Live Fund Drive

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  1. So I am sitting here making this post on a mobile device. Not the easiest thing in the world, as I am sure many of you know. Some of you may also know that we are trying to raise money for a mobile app to make forum use on the go a more viable option. Well, even if you can't donate, you can make a difference! Be a part of the live radio show fund raiser! Don't want to go on air? We need off air help, planning suggestions, and writers, too.

    So go to and join up to make a difference in your Iwaku!
  2. This is a last minute call! Should you want to be interviewed or be a host for the live donation drive, please go to the link listed above. We need to know by Sunday night at the very latest if you want to help. An interview will take thirty minutes time, or you and a friend can interview one another for thirty minutes a piece (total of an hour) or you might get a chance to help cohost!
  3. Good evening! We have less than two days until the big Live Radio Donation Drive! We’re going to be providing interviews, entertainment, and quizzes! Those who donate will also be receiving prizes for doing so if they meet certain donation amounts. We hope everyone enjoys this event! We go on air 12am the 26th and will be running continuously til 12am the 27th. Stay tuned for where and how to tune in and how to sign on if you want to take one of the quizzes we will offer!

    Prizes are awarded at the following amounts:

    Five Dollars- A custom name icon. No picture, but a cool graphic with your name or nicname
    Ten Dollars- Two custom name icons OR one drawn icon
    Fifteen Dollars- A custom banner, drawn or designed
    Twenty Dollars- A quick character sketch, in pencil
    Thirty dollars- First Donator to pay thirty gets a special painting by Zen. Others may get a custom character drawing or detailed sketch from Ozzie, Zen, or animal drawing by Kitti
    Forty dollars- A custom colored character drawing by Ozzie or Kitti or landscape by Zen
    Fifty dollars- A custom colored character drawing, Iwaku stickers, a poem about a character of your choice, and a banner
    One hundred dollars or more- A custom RP world for you built by Revision and Iskari