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  1. In mid 14th century, when the world was being stricken with The hundred years war, The black death, and The Italian revolt. There was a war going on that not many knew even existed; a war that could easily change the course of history.

    Aragón had received information on two artifacts that the templars were after; an apple, and a spear. He didn't know why they needed these things but he did know that the Templars would get far without them. Whichever side obtained these two artifacts could potentially win the war, or so he was told.

    Aragón knee he couldn't go about retrieving these artifacts alone, so he set out to find who some said was one of the greatest assassins. Angelo Salvatore. He had some information that gave him a vague idea as to where Angelo would be but the actual locating would be up to him.
  2. The encampment was unprotected, lacking any walls or trenches. Sloppy. The guards were sleeping. Sloppy. Aquila had returned. Sloppy. "Idioti." These poachers were some of the laziest he'd ever seen. Too lazy to stay up in the night to ensure security, too lazy to set up some form of defenses against wild beasts and men, and not alert enough to strike down the soaring eagle who'd followed them for the last six hours. "As if I want you dead, my little Uccello." He scratched her head, before sprinting off through the snow. They never heard him coming until Angelo screamed "Stare in piedi e consegnare, bastardi!" Stand and deliver, bastards! He stabbed the first guard threw the throat with his hidden blade, and took out another with his hand-held crossbow. The others had awakened by now. He pulled out his sword, cloak billowing behind him. He parried a thrust, and chopped off the unlucky guards arm, decapitating the poacher who'd tried to sneak up behind him in the same movement. Angelo threw his hunting knife through the throat of the last guard, and sprinted towards the encampment. The others had heard the commotion, and were just now picking up their bows. Too slow. A quarrel through one heart, a thrust through a throat, and a slash of the hamstrings, followed by decapitation. So sloppy. And he now saw his target. A fenced in area (10 x 10 feet) containing a buck, doe, and fawn. Approaching slowly, Angelo lifted the gate lock and opened the door. The clearly exhausted deer (most likely from attempting to escape unsuccessfully for most of the day) looked startled. He stepped aside from the opening, to make a clear offering of escape. The fawn left first, followed swiftly by its worried mother. The buck exited last, gave Angelo a glance (of gratitude or suspicion, he could never know), and strutted off into the forest after his mate and spawn. Angelo began to raid the food the poachers had brought with them (so long since he had drunk wine, the sweet red of the Vatican Garden grapes), and fed Aquila some of the meat he found. He also found several knives (which he took to compliment his own), a sword (discarded. His was fine), some fine looking coins, a bow and a quiver full of arrows (taken. His crossbow was slow at reloading. A bow was not). He left shortly after, and an hour afterwards arrived at his little cottage set in the middle of the forests. Home, sweet home. He popped open the bottle of wine, took a long draught, ate a loaf of bread, and lounged on his cot. "This is the life, eh Uccello?" Aquila flapped his wings, and gave him a little glare. She agreed, and returned to tearing apart a rat she'd found. Oh yes. This was a life of his own. None of the war. Nothing to worry him. A personal world to himself, to live in harmony with. But they never lasted long, did they?
  3. Aragón wondered apon a camp of (very unlucky poachers. He could see the slash and stab wounds obviously made by an assassin. All wounds over vital areas, nothing else. He found an opened cage that probably contained animals at some point. He then moved on to look of any other clues that could lead him to whoever did this; they were probably the person he needed to find.

    He found that the tracks in the snow were very one sided. The tracks near the dead men showed that none of the men got far at all. One set, probably the Assassin's; were spread out and reached everyone.

    Aragón found nothing more of relevance to him and decided to follow the tracks to see where they lead him. He eventually found a cottage in the middle of the forest. This could either be the assassin or more poachers. Either way, he was ready for both scenerios
  4. He heard the footsteps first. Very quiet, almost indecernible from the gently falling snow outside. A member of the Brotherhood. Or a Templar. They're both incredibly trained. Angelo's blade snicked out of it's holster, and he grabbed his crossbow from the side of his bed. Aquila detected his urgency, and flapped over to her roost on top of the door. Anyone walked in through there, and they'd be faced with her particular feathery fury. He aimed the crossbow, careful to have it lowered to the area where a crouching assassin's heart would be, his blade raised to where the neck would be should they be standing. The footsteps continued, until they were almost outside the door. He heard the doorknob turn. Aquila shook her wings. "A fine day for death, Uccello."
  5. Aragón knocked on the door first, then opened it ever so slightly; his back against the wall next to the door. "Angelo?" He said preparing for an encounter. He wasn't exactly looking for a fight, but he wasn't going to let his guard down. If this man was the assassin Aragón was looking for, he would most likely be hostile toward anyone that he didn't know to be an ally.

    "I'm not an enemy" he said as pushed the door open but kept his back to the wall. He was immediately met with violent squawks and feathers
  6. "Aquila, ritorno. Quest'uomo non è il tuo nemico." Aquila, return. This man is not your enemy. She looked up, talons dug deep into the assassin's hood. Glaring, she promptly shat on the arrivals head, and flew over to Angelo's awaiting arm. He holstered his crossbow and retracted his blade, setting her on the bedpost. "Ah. So a member of the Brotherhood has arrived at last." He fell into his seat. "And what could they possibly want with me?" Aquila began pruning her feathers, the assassin looking uneasily at her. "Ah, you must forgive my dear Uccello. We rarely get visitors, and we are, eh, suspicious of any we do recieve." He leaned forward. "So. Who are you? What could you possibly wish of Angelo Salvatore?"
  7. Aragón promptly removed his hood and looked at the bird disgusted. "I see your welcoming party isn't exactly the most welcoming. Anyway, moving on. My name is Aragón, and I was told that you could possibly help me in a search that I'm currently conducting. I'm sure you are familiar with the apple of Eden, as it is quite a powerful tool"
  8. This got Angelo's attention. Someone finally decided to question what the Mentor of Masyaf had actually used to secure his power over the Brotherhood. It would do them no good. "If you seek the Apple child, you will be sorely disappointed. I have, in all the time I've searched, the Apple de Dio has evaded my eyes. I have sailed from my sweet Rome to the great Istanbul, swam in the Dead Seas, and hounded the Templars for years in my quest." He took a swig from the bottle in his hand. "And where does that get me? I never found the Apple, boy. But, I can tell you something that may interest you." Angelo leaned in close. "I know that you seek what the Apple, and what our Brothers call a 'Spear'. The latter does not exist." The other Assassin looked stunned. "Ah, but your quest is not entirely in vain. I know much you seek. What you call a spear, was in fact a Sword. The Sword of Eden, held by the Greek Perseus to slay the monstrous gorgon Medusa, wielded by the English Arthur to unite the Angles, and the Mongol Khan used it to create one of the largest empires in history. And fashioned to a staff to erase its current wielder from suspicion of ownership." Angelo laughed. "I even know who holds it." He pointed the bottle at the other assassin. "And the Apple. That doesn't mean you'll be able to obtain them so easily." Another swig, only to find the bottle empty. "Accidenti i cardinali! The bottles are always so small."
  9. Aragón didn't entirely believe the man when he said he knew where the spear was, but Angelo was Aragón's best source of information. "If you know where this spear is and you know what it can do, then why don't you have it?" Asked Aragón watching the assassin take a swig of his drink. As for the Apple, I am unaware of its exact location but know someone who could possibly hold information as to its location. I am here simply because I was told you could be helpful during my journey. From what I hear you are a skilled assassin." Aragón thought over everything Angelo had told him. The spear of Eden was actually a sword? How could this be and how had he not known of this?
  10. "I see your incredulity ragazzo. Your spear is not in my grasp because I do not have the strength nor the backing of the Brotherhood. For the Sword of Eden is held in the grasp of Phillip VI, King of the Franks. And the Apple... The Apple we speak of is no threat to anyone." May no one ever come to your home Jacques d'Arc in search of it. "However. In light of you seeking me so humbly ragazzo, I will assist you. But the English and French are at arms, and I fear our own mighty Italia may bear arms with the Templar King Charles against his enemies, merely to spite the Avignon pope." He set down the bottle, stood, an sheathed his blade. "That is our first task, child. We must prevent the Templare from tearing our home apart. But where we go, there is no Brotherhood. The laws of the order are preferences. Innocents will die if need be. We may better serve our purposes in the light than the dark. And our Brothers may fall if they get in our way." Angelo drove that last word home by flicking out his hidden blade.
  11. Aragón thought this over for a moment then flicked his own blade out to show that he understood the terms. He didn't fully agree with everything that Angelo had said but he knew he had no choice. He wouldn't even get close to finishing his objectives without Angelo's help. "Understood" said Aragón looking Angelo straight in the eyes. He watched as the Eagle took its place on Angelo's shoulder.
  12. So the boy was set in his quest. He was strong enough, just from looking at him. The bow slung over his shoulder was well-built, hinting at great archery skills. Angelo personally didn't like it, though he was proficient with ranged weaponry. It seemed dishonorable to him to not have to look in an enemies eyes as you killed them. Thus, he always assassinated from the front, or turned the neck of the target in such a way that the eyes were turned to his as they died. One can never lose sight of their humanity, no matter their duty. "If you insist on your prolonged suicide. Also, I hope you brought horses. It will be a long walk to Rome if you don't, and I'm drunk as hell."

    Rome, three days later.

    The ride had been uneventful (aside from Angelo falling off his horse within the first hour, startling Aquila from her perch). Of course, when the guards try to stop you at the front gate, and you end up being arrested after fighting and slaughtering several dozens of the soldiers, things get interesting. And now they sat in the prison. Aragón had been shooting him looks for hours now. At least the accusations had stopped. Finally, a woman in heavy armor arrived at the door. He hair gleamed black, her skin pale as snow, and eyes like sapphires. Angelo stood. "Bianca, mi amore! How have you been?" This was met with a slap to the face. "Don't you dare speak to me like that, bastardi! I have no time for your rifuti anyway. I've been stuck for most of the day cleaning up evidence of your actions." She paced across the cell. "I'm am seriously reconsidering my affiliation with your little Brotherhood. It has brought me too much agony as is, and my superiors have begun to suspect something is peculiar about these massacres and sudden deaths that all seem to be random."

    "Bianca, dear. You know that I would never do anything to you..."

    "Oh, don't even get me started on that Angelo. This is the last time, the last time that I clean up your mess." She finally noticed Aragón sitting in the corner. "Who's he?" Angelo looked behind him. "Ah, that would be my companion. Aragón Ventorí, meet Bianca Maria Salvatore. She's, uh... My fiancé."

    "Was. After you left me on the altar. Waiting. For a day. I cried for weeks Angelo!"

    "Bah! I was busy. I swore I would return for you, didn't I? And look! Here I am!" She shook her head, sighing. "Ugh! Perdono, Aragón. Come si fa?"
  13. The travel to Rome began as uneventful, then did a complete 360 as both of the men had to cut down quite a few gaurds. This was the first time Aragón got the opportunity to see Angelo's abilities front hand, and was thoroughly impressed. They were going great...then they ended up in prison. "You had one job" Aragón said to Angelo when they first arrived.

    Hours later a woman appeared at their cell door in full body armor. "Bianca, mi amor" he heard Angelo say but was immediately met with a palm to the cheek. Aragón struggled to maintain himself and not laugh. After a short conversation between the two Bianca walked over to Aragón and said "Come si fa?"

    "Sto bene, e tu?"((I apologize if that's incorrect)) He said with a small smile. "You wouldn't be here to get us out of here, would you?"
  14. "That's what I've been doing for years, ragazzo. And I'm long tired of it." She tossed them each a bag, which contained most of their gear, minus Angelo's throwing knives. "Confiscated. I warned you and the Brotherhood long ago. My superiors thought less of me then for being a woman. Now with all of these arrests of citizens, they've been interfering more and more in my affairs." She walked out, leaving the door open. "You have about 10 minutes before the inquisitor arrives to personally arrest you. I'd leave now." They did without any further delay. Bianca lagged behind at the door, opening a locket around her neck. Within lay two painted images: One of Bianca in a fine dress with flowers in her hair; and one of Angelo, grinning like a madman, dressed in his black assassin robes, though they lay more causally, hood down, sleeves up, and the shirt collar pulled aside. "Stay safe, mi amore."
  15. Aragón felt more like himself as he put all of his weapons back into place. His sword on his hip, hidden blades on his wrists, and bow on his back. He was whole again. "You have about 10 minutes before the inquisitor arrives to personally arrest you. I'd leave now." He heard Bianca say, that's all the two men needed to hear.

    "Thank you" he said giving her a polite bow. He noticed a picture in a locket around Bianca's neck. It looked like a wedding day photo with her in a beautiful dress and Angelo in his assassin's robes, but it looked like a made an effort to make the robes look more formal. He gave Bianca a warm smile before heading off, he wanted to be out of there as soon as he could.
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