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  1. Callie stared out of the broken glass window of her tattered and beaten home. Or, what she considered it to be. She was forced from her home by the Mechas, sentient humanoid robots that were created to defend the country, but ended up destroying it. Now, every human was in a constant state of peril. The Mechas were after the human race, adamant to make humanoids the dominant race on Earth. Every human they found was either destroyed on spot or taken into custody for brutal torture. All remaining humans had to learn to survive, and quick. Including Callie.

    Hearing a noise behind her, she readied her stun gun. Stun guns are the only weapons that can permanently disable a Mecha, interfering with their core processing system and shutting them down. The gun was also lethal to humans. She looked over the rim of broken glass carefully, bracing herself for an attack. However, she stopped herself when she saw who it was. Lowering her gun and smiling, she stood and looked at the newcomer. "It's about time you showed up." She said playfully.
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  2. gt held up at the brig. It's getting harder to fool the mecha security drones
  3. She smiled sadly. "I know what you mean. They're starting to learn our patterns. Soon enough they'll... Get down!" Callie shouted to her friend, pulling her into the abandoned building. They peered over the window ledge, their weapons at the ready, as they watched a Mecha drone patroll the streets. Callie turned to her companion, smiling slyly. "Watch this." She said confidently. She aimed her gun at the Mecha, which had stopped to investigate a lamppost, and fired a charge at it, causing it to fall to the ground. "Yes! More spare parts to use." She leaped up and walked cautiously over to the fallen Mecha, then picked up the pieces and brought it back to the building, examining the parts.
  4. "Hmmm let's see here, I can make a few modifications and repair Our banged up weapons" Raila pulled out her holochorme. "While I was out I managed to snag a few mecha routes ; we can use them to stay ahead" she said as she took up positon by the window. Her shock Blade at the ready, Callie perferred stunguns they were High artiliry and good for quick take downs. However Raila liked to be up close and personal a battle tactician at heart. Trained by her father who died in the intial Mecha uprisng. Her mother and sisters were taken away and tortured to death leaving her to fend for herself. "Also with my fabulous mechanical expertise I've made a shied attachment for your gun, top that Cal" she said with a smirk.
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  5. Callie laughed at her friend, then finished loading the parts into the abandoned building. "Thanks, Rai. I can always count on your parts. They never fail." Callie plopped the rest of the parts on the floor, careful to make minimum sound as she did so. "So, miss expert, what else can you do with these?" She gestured to the broken parts from the Mecha drone.
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