Little White Lies (A battle of two bands)

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  1. Little White Lies
    ::An epic Battle of two Bands::

    "Date you? Who would ever want to date you Katrina? You're a loser, a pathetic, girly, loser." His words cut though her mind like a dagger. The words still rang fresh in her mind, as if it was only yesterday. The sad truth of the matter was that these words, these cruel harsh words, were spoken only 9 years prior. The word loser still sent shivers down her spine, and made her feel like she was only 10 inches tall. Lost in her dark and dreary past, Katrina sat at her desk, staring blankly out the window. The trees dropping there leaves as the cold winds rustled though them. It was a dark day, almost as dark as Katrina felt.

    That day had been such a long time ago, but still filled her heart with anger, hate, and rage. The constant bullying and harassment, the many tears that had fallen from her blue eyes, the blood that ran from the scars on her wrists were all constant reminders of why she hated her neighbor. Drake, Drake Beckingham. That was his name, her ex best friend, almost lover, and still today her neighbor. Drake was, in her eyes, a complete and utter bastard. The boy had constantly mocked her ever since the day she had so bravely asked him to be her boyfriend in the 3rd grade. Not only had he said no, but made sure the entire class made fun of her. And so, for the next 6 years the teasing and harassment went on. So you see, Katrina had a reason to hate him, and made it her life goal to beat him in everything she could, to crush his soul.

    That's why she had started a band to challenge Drake's band. Her band, Vixens and Vices, an alternative rock band that consisted of about 7 people including herself. Vixens and Vices was her baby, she spent every waking second thinking about music, lyrics, beats for new songs for the band. It had been established shortly after their main rivals, We the Anachrists, had been formed by none other then the main asshole himself, Drake. At first Katrina had only started the band to be a pain in Drakes ass, but after a while realized they weren't only good together, they were great. And that was a whole year ago.

    The sudden ringing of the bell shocked Katrina right out of her rage filled thoughts and she sighed as she looked down at the empty sheet of note book that lay in front of her. She'd been having the hardest time coming up with songs lately and it was starting to really piss her off. Angrily, she started doodling a picture of her standing on top of a crying Drake as she held a trophy entitled "World's Best Band". Content to continue her drawing, she probably would have if not for the afternoon announcements, one in particular. "Do you have an awesome band? Do you love performing for crowds? Are you interested in getting the chance to record your music and have it played on the radio?" "Yes yes YES!" Katrina thought to herself as a smile spread across her face as she continued to listen. "Well then come on down after school and sign up for the school's Battle of the Bands competition for the chance to battle it out and win a recording deal!"

    This was it! The chance they'd been waiting for to show those no good Anarchists who the better band really was at this school. Katrina could hardly contain herself as the dismissal bell rung and she ran out of class and to the commons of the school where already a few people were signing up for the battle of the bands. Katrina knew she should have asked the others what they though of it but she didn't care. Hell, she'd perform as a one woman band if he had to, anything to beat Drake once and for all. She would just have to ask them tonight at practice.

    Katrina's happy thought were soon interrupted by the horrendous sight in front of her as the devil himself was at the table. She frowned, her eyebrows pushed together in an angry expression as she marched over to the table, her black boots hitting the ground with a loud "Thud" every time. "Excuse me is this where I sign up?" She asked in her sweetest tone of voice. This was there chance to shine, and boy would they. Neatly printed on the sign up list was now the words "Vixens and Vices" and Katrina gave a cocky smirk, paying no attention to the asshat beside her.
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  2. "Well look here, Misses Pettyfer... I couldn't give less of a shit what you think! It's MY turn to take Mr. Fluffykins home!"
    "I don't like your attitude, young la- ..Oh my God, Mirabelle! Put those down RIGHT NOW!"
    "Hehe.. Sorry, Ms. Pettyfer.. No can do~!"

    And that had been 'Mira's last conversation before her suspension from Southern Delaware's School Of The Arts, though, she had no recollection of it. Unlike one of her extra personalities that she still hardly believed was real, despite the fact they existed explaining so much. Then, as per usual, it was out of state and off to a new town. Though, that had only been the tip of the iceberg as far as the problems Mira's DID had caused her. As she stared blankly at the English teacher, Miss Jefferson, she tried to keep her attention on the lesson.

    "Mirabelle, it's time for school. Hurry up, now, you don't wanna be late for your first day!"
    "..But mom.. I don't wanna go. I'll.. I'll only screw it all up again.."
    "Oh, sweetie.. Don't think like that! Everything will be just fine."
    "Whatever you say, mother.."

    -Later that day-

    "B-Belle.. Wh- What are y-you g-gonna do with th-that..?"
    "Look, Bradley.. It's not Belle. It's Amaria. As to what I'm gonna do with this.. Well, I'm sure you'll have a blast finding out.. Heh, get it? A blast?"
    "Look, Mira.. I- I dunno what I d-di-"
    "SHUT. UP. We both know DAMN WELL what you did.. And now? You're gonna pay."
    "Mira, I- I'm s-s-sorr-"
    "It's too late for that, now.. Bye bye, Brad!"

    Mirabelle shuddered visibly, taking a deep breath. 'Easy, Belle... We're okay.' She shook off the random guilt that flared up in her, with no reasoning she could recall for it. Then, the announcements came on, and she listened eagerly. Her face lit up at the mention of the battle of the bands. And, the second the bell rang, she was out of her seat and slinking down the hallway towards the signup table. However, the mention of the battle of the bands triggered another memory;

    Belle, to anyone else's surprise, had no recollection of how it'd all happened... How she'd been curled up, shaking, in that pathetic little ball. She'd been violated, again, and her tears wouldn't stop. It was then she remembered that she managed to crawl to her garage, pulling herself onto her drum stool. And then, she had started to play. It was a steady, almost depressing beat; made to match her mood. That was when she had gotten a text message from her old best friend, Wade. He had been coming over to see if she wanted to play some video games, and had overheard her drumming. He immediately demanded she join a band, and discreetly signed her up for 'We The Anarchists'. Thus, how she had ended up in the band, music-making her only thing pushing her to go on, despite the fact all she knew was that she woke up one day; got a text from someone she thought had been a total stranger, asking her to come over for band practice. She had gone, cautiously, and had befriended the other members fairly quickly.

    She watched the crowd at the signup table quietly, contemplating approaching. However; she decided to stick to watching from a distance, due to her dislike of crowds. Besides.. It looked like Drake had it covered.


    "Ooh! Ooh!! Pick me, Mister Thompson!" Bloodrayne exclaimed eagerly, waving her hand through the air ecstatically. The choir teacher sighed with a faint smile, adjusting his glasses. "Fine, alright.. Yes, Miss Dracovitch?"

    "Well, you see, si-" Before Bloodrayne could go into one of her long, boring speeches on the history of music, the girl was cut off by the announcements. There was many a sigh of relief when this occurred, but Bloodrayne's shoulders sagged with disappointment. Blast. With a pout, the blonde reluctantly shrugged her backpack over her shoulders. However, soon enough, her face lit up with excitement. Battle of the bands? Radical! She'd have to go talk to Katrina, pronto! "Mr Thompson, wh-"

    "NOT NOW, BLOOD," her classmates chided in a multitude of groans. Sheepishly, the girl shrunk back in her seat and apologized. While the announcements drug on, she found herself falling into memories..

    "What am I supposed to do, Aunt Joy..? I can't just live here for free, and not a single business has replied to any of my job applications! Mom and dad are long gone, and-.."
    "Sh, child.. All is well. I'm sure you'll find something-"

    Bloodrayne's aunt trailed off as the two passed a telephone pole. Err.. Bloodrayne's aunt did. However; Bloodrayne had locked her gaze on a poster taped onto the pole, eyes twinkling.
    "Aunt Joy! Look!! Here's what I'll do! I can join the.. Vixens and Vices!" Blood had exclaimed with pride. Before her aunt could even reply, the girl had taken off, headed to audition. And, luckily for her, she'd been accepted and has been playing for them ever since.

    Pulled out of that memory by the class bell, Blood happily dashed out of the room. Her enthusiasm was obvious; and she couldn't wait to sign up. Now; where was Katrina..?
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  3. Krim stared aimlessly, his eyes wandering around the classroom searching for something to hold his attention, something to distract him. The teacher was going on and on...and on about what he didn't know anymore. School had become a place he no longer felt compelled to go to, his drive and ambition had been redirected toward the band. It had just been a few years since he became a member of "We the Anarchists", the day that music jolted him back to life from the shallow grave he was digging himself would stick out in his mind on even the darkest of days. The depression he was going through prior to joining the Anarchist was sure to be the death of him; His sisters sudden death was weighing heavy on him and his resolve faltered. He decided he would put an end to it, no excuses. he didn't have anyone to leave behind so he could put himself out of his own misery with no regrets. he remembers standing on the corner of the busy New York street, biting his lip as he saw the bus approach. His heart raced and his nerve endings were on fire as he prepared to take his life. He took a step and before he knew it he was being slammed against a wall. He thought the bus had hit him at first, and that somehow he had managed to survive, which would just prove that suicide would just be another thing that apparently he couldn't get right. "You fucking idiot!" he heard scream from in front of him, he raised his head and saw a boy looking down at him with a fierce gaze and wicked expression "what the hell do you think you're doing!". The boy grabbed krim by the collar dragging him to his feet "i should kill you just for attempting something that stupid..." . Krim was filled with shock and fear, he didn't know what to think, there were too many questions running through his mind and not enough answers. "why...why did he save me?!" he thought, he was nothing to this boy, didn't even know his name. But for some reason, even through all the questions he had, krim couldn't take his eyes off of the boy. It was as if being in his presence demanded a certain...respect. "maybe i won't kill you after all...the way I see it I saved your life, and you owe me one!" the boy continued on " my name is Drake Beckham, and your life belongs to the only one who tells you if you've got the right to end it or not, got it?".

    and ever since that day, krim would follow drake to hell and back if it was what he wanted. Drake was rough on him the first few months but eventually they both became very close friends confiding in each other about their personal demons. And when drake decided to take his anger and merge it with krim's to form a band that would share their rage and pain with the world he never questioned whether or not they would make it to the top. since then Krim's life has greatly improved...the people he's met, the love he's shared..

    krim would be awakened from his trip down memory lane as a sharp pain hit his cheek, as he winced and looked around he saw the usual bullies snickering, whispering back and forth with each other. He looked down at the paper projectile that hit his face opening it up, and of course the usual "die faggot" accompanied by a crude drawing of him bent in some obscene position with numerous objects shoved up his...well ya know. He sighed balling the sheet of paper up folding his arms and laying his head down beginning to scan the classroom once again. Krim's gaze eventually met Katrina, she had been staring down at her notebook the entire class but now she was alert and her eyes were filled with a certain flare. Krim would soon realize that the daily announcements were on and , as he listened he understood why Katrina was so fired up. " the battle of the bands" that were being held by the school, no doubt Katrina saw the perfect opportunity to gain a victory over drake as their rivalry would no doubt go down in history and be the stuff of legends. Krim shared a small sweet smile with himself as he admired Katrina very much, her band "vixens and vices" was a real up and comer and he loved their music, although he could never tell her he was also positive that she didn't need anyone to tell her in the first place. Krim had known about the event for some time as a friend of his who works as a student aid in the office told him a few weeks ago. As he watched her jump up and race out of the room he knew exactly where she was headed, and exactly who she would find when she got there. Krim stood up collecting his things and wrapping his headphones back around his head beginning to head out of the class. His books would be knocked out of his hands before he could make it two feet and as he knelt down to quickly retrieve them he would be kicked by a few members of the basket ball team and laughed at as the rest of the class walked over, and around him. His face would express a deep hurt that he would quickly shake off along with the dirt of the floor as he once again picked himself up and headed out into the hallway looking forward to the last bell even more.

    ((hope thats ok, night all :) ))
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  4. Liona Arielle Stone

    The branches of the trees gently tapped on the glass of the window as a cold wind blew by, sending the colorful leaves of the trees descending to the ground. Her soft almost Snow White hair flowed onto her pillow as she quietly slept, with memories of the past replaying in her mind. She opened her eyes revealing her gelid blue eyes to the dimly lit room as salty tears silently flowed like rivers as they fell down her cheeks. She slowly sat up and covered her eyes with her small left hand and breathed slowly to slow the tears. She count to ten and ceased crying, the teen dried her weary eyes and dropped her hand back to her side. Her crystal clear blue eyes wandered over to the window as she saw the trees branch knocking on the thick transparent glass. She removed herself from her bed and simply strolled through the silent house to get to the restroom. She was the only one home....

    After disappearing into the restroom for 15 minutes, the blonde emerged from the bathroom with her soft creme colored towel as her long wavy hair draped over her shoulders as water dripped from the wet blonde strands. She walked into her bedroom and slipped on a outfit in 5 minutes and was out the door. She exited the house and entered the icy Autumn breeze of New York that bitterly nipped her nose as her boots clacked along the pavement. Her motorcycle was parked further up the block of the street and that's exactly where she was headed. She slipped her keys out her bag as she approached the vehicle. Moments later her helmet was on and she was racing down the block as her blonde streaks peeked out of the helmet and danced through the air. A gloomy day it was in deed as the dark luminously eerie clouds moved in from above softly crying tears of the pain of their pasts soon to become wailing children as the lions roar of thunder rumbled in the distance while the tears fell the ground with a hard solid Plop. Meanwhile she was already racing inside the massive facility as her heels hit the ground with a solid clack with step she took.

    She entered the schools hallway with her soft blonde hair clinging to her face as the waves naturally fell like soft ocean currents on a sunny day. She wore no makeup other than the deep raspberry red lipstick that stained her lips. She strode towards her locker as her quietly mysterious aura set in and her blue eyes seemed to almost be grey as she headed towards her locker. She had arrived late to school hoping it may relieve her of her boredom but, she made a wrong decision for the girl was bored already. In the next few moments the girl opened her locker grabbed her drumsticks and dropped her helmet in the locker before heading to her 4th period class as she made a new beat with her drumsticks as she headed down the hall. School was boring but it was a breeze to get straight A's and not do shit. She continued her journey to class in a cool and laid back manner...

    She didn't even notice that school had ended by the time she woke up from her 3rd nap of the day. The first class she had she continued to practice drumming, she made it through the rest of the day by reading her eyelids while listening to music. She gathered up her things and silently listened to the announcement. When she heard a few of the students talking she took the liberty of punching one of them in the nose while saying a simple,

    "Shut the fuck up you bitch I want to hear this."

    Her eyes were cold and dark causing the boy not to dare comeback at the girl in fear that next time she may do worse damage. After witnessing the event the others locked their lips until the announcement about bands were over. After hearing the announcement the girl smiled and stuffed her hands into her pockets as she left the room knowing that Kat was probably already off signing up the band for the Battle of the Bands...

    ((Hope this is good enough for a opening post for Liona))
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  5. "Date you? Who would date you? Who would ever want do date you Katrina? You're a loser, a pathetic,girly,loser."
    Those words kept going through his mind, He has always regretted those words,Why? why would we have done that, He was young and stupid, the words shot through his mind, like sharp led shooting through his head. It was a while since that moment happened, And he still regretted it, Kat through hell, He missed her, They were best friends, The closest, He was an idiot for doing so.

    He sat at his desk, his head on his desk and arms folded around it. He ignored everything the teacher has been teaching, Then his ears spected as an announcement came on, "Do you have an awesome band? do you love performing in crowds? Are you interested having your song on the radio? Well then come on down after school and sign up for the school's Battle of the bands competition for a chance to battle it out and win for a record deal!"

    His head bobbled up when he heard the announcement, He was shocked, and extremely happy,"I could finally get a record deal!" Drake said As a grin shot on his face, he put his books in his case and walked towards the door "Mr. Bechingham classes are still going" He felt humiliation as his teacher said those words, he walked back to his seat and sat down, he rested his cheek on his palm and arm.

    When the bell finally rung, He didn't care about his class mates and teacher, He put his books back in his bag and ran to the door, he opened it and ran through the door way, He ran passed the locker and immediately stopped at his, he pushed the back pack in his locker and closes it, He kept running as he found the table for the sign ups.
    He ran to the table.

    When he approached the table, He saw his ex best friend and rival, He gave a blank stare as he waited for his turn, a couple seconds before katrina had started, He was up. He grabbed the clip board as his long time rival made a fake grin, He signed his bands name We the Anarchists
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  6. Kara sat in World History, bored out of her mind. There was only so much you could do confined to a desk, pretending to be listening. She couldn't even pull out a book without getting a lecture from her teacher, which would send her over the edge. Reaching her hand discreetly into her backpack, she pulled out an iPod, and slipping the headphones under her shirt and into her ears, the cord was completely hidden by her clothes and long, brown hair. Checking to make sure the teacher was still focused on her lesson and not her, she pressed play on her device, listening to the music flood her ears and closing her eyes in content. This was how she had made it through school for the few months school had been in session, and it was almost too easy to deceive the clueless teacher. She never got called on in class anyway.

    Flipping through her music under the table, she almost didn't hear the end-of-the-day announcements come on, but the person behind her tapped her shoulder. Pausing her music, she turned to the boy, a scowl on her face. "What?" she said, annoyed. The kid only rolled his eyes, used to her hostility. "Thought you'd want to hear this. They're talking about bands. You're in..." the boy was shushed when Kara pressed her finger to his mouth, shutting him up. "Do you have an awesome band? Do you love performing for crowds? Are you interested in getting the chance to record your music and have it played on the radio?" Kara listened to the announcements, a rare smile on her face. "Um, obviously?" she said sarcastically, although the excitement was evident in her voice. Facing the speaker eagerly, she listened in to the rest. "Well then come on down after school and sign up for the school's Battle of the Bands competition for the chance to battle it out and win a recording deal!" Kara's cocky smirk turned into a genuine smile as she bounced in her seat, giddy with excitement. She would tell her parents about this later. They would be so thrilled to hear the news. She hoped her sisters had a cheer thing that day so they wouldn't show up. Not that they would anyway.

    When she was little, Kara forced herself to compete in pagents and cheer and the like to gain her parents approval, to be more like her younger sisters, who they favored over her. Not only did it blow up in her face, she was hospitalized for it, and vowed from then on to do only what she wants, and most certainly not just because her parents said she had to. Shivering at the memory, she focused on the band instead, the image of her 13 year old self, literally just skin and bones, staring at her in the hospital mirror, pushed far back into her mind. She replaced it with a new image, of her and the rest of the members of her band, Vixens and Vices, after playing their first show. Adrenaline rushed through her veins, and she felt a surge of confidence that propelled her to the sign-up paper right after class, shoving through a large crowd of people around the paper.

    Scanning the list quickly with her brown eyes, she saw many names of bands she had never heard of, as well as her own. She smiled. She could see Katrina sneering a few feet away and knew she had written down the band. Kara's own smile was replaced with a frown when she saw the reason for the girl's bad attitude. A few lines under Vixens and Vices was We the Anarchists, written in careful handwriting no doubt by the band's lead singer Drake, who was also standing a few feet away. Kara made her way over to Katrina, smiling. "This is so cool! We need to talk about this at rehearsal tonight." she said, then gestured at Drake. "...and about that. Why would they even bother signing up? They know we're gonna win, so why even try?" Kara didn't even mention the other bands, knowing We the Anarchists was going to be their only real competition. In all honesty though, WTA wasn't all that bad, but still definitely not as talented as V&V. Although, opinions differed depending on who you asked.

    Gauge sat at his desk in Math, his eyes only half open as he paid more attention to the clock than the lesson. Picking up his pencil, he continued writing in his notebook, not taking notes but rather coming up with song lyrics. Well, trying to at least. He was having a pretty hard time of it, finding it difficult to gather inspiration from the Pythagorean Theorem. After a few minutes, he put his pencil down in frustration. He stared at his paper for the rest of the period, relieved when the final announcements came on. "Do you have an awesome band? Do you love performing for crowds? Are you interested in getting the chance to record your music and have it played on the radio?" "Hell yes!" Gauge yelled, standing up in his desk excitedly. The teacher scolded him, but he didn't listen. He was more than used to getting in trouble. "Well then come on down after school and sign up for the school's Battle of the Bands competition for the chance to battle it out and win a recording deal!" Gauge smiled wide, then ran out of the classroom before being dismissed to go sign up for the Battle of the Bands.

    His parents would be so glad to hear the news. After managing his band, We The Anarchists, for a few years now, his parents had been so proud and supportive. He basically grew up on rock and concerts, so his parents were more than pleased to see he was following in their reckless footsteps. They didn't even care that his grades weren't that good. They found him a tutor, and told him as long as he kept up with school, he could keep running the band. Although, the only problem was his tutor. Sure, she was beautiful, and smart, and loved music, but she was on the opposing band, Vices and Vices. Gauge and Liona, his tutor, had gotten to be pretty good friends, but their bands had been competing for years, and no doubt were they signing up for this battle, too. Gauge smirked. "Like Hell they'll win." he muttered under his breath, picking up the pace toward the audition paper.

    He was met with a huge crowd, and he made his way through it effortlessly. Most people moved out of his way automatically, as he was pretty intimidating, and he got to the paper in no time. But when he reached it, he saw We The Anarchists was already signed. Gauge looked up and found Drake, the lead singer in his band, was standing a few people away, and knew he had signed it. He made his way over. "Thanks for signing up man. I know we don't have rehearsal today, but could you come over today for an emergency meeting? We need to talk Battle of the Bands." Gauge told Drake as he pulled out his phone, texting everyone on the band to meet him at his house later that afternoon for practice.

    Putting his phone away in his pocket, he looked around and saw Katrina and Kara, two members of Vixens and Vices, the band Liona was on. He smirked and walked over. "So, battle of the bands, huh? You guys aren't worried you're gonna get beat too bad? I figured things like these weren't your style." he taunted, looking over the three for a reaction. Even though he was friendly with Liona, he didn't have to be nice to her band-mates.
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  7. Bloodrayne, as soon as she had spotted her bandmates, was at their side. "Hey, Kat! Kara! Did you guys sign us up, yet!?" the blonde asked excitedly, peering over her bandmates' shoulders in attempt to catch a glance. Her eyes lit up when she saw that they had been signed up, and she practically bounced with excitement. "Yes! I can't wait! We've gotta get a rehersal set up, ASAP! I'll start practicing as soon as I'm home!" she exclaimed excitedly, this sort of display unusual of the typically shy and quiet young girl. "Oh! And b'fore I forget.. I wrote up a new song I'll have ta show you guys. It's nothing great, but hey, it's something."


    After a bit of slinking through the slowly diminishing crowd, Mirabelle finally managed to find her way to her fellow band members; Gauge, Drake, and Krim. One of her rare smiles lit her face as she popped up, seemingly out of nowhere, amongst them. "Aye, guys.. So, if I've heard correctly; you losers are ready to take on the repulsive V&Vs? 'Cause one thing's for sure; there's no possible way they'll prosper," she stated confidently; something fairly rare of the drummer. "I mean... C'mon! How could they beat our awesome manager, our suave singer, our lethal guitarist, and our not-dreamy drummer?" she remarked playfully, poking each fellow member with her drum sticks at mention of them. Though to most it didn't seem like it, it would be obvious to her friends she was excited; something rare of her.

    ((I believe Krim is with We The Anarchists. XD))
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  8. The sky was blue today. Sighing inaudibly against the palm of his hand, Mason leaned against the window sill, not caring that the grime smeared on the glass was sticking to his hair. Well, my hair’s dark-colored anyways. Doesn’t really matter. But yes, the sky was strangely vibrant today. Perhaps it was because there were no clouds? Or maybe it was just the brightness of the sun that gave the sky its cerulean color. Chewing on the cap of his pen, Mason frowned at a child that skipped down the sidewalk, blithely unaware of the impending hell that was high school. He glanced back down at his unopened notebook, then placed his pen between his upper lip and nose, absentmindedly pushing the plastic back and forth in front of his face. 26 minutes till the bell. Shoving his chair back, Mason abruptly stood up and made his way to the pencil sharpener on the corner-counter of the classroom.

    “Please remain in your seat, Mr. Decker; you’re interrupting the lesson.”

    Mason held up the pen. “I was just gonna sharpen this. The ink won’t come out.” General laughter from the class. Rocking back on his heels, Mason silently waited for his classmates to settle down. Mr. Burkem didn’t seem amused, either. After returning to his desk and grabbing his stuff, Mason retreated to the tranquil silence of the hallway in order to ‘reflect on his inappropriate behavior’. He spent the remainder of the period amusing himself by chipping off the gray-green gum that stood as a somber sentry to the vents of someone’s locker. Finally managing to dislodge the enemy unit with a ferocious combo strike of his pen-blade, Mason smiled triumphantly and checked his wristwatch. 19 minutes until the bell. He knelt down on the tiled floor and patted the vanquished mint-guardian reassuringly. It had been an epic battle; but of course he, the villain, would prevail. They always did in real life. A shadow passed fleetingly over Mason’s face, turning his expression dour and mildly bitter.

    The sudden sound of static from the school intercoms crackled through the empty hallway he was seated in. He lifted his head, momentarily mesmerized by the sound that skittered along the rows of dull, metal lockers like a bright bolt of auditory electricity. I wonder if this texture of static is replicable on a stereo. If it wasn’t, it meant he’d have to splurge his allowance on an old intercom system. He wondered where he could find a set with the same model and wiring as his school’s. Being preoccupied with the experiments he was playing out in his mind, Mason almost missed the actual announcement.

    "Do you have an awesome band? Do you love performing for crowds? Are you interested in getting the chance to record your music and have it played on the radio?" No. No. Definitely no. Frowning concernedly, Mason felt a gradual, ominous sense of premonition. “Well then come on down after school and sign up for the school’s Battle of…” He ignored the rest of the announcement, since he now knew exactly where he wasn’t going to be this afternoon. The common’s room. Mason didn’t want to ‘battle’, or whatever the hell it was that required an ‘awesome band’. It was laughable to consider the group he was in as even a ‘mediocre band’; they were just a motley crew of temperamental teens that wandered aimlessly behind a girl that couldn’t admit that her bitter rivalry was a testimony to the lingering feelings she still had for whatever poor sap she was targeting. Pausing just on the precipice of his sardonic rant, Mason sighed and slowly got up off the floor. I suppose I'll have to go home and tune up my bass.

    There was no doubt that HE didn’t want to participate in this competition. But it was even more obvious that he’d have to anyways; Katrina was the band lead, after all. “Why did I even bother with being born…?” He shouldered his backpack and tucked his pen behind his ear, resigning himself to a future cratered with frantic rehearsal times.
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  9. Liona Arielle Stone

    She made her way over to the sign-up desks where her icy blue eyes spotted a few of her bandmates together. Her buddy Gauge, by whom was the manager of her bands rival, confronted the girls. The blond overheard every word that left Gauges mouth and so she took liberty of kicking him in his ass hard enough whereas he'd get the point not to talk trash he knows isn't true but not hard enough whereas she would break the heel of her new boots.

    "Wow G. I didn't know you knew how to speak my native language especially after that horrific grade you received on last weeks English test."

    She teased out of spite after his rude comment. Her sharp bitter words weren't done yet. Yes, the boy was one of her good friends, but, there were days like today when he needed to be put in his place.

    "Omg! I would love to see things from your point of view Gauge! But it's too bad, I can't shove my head that far up my ass. Oh and keep talking! Maybe if you do you'll become intelligent!"

    She smiled and spoke in a kind tone before clearing her voice and continuing,

    "Roses are red, violets are blue, I have five fingers and oh guess what my middle ones for you!"

    She counted the five fingers of a single hand and stuck up her middle finger with a smile before reverting back to her normal laid back self as she relaxed her cheek muscles and finished things off by saying,

    "Now that that's out my system Gauge, how many times have I asked you to stop spitting such bullshit to my bandmates about your band being better than ours. You may be my friend but their is NO way I'm going to stand here and listen to such garbage. So if your done getting embarrassed I recommend you cut the shit."

    She finished with her normal indifferent face as she crossed her arms and stared up at her friend for but a moment more with her ice cold eyes. She turned to her fellow bandmates and said,

    "Sorry you had to hear that utter nonsense. But on other matters when are we gonna meet up with rehearsal again?"
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  10. Krim rested his back agiainst the walls of the office as he snapped off another pice of the vanilla candy bar he was enjoying while he watched the festivities. In all likelyhood the two bands who had the highest chance of winning the "battle of the bands" had all somehow ended up in the same place. He silently watched as both sides bit chunks out of each other, somewhat friendly rivalry but there was more beneath the subtle surface of everyone's aggressive exteriors. Kats blatant smirk was hiding her mixed emotions, raynes oblivious persona ignoring the fact that the anarchists were even in the room only showed how far she had thought ahead of not displaying how sure she was that to beat them in the battle, she and the vixens would have to try...hard. Krim sighed shaking his head smiling to himself somewhat loosing himself in the competition; as belle nudged his chest with her drumstick it shook krim out of his daydream.

    "I mean... C'mon! How could they beat our awesome manager, our suave singer, our lethal guitarist, and our not-dreamy drummer?"

    The site of her put another smile on his face as she called him "the lethal guitarist", he chuckled and gave her a hug as she finished offering her a piece of his treat. Although belle was quite distant, she always had a positive way to ease the tension out of the band and relax them. His attention was thrown to Liona, watching her as she raised her foot off the ground and gave a swift kick across Gauge's ass. he quickly caught him before he stumbled to far and gave Liona a disappointed stare as he helped Gauge to his feet. "save it for the stage...till then hows about we all make it there in one piece shall we?" he said in a cocky tone. Krim didn't usually mouth off, in fact the only reason he had the courage to do it today was because his guitar was on his back. having it near him always filled him with agitation and bestowed on him a temper. it being the only thing of his sister he had left it would seem that it was the key to bring him out of his shell.

    He pressed back against the wall next to belle and Drake, awaiting Liona's or any of the other vixens for their snarky come back, knowing full well none of them had the self-esteem to take a hit from the "Quiet-Boy" with the heavy eye liner. he crossed his arms grasping his elbows and patiently sighed keeping his ears tuned to any of their voices.
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  11. Liona Arielle Stone

    Liona bursted out laughing for a few moments before taking a step towards Krim to reply to his kind words of advice.

    "My my aren't you one to talk? You should've said something like that earlier when G here was mouthing off. All I did was put him in his place and give him a taste if his own medicine and let him understand how it feels to be talked about in such a way that makes him feel like a piece of shit just as he attempted to make my group feel like a piece of shit. And although he may think he was only offending the others, he fails to realize that once he brings in my entire band that he is including me in his insult. And I refuse to listen to someone insult me so I shall reply in a unmannered format just as he had done but in a more direct way for him to get the full picture."

    The storm within her cold eyes played on as her ice cold words shot out of her mouth.

    "So therefore Krim I recommend that if you don't know the reasoning as to why I may say or do something then stay in your box and mind your business instead of trying to intervene in mine."

    Her ice cold eyes set into a straightforward stare to prove that she wasn't afraid of anyone nor was she gonna back down, she was gonna hold her ground and fight through the end...just like she does to live...
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  12. Lacey Peppre

    LACEY (open)


    Waking up today was not unlike every other day. A small redhead headed to school with no alarm and no car. Just a red bike and her ratty black backpack. Lacey was pretty tired as she went through her monotonous day. She did as she was required, taking notes when appropriate and working when told to. She did not expect it to be any sort of special day, but she was only proven wrong int he last moments of seventh period. There was a substitute in her english class that day so she was honestly close to being asleep when the announcements came on and the Battle of the Bands was proclaimed to the students. Lacey bit her lip. Sure, she was excited to get a new gig, but it would be a long performance. Has the band ever had to wait that long to perform and then wait more to hear results of their performance. No. They had never competed that way and surely this would bring hell upon We The Anarchists.

    She did not rush to the door for the sign up sheets. In fact, she walked slower, sure that there would be some sort of bickering already started up before she arrives. Surely Drake had already written their names and rehearsal would be called today, probably including the pointless trashtalk that ensues whenever their rival, Vixens & Vices happens to be mentioned. She knew it could be fun....maybe. But from now until the moment of performance, everything is going to be...well, crazy. And Lacey was not looking forward to it.

    While stopped at her locker, she felt her old razor phone buzz in her pocket. once opened, her new message announced the anticipated rehearsal to be held today at Gauge's house. Lacey grit her teeth and sighed. That just means she'll have to go back home, drop off her backpack, stuff her homework in her keyboard bag and sling that over her shoulder so she can bring it to rehearsal. On a bike. The instrument is pretty heavy, but she knew this was only the beginning of the insanity soon to ensue among her band-mates in WTA. She had never asked anyone in the band for a ride since she felt she never really knew any of them well enough to ask. Besides, it'd be stupid to let them go to her house. If her father was home, which he usually is after rehearsal, her secret could get out. And she couldn't let that happen.

    Ever since Lacey has joined WTA thanks to her desperation to get away from home and her love of music, she has never regret the decision to go to the audition months ago. She had never previously been anything but invisible, so she did not know any of the band members back then and she was totally unaware of why the rivalry existed with the alternative rock band, V&V. But after steadfast observing, it was plain to see and she probably knew many things the others were not aware she knew.

    Returning back to the present, Lacey sighed and flinched when someone in the hall bumped into her shoulder. Ouch. They hit the fresh bruise from last night when dad was mad at her for being a...bitch was it? She didn't remember what the name was last night, she had been called them all.
    When she finally arrived to the school commons, she clearly saw the two bands, one member of which was ridiculing the other. Lacey sighed and headed forward until she could grab Gauge's arm and lead him back to where We the Anarchists were circled up. "It's not worth it ,Gauge." She mumbled softly, keeping her eyes down and away from the rival band. She didn't want another fight. Not here or now, or ever. She just wanted to play music. So she turned to all her bandmates in turn. Krim, Gauge, Mirabelle, Drake...where are the rest?
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  13. Katrina scowled at Drake's presence. She could sense his evil presence from a mile away, practice from the past. Her band mates quickly joined her as she smiled to them. She laughed at her friends reactions to the battle. "Oh we have this in the bag, let's just hope Mason isn't too much of a downer." Drake's little back up band was forming behind him as well which made Katrina look over her competition once again. Krim, Mirabelle, and Gauge. Gauge was kinda cute and a pretty good manager from what she could tell, not as good Grayson, when he wasn't high. Krim was a pretty good guitar player if Kat was honest, and he was always really nice to her. Except, what did he just say? "Liona, put the claws away, I got this." She told her friend as she put her hand up, to calm the girl. "We don't want any trouble.. not with all the people." She said motioning to the small crowd that was beginning to form, with hopes of seeing a fight. Katrina put on her best bitch face before placing her hand on her hip as she looked the other band right in the eyes. "Look losers, you talk a lot of smack but from the last gig I heard you play you should really just save yourselves the embarrassment." She said with a cold hearted smirk. She knew how to cut deep, that's what happened once society broke you. Her tone changed as she directed her attention sorely to the bands leader, Drake. She closed the distance between them, thankful she was wearing her heeled boots so that she was exactly eye level with her rival. "You should really just put your petty band out of there misery now, especially you. You were a little flat last time." She said with a smirk and turned on her heels back to her bandmates. "So practice tonight, my house. We have a battle to prepare for." She said with a shot back to the others. Kat turned to walk away before she paused for a moment. "Oh and Krim, if you ever want to play with a GOOD band, you have my number." She said with a wink. Gauge was a friend, she knew he'd never leave the anarchists, he was to loyal to Drake, but she wouldn't ever stop trying to convince him.
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  14. "Why would they want to keep the gold crowns?"

    An uncomfortable silence was thick in the classroom, and the expectant gaze of Mrs. Baxter sweeping over the classroom wasn't helping at all. Now that it was the fourth question she had asked in a row, her inquisitive face had pulled into something far more irritated and far more dangerous. Her thick lips were pulled into a line and her penciled eyebrows were furrowing into an intimidating scowl. It was funny to think that these kids were so frightened by a teacher, but Saul couldn't really criticize them too much, as he was one of them. At that moment, it felt as though a single wrong movement would set her off, and who knew what that would ultimately entail? So much for the class discussion of the day.

    "Do you even know the author of the text we're reading?" she demanded.

    Sure I do. It's Wile Eisiel. No, wait, that's not right... Saul reflected her frown for a moment in concentration. Bah, who cares anyway? Surely there was someone in the classroom who knew the answer, but at this point, the students have adopted a pack-like mentality that wasn't going to be broken easily. If no one spoke up, then there was no one that could be punished... in theory. They just had to wait out her rage to quell.

    A disgruntled sigh came from the portly woman, her face going to her hands where she pinched the bridge of her nose, her face relaxing somewhat. "Okay, who isn't caught up in the reading? Be honest."

    Saul's hand lazily waved, only bothering to lift his arm from the elbow rather than fully stretching it. This was a good opportunity; it was the out they were looking for. If they all collaborated, and everyone except for the teacher's pet raised their hand now, then she would cut them some slack, figuring there was something wrong. However, as both he and the teacher turned back to scan over the cringing faces of students, he was dismayed to find that no one else in the room was raising their hand. Suspecting they may not have seen him starting the movement, he lifted his hand high above his head for all to see. Much to his horror, no one had caught the hint, and were still sitting in their seats, perhaps practicing for the role of a rock in the school play. I hate all of you. You're all horrible, horrible people. There's no way any of you actually read it... Okay, well, maybe you did, but I still hate you.

    "You can put you hand down now, Mr. Cox." Her tone had gotten severe again, and she had reduced him to slumping back down in his seat with her gaze alone.

    Saul had feared having to speak with her after class for that, but it seemed as though she, too, was unconvinced by the class' practiced apathy. Well, what were you expecting when you assigned us half the freaking book to read on Monday? Admittedly, yes, he could have easily finished the reading, but the test wasn't until next week, so his priorities had turned to his algebra homework that was due in two days ago, which had still been something he hadn't bothered to finish until he was sitting in the class today in the middle of a lecture kicking off the next chapter.

    "Okay then. Well, since you all obviously read the chapters, then surely you wouldn't mind having a pop quiz right now?" As though finally brought back from the dead, the class gave a collective groan, knowing it was more than just a threat on her part.

    Saul was at the peak of his unspoken "I told you so" moment when the speakers of the school crackled to life, hopefully interrupting any chance of the seemingly imminent quiz. Still, as a precaution, Saul took this opportunity to slip his personal copy of Night from out of the backpack gaping open at the side of his desk. He quickly flitted through the pages, bringing up a dusty smell that provoked the beginning of a sneeze in his nostrils, but before he could find a logical place to skim the pages over, something in the announcements caught him for once. Saul looked up from the book, pressing beneath his nose with his finger to suppress the aforementioned sneeze, as he listened to the announcement.

    A battle of the bands? What is this, Disney Channel? Still, in spite of the glaringly cliche feel to it all, he knew it would be a good opportunity for them, as far as expanding fanbase to even more teenage girls... And that I don't have a choice. Saul let the book flap shut in his lap, his mind now on the implications of it all. More practices, then... His frown deepened. Oh, they would want to be in on this, too, wouldn't they? Saul could already envision the banter that was bound to ensue within the next few minutes.

    He slipped the book back into his bag before pulling it onto his desk, wrapping his arms around it and setting his chin on the backpack, a sigh of air exiting where it had not been zipped all the way. Saul tugged at the sleeves of his rugby shirt as he waited for the announcement to cut off and the bell to ring, just as eager as everyone else to exit the classroom, even though he was caught in a moment of indecision as to where to go next.

    Mrs. Baxter attempted to talk over the end of the announcement, but as the final bell for the day rung, he along with the rest of the students had effectively tuned her out and rose from their seats at once and slung his backpack over a shoulder. A small line had formed as the gathering of bodies tried to shove themselves from out of the narrow doorway, until one of the boys in class thought it would be a slick move to hold the door open as a couple of girls filed out, giggling and waving at the boy. Saul had attempted to follow them, if only to find the boy having removed himself from out of the pathway and slammed the door in his face, just glancing Saul on the nose. Irritatedly, he pulled the door open and rubbed the tip of his nose, and as he exited, the boy muttered, "I wish I had boobs."

    Saul slipped his arm through the remaining strap of his backpack, anticipating the text message that came even before his pocket vibrated. He didn't even spare the message a glance, having his thumb quickly run over the touch screen just to unlock the phone and clear the message before pocketing it again. Rather unfortunately, the sign-up table was bound to be in the common room. Saul debated taking an alternate route to the buses, if only to avoid the drama that they might try to drag him into on sight. However, he was already headed in that direction, and before he could even make a final decision, the two feuding bands zoomed into sight.

    Much to his chagrin, he found himself gravitating towards one side of the room, inevitably blending in with one side of the cat-fight. Saul had just caught the end of a long winded speech from some girl dressed in a most ratchet outfit, if only to have her defused by Katrina... in theory. More important than any of that, however, was how especially fluffy Krim's gravity-defying hair looked today. Enunciated even further by the headphones that were pushing it back, the older boy's mane of hair made him seem even taller than he was next to Saul, who had come up to his side. Must resist urge to touch... Must resist... Of its own accord, Saul's arms shot out, managing to catch the end of the well-conditioned hair with his palm, before it retreated back to his side in one swift movement. The boy looked away, staring over at the members of the other band, as if no one would notice what had just happened so long as he didn't make eye contact with Krim.
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  15. Belle smiled, and rolled her eyes playfully when Adam pulled her into a hug. "Ah, c'mon, Krim... Y'know I'm not the touchy-touchy type!" she laughed, shoving her friend playfully. She smiled when he offered her a piece of his treat, but shook her head. "Nah.. I've never had much of a sweet tooth," she shrugged. For once, she was in a bright mood; this whole attitude seeming untypical of her. Though, her face darkened at the rival band's comments, as her desperation of wanting to be present for this encounter earned one of her other personalities coming to her aid and taking over. Straightening up, she stood tall with her chin high. "Hmph. You're one to talk, pretty-kitty. I think it's 'bout time your master pulls in the leash, hm? It really isn't good for cats to wander out of range of their masters; they could end up hurt," she said, lowly. There was an abnormal dangerous glint to her eyes, and her previously relaxed and playful demeanor had gone tense and dangerous.

    In all truth, this wasn't Belle. Not at all. This was the woman... The woman.. that...


    Bloodrayne now shied back. She wasn't one for fights... Never had been. She now retreated to a corner of the hallway, back turned on the rest. She hated fighting to death.

    "Well, well... If it isn't the little weakling. How're those rings treatin ya, twinkle-toes?"

    "I- Jarrod, please.. G-go a-a-away.."

    "Sorry, little lady. That ain't happenin'. Sure, ya may be fragile.. But I can break you like none other... Now, sit still like a good girl; it's a 'bout time ya got what was comin' to ya..."

    "N-no!" Blood exclaimed quietly, eyes snapping back open. She was now sweating, and pressed back into the corner. Silently, she slid to a sitting position, hugging her knees to her chest.
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  16. Gray hadn't even been in class when the announcement went off, no, he was in the bathroom smoking a cigarette. Sure, it wasn't nearly as good as getting high but at least he couldn't be expelled for this. He took one last drag before throwing it on the ground and crushing it with his foot. He caught the tail end of the announcements, about the band competition and his a grin danced on his lips. He knew that Kat would of run down to the front and sign them up right away. He walked over to the mirror and fixed himself up a bit, He popped some gum in his mouth and ruffled his hair before putting his beanie back on and leaving the bathroom with his bag slung over his shoulder.

    He walked down to the front slowly, not bothering to move quickly, it wasn't like he had anywhere to be. He glanced at his phone and saw a few texts but didn't bother answering them. Glancing down he looked over the bands plans that he had written on a notebook. It looked like they had practice tonight, which meant that Gray would probably have to got to so he could record it. Recording good rehearsals made it so it as easier to send off tapes to clients to see if they liked what they heard, and usually they did. He put the notebook into his pocket and glanced up, rounding the corner into the common room he saw the two bands.

    Walking over to his band he glanced over at the other, smiling at Krim softly before turning to Kat "So I'm assuming we are signed up but so are they?" He asked, jerking his finger behind him at the other band. He didn't usually get involved in band fights, it wasn't worth it. But he knew that it was a sore subject for Kat and so he wen't along with it and didn't add or take away anything from it.
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  17. Liona Arielle Stone

    The storm raged on within Liona and she was about ready to snap someone into two. She looked at Belle and replied,

    "Oh my how did you get here? Did someone let you out your cage again. And I would slap you but I don't wanna get whore on my hands sorry. Wait I have another question for you! Were you born on a highway? Because after all that is where most accidents happen. Oh but wait you still have your apology letter to your parents don't you? They called it your birth certificate! The truth should be written there in the ink! As to why you have fur coats above your eyelids."

    The girl smiled before noticing Saul,who had arrived, staring at Krim and doing some weird body actions before trying to play it off. She raised a eyebrow and pointed at Saul before continuing to say,

    "Thanks Kat for trying to step in. And as for you all."

    She said pointing to WTA,

    "I think you need to get him checked out ASAP after seeing the guy do some weird greeting that all you blind people fail to see. Anyway laters I don't have anymore time to waste my breath on you retards. Buh-Bye!"

    She smiled and waved before calling out to Belle,

    "Oh and Belle! Why don't you wear a condom on your head! If your gonna act like a dick you ought to dress like one. Oops my bad I forgot you already are one."

    With that final comment the girl simply stuffed her hands into her jacket pockets and strolled away from the sign-ups area and towards her locker just in time before another one of her attacks. Her chest felt a bit heavy as she coughed up a bit of blood into her hand. She covered her mouth and entered the restroom nearby taking the handicap stall so she could wash the blood off her hand and mouth as she attempted to regulate her breathing. She herself was strong but unfortunately she was born in the wrong body. A body that wasn't normal and healthy. A body with a defect, a body with a bad pair of lungs. She was surprised she could hold out this long without anyone noticing how blue she was becoming from being unable to breathe. She smiled a bit before beginning to gasp for air once again. She counted to 10 in her head as she always did when she had a mild attack. No one else knew about her condition, no one but her father, her mother, her doctor, and sadly herself. She wanted to be a healthy normal person who could easily say all the comebacks they want without having to stop to catch their breath. She hated having to do that, she hated having to take medication, she hated having to go to chemo, hated the hospital, most of all she hated herself for not being able to be healthy enough to curse her father 20 times then bury him 6 feet under without a problem. She hated it so much...
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  18. Mirabelle instantly cracked up. "Wow... How old are you, again? Two? You gotta be, if you're mature enough to use those lines," she chuckled. "I know a guy who shits better insults than that, bitch. I suggest you go google some new material and get back to me." Suddenly, there was a brief pause, a crooked smile forming on Belle's face. In an instant, she was centimeters away from Liona's face. "Takes one to know one, eh? Oh, wait a second... Almost forgot! You aren't a dick! You're just constantly sucking them! Jeez, can't believe I almost forgot..." she shook her head in disbelief, clicking her tongue. Then, she turned to her bandmates with a grin, hands on her hips and head tilted. "Mm, mm... Sorry guys, I may have to miss rehearsal tonight. I mean... Damn. It'll take me a lifetime to recover from those scarring insults..."
  19. Smirking at the hypocrisy of Liona's statement filled him with nothing but pity, He wondered if she was directly related to a cave man. Her violent and rash actions turned him off and, if that was the standard of the Vixens he wanted nothing to do with them. Even as Kat gave him a wink during belle's and Liona's final exchange offering him a spot should he ever need it he couldnt fathom playing with someone like her. However his firm view was shifted as gray walked in; of-course he would never turn his back on WTA but it would be nice to be able to hug gray in public rather than force himself to be satisfied by the discrete smile gray sent his way before joining kat and the rest. Krims mind would wander once again, until he felt a hand slide across his head, running its fingers through his hair. it would be Saul, the newest member of the band a;although it shocked him, krim was glad that he felt comfortable enough to do it aside from his obvious determination to avoid eye contact to pretend that nothing happened. the act seem to wash away the anger and irritation that the "scuffle" had instilled in krim and he once again began to wear the bright smile he walked in with.

    he did notice however, that rayne was huddled up on the floor and against his better instinct there she would stay. he had hoped that son one of the vixens would rush to her aid as he was bound to the anarchists, and trying to help her would only rekindle the die flame of conflict that was still in the air. although his gaze never fully left her he tried as best he could to over-look her.he was brought back to his own band as belle's outburst as Liona left the room surprised him. he never new she could cut so deep, something he would be sure not to forget. her heard the smack of her tongue and as she turned around he saw her slanted grin, which honestly puzzled krim but he didn't think much of it. "might have to miss practice..." was all he completely made out of what belle had said, as his smile quickly turned into a small pout seeing the effects of all this "fighting" getting them no closer to their goal. "no, we all have to go" he said, trying to urge belle to reconsider "this could be our shot, and we should do take adavantage of it" he finished, his voice returning to the soft velvet tone it usually was.

    he took out his cell seeing the text from Gauge, and decided it was best to distance himself from the vixens and grayson before things went any further. as he headed for the door he shouted out to his band "hey, I'm heading to Gauges now...anyone who wants a ride can come with me" although he still had one class left, it mattered little to krim now. he was anxious to play and he knew the quicker everyone got to practice the quicker everything else would fall into place. He stared as the tension in the room settled but never really left, although gray was talking with kat about the competition and drake was still holding himself back he tried to break the trance that anger had on them by offering them a way out.
  20. Saul winced to himself as he stood there, bearing witness to the bitter exchange of words between the two. I can practically smell the estrogen in the air. Now more than ever, he would have rather have been a third party, as he was equally embarrassed by both sides of the argument. In particular, the idioms that they were using pulled him entirely from the plight of trying to get away with touching Krim's mane. Pretty-kitty? Leash? Cage? Dear lord, they're taking the meaning of 'cat-fight' to the next level and I don't think they even realize it. He concealed his mouth behind his hand, as though having to physically hold back all the insults that came to mind. No need to get involved. This is enough of a cat-astrophe as it is.

    He froze, eyes widening. No, no... he wasn't resort to cat puns now, was he? Saul completed his face-palm as the phrase 'You have gato be kitten me right meow' ran through his mind. I really should just leave. The boy noticed just belatedly that ratchet girl had gestured at him in an effort to drag him into the argument. Or she's just attacking everyone. He peered at her through his spreading fingers, still trying desperately to keep his thoughts to himself. If he wanted to argue with beings of lesser intelligence, there was always his little brothers to go home to. Saul's frown deepened, ratchet girl's hypocrisy bordering on painful. Don't have the time to waste your breath? You should have thought of that before you decided to blab off. You're so full of hot air, no wonder you can go on endlessly.

    Saul was more than grateful when she finally decided to leave, but any resemblance of a relieved smile that wanted to form on his face did not have the chance to before Mirabelle got in the 'last word'. All these comebacks were slowly formulated in such a way that he began to suspect he was in the middle of a chick flick. Saul shook his head, finally able to show his face again, even as disappointed as he was that Mirabelle's sarcasm went completely over Krim's head. "You're both terrible at this," he stated matter-of-factly, too caught up in the myriad of cringe-worthy comebacks to notice the atypical shift in the girl's demeanor. "All of you."

    When Krim separated himself from them and offered to give anyone a reply, Saul gave a dismissive wave. As much as I trust your driving abilities... I don't. Either way, he had to go home for his bass, and probably at least do some of his chores before he left. The boy held his arm before him, checking his watch to make sure he hadn't wasted too much time here.
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