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  1. My first showcase on the forum.
    Also my showcase specifically for character art.
    If you're looking to find out what one of my characters looks like...
    This is the right place.
    Without further ado...

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  3. Basics
    Name: June Ra
    Age: 47
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Lampmaker/Artisan
    Vices: Well-guarded. Champagne.
    Quirks: Easily agitated. Confrontational. Tends to read too much into a situation.
    The Woman She's a woman in a wheelchair, with silver-streaked hair that touches her bosom and parts around round shoulders. Her arms like to hide under shawls and other wide covers, while her legs stay tucked under layers that try to make up for the muscle loss--pants/skirt/wrap, leggings/shorts/wrap--but she still manages to dress for the occasion. Make-up is something she almost never touches, but she's a soft-toned Korean with a young complexion marred with beauty wrinkles (when she so dares to smile).

    There's something rigid about the way she holds herself, but her mobility is recklessly fluid. She's a perfectionist, a visionary, and an upholder of making people's lives easier even if it means making other lives miserable. She's a self-preserving business woman, a defiant patient, and most importantly, a single mother who wouldn't hesitate to threaten someone's life if it meant protecting her son.
    The Background She had that perfect guy. She had that perfect dream. She had his perfect kisses, his perfect hands, his perfect promises.

    Then came the baby. Then came the accident. Then came the premature C-section, the SCI, the speech about how life didn't end with the paralysis of her legs, the fight to keep her baby.
    The Future June is not a trauma case. She is not depressed, dramatic, dependent, or in denial. She is every other person in the world, with a history darker than what she plays on stage and a fearsome drive to be more than what she's been. Her parenting days are more or less over, her craft of choice is in high esteem and the income is good, but her son is getting married and various things in her life are coming into question.

    Is her life exciting? Did her love life die in high school? Is she cranky becaus
    e--as her soon-to-be daughter-in-law put it--she's an old hag who hasn't seen any action in her bed for almost three decades? What will happen to her independence when she has to name someone new her caretaker? Is she independent to begin with, or has she been relying on her son too much after all? Is she ready to accept new family members? Is she ready to let her son go?

    Is she ready for anything?
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  4. A Special Snowflake

    Name: Locaine Arretty
    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Magical Acrobat
    Vices: Cocky. Falls head over heels for the worst kind of women.
    Quirks: Has a tendency to leave his carnival troupe between cities, but always runs back to it.
    Physical Attributes: 5'7". Toned, lithe muscle build. Cold to the touch. Invulnerable to the cold, body temperature adjusts to heat.
    Abilities: Can freeze liquids and gases. Limited ability to affect solids. Requires certain proximity. Outer skin is organically different and maintains elasticity at freezing temperatures.
    Weaknesses: Outer skin acts as a way of trapping body heat in colder climates, but in the desert, larger amounts of water evaporate from him, making him far more susceptible to dehydration. Same in any situation where he has to battle high levels of heat.
    The Man Lo-lo's got a boyish face that has a hard time growing hair, his head is topped with messy blue-black locks, and a handful of small braids dangle in front of his left ear, beaded and wrapped and jingling with bells at the collar bone. The boy's got stormy grey eyes that glisten like pearls and lips forever frosted with cold air. To top it all off, he's always more or less half-naked and hasn't a single visible hair anywhere but where it's most important. He's a child-like man, a beautiful boy, and every giggling girl's dream.

    He's always dressed for a show. White snowflakes are stamped under his eyes and his nails are painted baby blue. There's a rough-edged see-through sky-blue silk scarf hanging from the back of his neck and his torso is framed by a white vest that only covers the small upper part of his back (just above the points of his shoulder blades) then frills under the arms into long single-cornered capes for his sides, his chest completely free. The abdomen is wrapped down to the waist in a satin periwinkle sash that holds up white cotton pants, nonrestrictive and baggy to the knees then tighter below. His shoes are tan, laced tight and padded for performance, and so are his gloves, braced with flexible leather around the wrists and cut off at the fingers.

    Lo-lo is a highly capable individual, disciplined during rehearsals, a crowd-pleaser during performances, and a show-off in the streets. He's great with kids, loves to make fun of the old and cranky, and sometimes forgets to ask how much it costs to fix or buy something. His biggest problem is that he falls in love at the drop of a hat, and always for the kind of woman that's out of his league, powerful, and sometimes sadistic.
    The Background Lo-lo is an orphan with abandonment issues, with no idea why he was left behind in the streets of a city that was too big and too crowded for a boy of 6 to look for his parents. He was always a terrible pickpocket and his pranks had a tendency to backfire, but he was so strangely cheerful that some local guards took a liking to him and his town-hopping days ended.

    He was taken care of like a stray puppy that ran around in circles when tossed scraps, but those were the happiest days of his life. They ended when he turned twelve, and his body started to grow cold. This came with involuntary effects, such as water freezing on his skin and objects becoming brittle in his hands. Eventually the criminal element took notice and when the guards didn't know how to treat him, he abandoned them for the crowd that was ready to adopt him.

    The underground was a mess of foster homes for Lo-lo as he passed from hand to hand, made worse by puberty and a conscience that he kept trying to bury. Eventually his body settled down and the miniature snow fall stopped following him everywhere. Then he found the love of his life, the daughter of a visiting merchant who sold gemstones. She loved emeralds and crimson velvet, was a whipper of horses and secretly detested all her stepmothers. He bought flowers, stole new clothes, and snuck into the carnival show to see her. Their meant-to-be story never happened, but the antics of an icy teenager getting chased by clowns onto the trapeze act was an unforgettable experience.
    The Predicament Lo-lo doesn't seem to ever take control of his life, and he never grows up. He has a family in the carnival troupe that he knows will never abandon him, but he leaves them whenever they pack up to move all the same. He knows true love will never happen with his choices of women, but he doesn't know how to love anyone else, and certain rejection is all he's ever had anyway.

    But Lo-lo isn't tragic, he's just a little more lost than people give him credit for. He's old enough to know better, but in his heart of hearts he will always be the little boy that became an alley pup.
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  5. She Sets Fire To The Silence

    Name: Tammy Coldridge
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Contract Pyro
    Vices: Short fuse. Selectively repressed.
    Quirks: Always plugged into music. Always moving to music. Deaf.
    Physical Attributes: 5'10". Skinny and lanky with an androgynous torso. Think heroin chic.
    Abilities: Can trigger an adrenaline response almost at will with the right music or with fire.
    Weaknesses: More fragile than she gives her body credit for. Her pain tolerance is almost too high.
    The Silence Tammy is the kind of person that you'd never notice because most of her is hiding under a thick hoodie and cargo pants. Her hands are usually sitting in a kangaroo pouch with her music player of choice, and she prefers extra-high top Converse shoes that crown above the ankles. When she does pull down the hood, she's got dirty blonde hair pulled back into a frizzy ponytail and large hazel eyes that always look like they're staring into space, even if it means looking right through you.

    Tammy wears bilateral cochlear implants that have been heavily customized. Most of her money is spent on those babies, as well as her music players--equally customized. Despite being able to hear clearly--in some cases better than the average person--she prefers to remain deaf to the world and is usually listening to music instead. She rarely turns the music off and the microphone on, even when meeting with employers. Nevertheless, she's a brilliantly skilled lip reader and acutely aware of her surroundings, including vibrations in the air, the ground, or anything she's in contact with.

    Communication with Tammy isn't as hard as you'd think. She never really took to sign language, but if there's pen and paper handy she can write whatever she needs to say. To Tammy, though, verbal language has a tendency to lie while written language is easy to manipulate. Body language is where her comfort zone lies, if she's comfortable enough to care.
    The Noise Tammy was born deaf to a coke addict that made the bad decision of banging her dealer. Her mother never realized that she was deaf, and abused her for being a retard, but Tammy was always good at taking the shopping list to the grocery store. One day the store was being held at gunpoint, and while there were no casualties, the lady owner realized there was something wrong when the little girl went about her business through gunshots.

    The foster home was where Tammy discovered dance. The older kids had a boombox and the vibrations helped her to understand the erratic movements they made. The foster parent saw an opportunity and paid for her dance lessons. It wasn't long before Tammy became a local legend as the deaf girl who could win ballroom tournaments. The money made off her celebrity was used partially to buy her hearing aids so she could be interviewed to make even more money. Then she heard music instead of just feeling it, and suddenly the world of her emotions became a storm.

    Twenty-four hour apathy became intermittent tantrums, and somehow the home was set on fire. Tammy fell in love, then watched the flames die when the firefighters came. Heartbroken, she ran away and never went back.
    The Music Tammy is now a hired arsonist. She will steal, she will terrorize, and she will kill. She has little to no appreciation for people, and even less appreciation for their material possessions. Her career is being an adrenaline junkie and her passion is to dance, whenever and wherever she can, especially if it has the added bonus of learning how others dance.

    The only problem is that Tammy is all alone in the world, and her appreciation for all kinds of music makes it difficult not to dream.

    Oh well. At least she can set fire to the silence.
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