what had happened to it. However, Paisley started to feel...something. She felt bad for the strange looking beast that had indented thier law and even some sort of connection to it, as it she had possibly known this creature for much longer than a few seconds.

When it spoke to her in it's raspy voice she was surprised once again that it could even talk properly after such a fall. She wasn't exactly sure if it was a good idea to respond, in truth she should be hiding away with her husband in the house. Even so, the beast didn't seem all that smart, especially since it was coming to her for help. She cleared her throat a bit and let out a nervous breath before answering, still a little uncertain about the giant hulk she was now talking to.

I"m sorry, But I can't help you with that...I don't even know how you got here." She said calmly, taking a small step toward her house, ready to run as fast as possible just incase it didn't like her answer.

Tossing about in the strong winds of the tunnel did not help Brynhilde much at all. In fact, it only made her feel sick to her stomach, which was a hard thing to do since she had an iron stomach of sorts. She spun and twirled in the wind, holding onto her items as tightly as possible, especially her dragon scales, she had spent years searching for them as she wasn't about to lose them to a god forsaken portal! Eventually the end of the tunnel appeared and She finally dared to open her eyes, seeing a small glimps of the sity below. It seemed to be a strange place, it certainly wasn't what she was used to, but she felt something there.

It was as if there was a person somewhere in that place that was calling to her, a familiar soul even though she had never ventured to the world before. As she fell out of the portal and into the other world she was tugged in a certain direction, but not by much, most likely her heavy armor preventing her from moving out of a stright fall down. She looked at the skyscrapers in awe, amazing that such structures could exsist. As she got closer she noticed that there were a lot of humans... a lot of humans. It seemed the were the majority of this place, but that didn't matter, she could probably still beat them all.

Brynhilde moved herself in the air as the ground started coming up fast. She set her feet firmly apart and prepared herself for imbact. Oh and what an impact it was. Right in the middle of a city street she landed with a thundering sound. bits of gravel and concrete shot into the air and a could of smoke appeared, causing any traffic to halt. As the dust parted she stood in a large impact crater, laying on her back and groaning in pain. Even if she had gotten special training for surviving falls and had healing armour she still felt sore afterwards. She slowly stood up and crawled out of the ditch, looking around curiously when she got to the top. It was a strange place and she really wasn't sure where to start but that feel just kept burning in her. She gave a shrug of her shoulders and started to head where the feeling left her, not knowing what else a dwarf like her could do.
"You got to be fecking kidding me..." Tasha muttered to herself as she pulled into a parking space and grabbed her purse. She was over twenty minutes late now which would just make her later for everything else all day. This would be exactly why she hardly ever did things that had no relation to her school work; even trying to get a hair cut went horribly wrong. She had overslept, then found out that her roommate had drank the last of the coffee. Her car hadn't wanted to start even though it was only six months old. Hopefully everything else would go smoothly today. Tasha slid out of her car, purse in hand and shut the door behind her before starting for the inviting salon that was supposedly one of the best places in town.

And her heel snapped off.

She wobbled and managed to catch herself without falling but her lips thinned, almost white as she held in the curses that wanted to bubble forth. Something just is off today.. she thought to herself, going back to her car to pull out a pair of black flats that she always kept under the passenger seat in case there was a need for them. Her gray and black heels were discarded with a sigh, she would have to see if they could get fixed later. Smoothing down her black pencil skirt and making sure her gray silk top was still falling correctly she locked the car again and made it with no further mishap into the salon.
"But... I don't know how I got here either. That's why I need help." Golem's voice surprised him. Was that... desperation? Golems weren't supposed to feel things like that. He half reached out to her as she backed up, then let his arm drop.

He needed help. And... he felt sure that she could help. It was similar to his trust in Mistress, a belief in her abilities. She could help him, and he needed her help, but it seemed like she wasn't. Humans would get emotional in times like these. Golem just took it as an experience and didn't try to understand it.

He looked around nervously, rubbing the tip of his thumb against the tips of his fingers. It was a nervous habit that he technically was not supposed to be capable of. But he'd always found the motion and the metallic sounds comforting. And he could use comfort in a time like this. He was beginning to really miss the other Golems and Mistress.

"Please. I really need help. I'm sure my Mistress will reward you... and I can help you until we find her!" He was speaking quickly, nervously. He didn't want to be alone in this strange part of the world.
Vanya's eyes narrowed crossly in Raymond's direction when he shakily aimed a weapon at her. At least, she assumed it to be. Firearms didn't exist in her homeland, so it was a very alien thing to see be pointed at her. Within seconds though, he lowered it and nervously told her where she was.

"Ala..bama...?" She let the word roll of her tongue, an eyebrow arching to show her confusion. A hand then waved in front of the face of her companion, he was eying Raymond warily. It looked like he was ready to jump on the man and rip his limbs off!

An arrow then launched from her bow, zooming in the direction of a dark looking creature that was going to fall onto her new friend. So she thought, anyway. He wasn't trying to hurt her, plus a voice in the back of her mind said they had a link. There had to be an explanation for it...

The foul critter crashed into the ground with the sharp arrow planted in its chest. After a twitch, its body became lifeless. "What are you called?" she asked him, her voice still a bit demanding. Vanya was under a lot of stress in this new environment.[/bg]
The girl stumbling by Raidne was like no one she had ever seen before. There was a fierce beauty in her features and that certain passion of spirit that she exuded that made Raidne confidant that the girl was human but little else seemed familiar. Her clothes were completely different from the clothes that Raidne wore and her shoes seemed more like torture devices that shoes. Perhaps she was a prisoner of some sort?

Was that it then, was this girl a prisoner? Raidne thought she'd come to the conclusion. She had been knocked out and taken as a sort of prisoner. She simply couldn't figure out though what anyone would think she'd be able to offer. Her sisters had no money and clearly they didn't know who she was because it would be more than obvious that stoking the anger of a siren could only lead to misfortune.

"Excuse me... why have we been captured?" Raidne did not know how lucky she was that the sirens, being creatures of voice, had a gift of tongues that was previously unknown, presumptively because everyone around her had simply spoken Greek.
Raymond looked at the skewered creature as it hit the ground and then he looked back at her. (Okay. Something weird is really going on.) He started when she asked him what he was called. "Uh..... My Name... I mean what I'm called... is.... Raymond. And.... You... are ... called?" Raymond responded and asked barely able to speak. (Why is it when ever I always try to talk to women I barley manage to say what I want to? this is gonna get tiring fast and... What the hell is an elf doing in my back yard?) Raymond also noticed the tenseness of her companion. (Aw. Crap. I do anything wrong and I bet I'll get killed or at least have an attempt on my life from this beautiful specimen of an animal.)

Raymond was paying attention all around him as more and more things fell from the hole. While he was waiting for the elf's response, He heard Kisa barking again. He noticed a response on the part of the wolf like creature the elf had. (Okay this is getting weirder and weirder by the second.) "It's alright Kisa!" Raymond yelled into the house. The barking soon stopped, and that left Raymond worried. Then he heard her bark again. (Weird after I get this elf's name I'm gonna have to see what's going on inside.)