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  1. ~Verena Poldark~

    *As French is used by this character frequently, I have provided translations at the bottom of every post, indicated by the asterisks

    • • • • • • •
    A bright light surrounds me. Although my eyes are not open, I can feel its warmth, see it through my closed lids. It seems to be getting brighter and brighter, I think, as the light becomes gradually becomes blinding even though my eyes are closed. I squint, trying to block it out, when I notice the heat. What was once a comforting warmth is now burning, licking at my exposed flesh as I scream in pain. I cry for help, but hear no answer. A wail can be heard in the distance, but I don't want to open my eyes to look for the source. I'm afraid at what I might find.

    Suddenly, the pain stops. The light fades, the pain dulls to nothingness and I'm left lying in the dark. A new sensation replaces the torturous heat, my skin prickling with goosebumps as I realize I'm lying on a cold surface, seeming to be metallic by its smooth surface. A few moments pass, and I decide to test something. I lift up my hand, wiggle my fingers, and place it back on the surface gently. I repeat with the other hand, then with my legs and ankles. Everything seems to be working alright, I think. Maybe it was just a dream...yes, that's it. Nothing more than a silly nightmare. Ne vous inquiétez pas vous-même. Ce ne était rien.*

    Coming to this realization, I smile in relief open my eyes, seeing that I was in fact on a metal table. I was also half-naked it seemed, wearing only generic hospital patient scrubs and no shoes. I had two IV's in my arm, and a purple bracelet around my wrist. It had writing on it, but my vision was still slightly blurry, and I couldn't read the small print. Rubbing my eyes with my other hand, I turn to dangle my legs off of the edge of the table. When I opened my eyes once again and examined the other parts of my body. Funny, my skin looks paler than usual. I really need some sun. I chuckle to myself as I look at my arms, then my legs. And what I saw made me open my mouth in awe.

    A large, irregular birthmark stretching all the way down the length of my leg, wrapping around my thigh and calf. It was faded, as if it had been there for a long time, and was shades of pale pink and light brown. I wracked my brain, trying to think of how I'd never noticed it before, but my memory was clouded, and to my distress I realized I couldn't remember, well, anything. Desperately, I tried to find something to cling to, a name or date or anything, but the only thing I could remember was these last few moments and the intense light from my dream. Putting my head in my hands, I tried taking deep breaths to calm down, when there was a knocking sound. Straightening out, I looked up to see the room I was in had a door, and through that door emerged a young scientist. Well, scientist wasn't the right word. He looked too young to be experienced, so an assistant perhaps? I seemed to have drifted off, as he clapped his hands and called a name.

    "M-miss Verena Poldark? Will you come with me please? The doctor will see you now."
    • • • • • • •

    *Ne vous inquiétez pas vous-même. Ce ne était rien. = Don't worry yourself. It was nothing.
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  2. I feel a Pain in my chest, a pain I never had felt before, I breathe heavy, I just see blood on my hands, but not what it cause, not what cause this pain in my chest. I feel myself fall down, closing my eyes.

    Suddenly the Pain is away, I can breath normal like nothing had happened.....Did something happen before? I can't remember really. I touch my chest, but don't find any wounds or something that had caused the blood. So was it just a dream? "Wow....That felt so real." I open my eyes, blinded by the light on the ceiling. "Where....where am I? I'm not at home....or?"

    I look on my arms, seeing the IV's in my right arm. I'm panicking, sitting up and look on my body. "I'm in" I look up and around the room. A moment later I look down on the ground. "What happened" In the corner of my eye I see my hair. I grab a strand of my hair. "I.....I had red hair.....had not I? I.....I can't remember."

    With that I hear a knocking on the door. It tears me out of my thoughts and look up.

    "Miss Lydia Baca? The doctor will see you now."
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  3. Tyler feels himself floating through a dark abyss... he can't open his eyes, but he can tell there is light behind his eyelids. Wasn't he just... Wow, this must be a real high. His pupils dilate in surprise as a chill runs down his spine. He realizes he can feel another... presence... beside him.
    Jeremy has been put under for a while now, and he's just been waiting... waiting for his 'other soul'. He had his own reasons for being a part of this experiment, but he's jolted out of this trance when another being just 'popped' into existence next to him. Jeremy slightly panics, as he feels his own conscious being butted to the side, to allow the new soul to be conscious. Too tight... My head is too tight! But those thoughts, also, begin to fade, and Jeremy allows himself to be pushed to the back of his own mind.

    'Tiger' tries to remember how he got here, what drugs he must have taken to get to this state, but he can't remember anything past... falling asleep. The presence beside him slowly fades, but he knows it's still there. Suddenly, he feels air whipping past him, as if he's traveling at a high speed, and then he just stops. He still can't see anything, but he can hear himself speaking, from very far away. It's just dull, very dull, and he can't make out the words. Then he hears a yell, and then a sudden burst of pain shoots right through him, from his stomach, and he lets out his own cry of pain as it feels like something is tearing his stomach apart!
    'Hawk' travels with 'Tiger' and hears everything he hears. 'Hawk' feels the pain, as well, but can't respond, and hears 'Tiger''s own yell. What was this guy involved with, he wonders, before seeing the light. He retreats to the back to allow 'Tiger', or Tyler, to take over.

    Tyler opens his eyes with a yell, still slightly feeling the tear of his stomach, and he tears off the hospital sheets to see his stomach... but no. It's just a scar...? But it felt so real, he thought. Then, in confusion, he looks around himself. A white-walled room, with bright lights, and a window overlooking a clean, life filled city. Tyler moves to tear off his IVs and heart-monitoring patches before a male voice stops him... a little shit. His eyes widen and he looks around again, but can't see anyone, and thinks sourly, I'm even hearing voices.
    Jeremy sees Tyler open his eyes, still receiving some of the senses Tyler's receiving, and he smiles at that little blessing. He also fully hears Tyler's own thoughts, and tries to chat, but finds he can't do anything. Well shit, he thinks, I can't even talk to this guy? He sees the eyes widen and realizes, with a little jolt of happiness, that Tyler must be able to hear his own thoughts, as well. He hears fully, I'm even hearing voices. No you're not, he quips, but just then a female nurse comes in the hospital room.

    They both hear her when she talks to Tyler. She says, all business, "Tyler Kite? The doctor will see you now." She smiles and removes Tyler's patches and such, and her blonde ponytail tickles his arm as she moves across his body. She helps him stand, offering her elbow to Tyler to help him steady himself, but it turns out he didn't need it. Tyler feels so much more healthy now than he did before, and he thinks, It must be the hospital... Jeremy scoffs and murmurs to himself, Hell no. It's my body, I take care of it.
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  4. Darkness was all Lydia could see and nothingness was laid out before her. She felt like she was floating in an abyss of nothing. She couldn't hear much of anything really until she felt a heaviness pressed against her chest. She woke up with a small cough to blinding white lights. Lydie looked down at her hands which were paler than what she was accustomed to her skin being. That was when out of the corner of her eye she caught sight of fiery red hair and gasped softly as she pulled it and hissed some in pain. It was her hair but this was the body she was designated to for the experiment that she had decided to sign up for. A nurse walked into her hospital room where she sat on the bed in a gown. "Ms. Serina Wilde, the doctor would like to speak with you now." The woman dressed in light green scrubs said to her with a pleasant smile. Lydia nodded and thought to herself, 'My name is Serina now.'
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  5. He regretted it as soon as he agreed to it but by then it was too late. He was too far gone and it was impossible to go back. The last thing he saw was his family. His precious, perfect, loving family. He would never see them again. He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt his body being swallowed up into the abyss. When he opened them again his gaze was met with a bright light and white walls. He was confused for a moment before it all came rushing back to him. Well...Not everything. He remember his agreement and he remembered regretting it. But after that? Nothing. Not a damn thing.

    "Ugh..." He groaned, his body felt like the entire thing was experiencing pins and needles. He gasped then, because his voice was completely foreign to him. A strong, voice surging with energy and life and hope. He struggle to sit up and just then a nurse entered.

    "Mr. Miles? If you would come with me, the doctor will see you now."
  6. Verena? I wondered. Who's that? I tried correcting him with my real name, but found I couldn't even remember that. He cleared his throat, came over to remove the IV's from my pale arm, and handed me a bundle of clothes. He then led me to a room adjacent to the one I was in, and allowed me to change. I was given undergarments, a pair of tight black jeans, black boots, and a red and black plaid shirt which I gratefully put on in place of the hospital gown. The room also had a mirror, and on the way back out to meet the assistant, I took a quick glance. My skin was pale, almost white, and contrasted harshly with my dark attire. My eyes were a dark brown, as well as my hair, and I had relatively other defining characteristics, except for the scar which was thankfully covered by the jeans I wore. Running my fingers quickly through my messy hair before I left, I realized I couldn't quite shake the feeling that although I controlled this body, that it wasn't mine to control.

    • • • • • • •

    Walking with the assistant through the halls of the...laboratory, I guess it was? was an interesting experience. He tried hard to explain, although I wasn't really listening, about what happened to me, how I'd been re-implanted in the body of a teenager because of my recent and tragic death...wait, what? I tried to stop his speaking and ask for some elaboration on the last bit, but it seemed we'd arrived at wherever he was leading me, as we'd stopped abruptly at a metal door. It was large, and contrasted sharply with the white walls and floor tiles. Typing a code into a small numbered panel, the door slid open to reveal a rather plain looking room. A couch sat in the middle of the area, and a few chairs sat scattered around. A simple wooden table stood in front of the couch.

    The assistant gestured for me to walk into the room, and as I did I noticed how high the ceiling was, and that there were two panels high above. I could faintly see movement behind them, and concluded that they were probably tinted windows. I was probably being monitored right at this moment, which both fascinated and creeped me out a bit. Suddenly, the sound of the metal door closing broke my trance, and I realized I had just been closed into this room. Running up to the door and hitting it a few times, I realized the assistant that had led me here wasn't coming back. I took a deep breath. What the hell was going on here? After looking around for a few more moments in a futile attempt to locate another form of escape, I gave up and slumped on the couch. I guess I'll have to wait to find out.
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  7. I look around, trying to see someone else I probably missed, but he meant me...."Lydia Baca? That's not my name, my name is........ehm...." I notice, that I couldn't remember my name, but I was sure it wasn't Lydia Baca. I grabbed the clothes I got from him, whoever it was. I saw him turning around and leaving the room for a moment, gave me time to change quickly. I put on the undies, then a blue sleeveless top, a pair of jeans in royal blue and a pair of black shin high boots with 3 inch heels. To move my body......was felt like I don't control it, but at the same time it feels like I control it, a really strange feeling.

    With that, he came back in, showed me to follow him, with a motion of his hand, so I followed him, not really having a choice either. While he was talking, I look at my hands, moving my fingers, it almost seems like I have a little delay between the 'command' and the actual moving from my hands.....or is that just my imagination? I shake my head. 'It was just a dream.' I tried to convince myself, but still pondering why I have black hair.

    We soon reach a door, which I almost run against, because of me, lost in my thoughts. I stop in front of the door, seeing him almost giggle while he opens the door with a....code? I shrug and walk in, looking around seeing, chairs, a table in front of a couch and someone else? 'Nah that isn't the doctor.' I hear the door shut and look behind me, then back at the girl which is sitting on the couch. "Ehm......Hi there.....I guess you are also here, cause the doctor called you?"

    (Don't know if the last part is ok, if not I will change it.)
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  8. Lydia-Serina nodded and noticed that there were clothes setting out on the bed for her; how could she not have noticed those before. She got out of the hospital bed and the nurse just stood there staring at her waiting. Serina grabbed the undergarmets that sat on top of her new clothes and put them on quickly; the nurse's stare was creeping her out. She grabbed the dark wash blue jean and slid them on over her legs and zipped them up. She noticed the shirt was red with white lace overlay. Shrugging she pulled it on and then sat down grabbing one of the red converse and pulled it on tying it quickly and did the same with the other. She stood up and followed the nurse who lead her down the hallway trying to explain some things to her but Serina was not paying attention to what was being said her mind was still wandering. The nurse stopped in front of a door and opened it and practically shoved Serina inside, clearly that nurse was not about patient care at all.
  9. Tyler silently took the clothing from his nurse, giving a small smile and nodding in thanks. He walked to the small bathroom and closed the door behind him, hearing the nurse exit the room to wait for him. Tyler took a good look at himself in the mirror; to say he was shocked is an understatement. His mouth hung open as his eyes widened to better look at himself. His face -- it was certainly different? As in, he didn't look small, pale, and sickly anymore. There was a glow in his now bright blue eyes, his muscles were actually developed, and he actually felt a lot better! He smiled and posed, feeling a thrill comparable to the first hit.
    Jeremy whistled when Tyler smiled at the Nurse, giving his own teasing smile, only to have it fade because he realized that no one could see it. He looked at his own reflection, chuckling as Tyler appraised his own face. He actually burst out laughing when Tyler begun to pose, amused at the other soul within him.
    Get over yourself! You'll get used to it.

    Tyler paused, letting his arms drop to his sides, and he looked deep into his eyes in the mirror. Thinking hard, he asked himself,
    Who are you? What's happening here - Why am I hearing another voice? And... why do I look so different? I mean, I feel fine, I see fine, I'm even smelling fine. But... for every surface I touch, I feel it twice; for everything I look at, I see double! Why - WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?
    Jeremy was surprised, and simply stated,
    Who are YOU?
    He was satisfied with a look of shock on his face, and he continued,
    You're in MY body, bucko, and I'm not giving it up that easily.

    Tyler was dumbfounded, looking away from his own eyes sheepishly, and kept quiet as he put on the clothing, silently admiring his new muscles. He stretched his legs into a pair of plain black jeans, then put his arms through the sky-blue T-shirt, putting on a black jacket on top of that. Kneeling down, he tied on his white sneakers, completing the look. He went through this in a haze, thinking about things.
    How in the world did I end up in another body? This isn't even real, I bet -- just a true trip. I'll wake up soon...
    Jeremy allowed Tyler to have his space, it was a lot to adjust to... even for himself. It was weird to watch yourself, though not be able to control your body. It was as if all control was taken away from him, and he was just a puppet for a person he didn't even know. But somehow, it was like -- like he didn't even care. He might has well have been asleep. He wondered himself if this was just a dream... but no, he's been preparing for this for a couple weeks. He can handle a bit of confusion, right?

    Tyler hesitantly left the bathroom, stuffing his hands deep down in his pockets and slouching. He heard a scoff from his 'roommate' as he exclaimed,
    Hey, don't make me look bad! Straighten up!
    Tyler immediately lifted his chest up, a look of bewilderment crossing his face. He would never do this, usually! He blushed slightly as he realizes he was just told what to do and he followed it so quickly. He kept looking up, though, and exited the room looking confident.

    The nurse was waiting for Tyler, perking up as soon as Tyler left his confines. She stated,
    "Please follow me."
    Tyler nodded dumbly, one corner of his mouth twitching upwards.
    Shut up...
    Oh you know I'm not going to do that, Idiot.
    Tyler conceded, fuming at this other presence he didn't even know the name of.
    I have a name, you know.
    Oh, and what's that, Idiot?
    Quit calling me that!
    Fine... Baka. (Idiot in another language... maybe Japanese? >.<)

    The nurse was silent as she led Tyler through twisting hallways, sensing that this was probably a lot to go through. She opened the door for him, smiling professionally as she requested,
    "Please wait in here."
    Tyler nodded again, saying quietly,
    The nurse smiled wider, having finally gotten a verbal response from her patient. She left to do other business as Tyler let himself inside.

    Tyler heard the door lock behind him, and he whipped around to see it bolting itself shut. He slowly backed away from it, then looked around himself, only to realize there were 3 other people, all girls. Faking a cocky smile, he asked in a derisive tone, not really pointing the question toward anyone as he looked around,
    "Where's the doctor?"
    Tyler was surprised at his own voice, pausing to analyze it. He was constantly amazed by this healthier body...
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