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  1. Terriana looked around warily to be sure no creatures were around before she darted out from the cover of one of the abandoned buildings by the street and she stopped beside the poor person who had decided to come outside before being sure no one was around. She had been forced to watch and was unable to do anything about it while the creatures were still close but now that they were gone she could help. Terriana kneeled down beside the now shaking human, "Calm down, it's ok. The creatures are gone but we need to get back inside. You should know by now not to come outside." She said as calmly as possible then stood, holding out her hand for the person to take.

    Alariel smirked as he saw the girl come out from her hiding spot to help the other. He himself was currently sitting atop one of the other buildings around the street they were on and rolled his eyes at her stupidity for actually revealing herself for attack just help another person but shrugged, at least now he had something to do. He stood and jumped from the building then flew over to them but stayed behind the new girl so she couldn't see him. Once he got close enough she grabbed her by her upper arms and yanked her up in the air as she let out a scream while trying to get out of his grip but all she succeeded in was making him laugh. Like he would actually let her go before they reached at least twenty feet above the ground. She would make a lovely noise when she hit the ground, he was sure.
  2. Serenity was sitting up on a roof looking down at the little town below her. Her green eyes gazed down lazily as she watched the stillness, no one every came out of their homes anymore... She let out a bored sign as she leaped down from her spot and landed silently on the ground below. Hm...What to do. She thought to herself as she began walking down the street. She heard a loud scream in the distance and saw a girl squirming and screaming as she was lifted up into the air. She turned her attention away from the scene, it wasn't anything new or interesting and there was nothing for her to do there anyways, she would have better luck going and finding her own little human to play with. Her feathered wings wrapped themselves around her as she continued to walk down the street, her eyes didn't pay much attention to anything but she kept her senses up for any humans that were stupid enough to be outside.

    Fayte was looking through her camera at a beautiful bird the perched up on a branch. She was just outside of the town, which most would have never done this, but if she couldn't go outdoors then she pretty much would be better off dead in her opinion. "Beautiful..." She whispered as she snapped a picture of the bird and took the camera down from her face. She closed her eyes as a nice breeze blew through her, whipping her long hair around her face. She opened her eyes again when she heard a scream come from the little town. Oh dear, another unlucky girl... She thought to herself as the peaceful feeling she had before quickly disappeared. She took one last look around before she turned around and began to carefully sneak back to her home, each step closer causing more and more fear to creep into her body. She hated being in the little town, nothing good every happened here...She would much rather just stay outside and look at the beauty of nature, but that was just too dangerous now.
  3. Zorack and Bob was marching round the outskirts. Bob was looking Happy looking all around. Zorack was staring at the floor "I hate patrol duty I mean no one leaves their homes anymore." Zorack looks to his left and watches Bob and thought *You lead a simple life Bob*
    Bob ears peeked up with a sound of a Camera click "Hey Zacky you here that". Zorack sighed he gave up trying to tell Bob his name is not Zacky but he gave into Bob, there not much he can do, it's his brother and being attached to him didn't help but Zorack ears peaked as well. A smile formed across his lips "That has to be a human Bob, quiet now we'll find it". When they were close to the destination Bob flinched and looked over back at the village. "What is it Bob" asked Zorack. "Hehehe Fear" he replied. "Not far". Zorack and Bob nodded to each other, quickly and quietly they went towards where the fear was coming from. Peaking from behind a tree they saw a strawberry blonde girl sneaking back into the village. Soon enough there tentacles on each arm wrapped around both of the girls legs. They whipped her up so she was staring upside down at Zorack and Bob. "Lets smash her head open" Bob asked. Zorack replied "No no I think we should have some fun with this pretty little one first". "Zacky come oooon" pleaded Bob. "I said NO" Zorack shouted and guaranteed someone should hear the shout of the word no as it echoed around, "I am the brains, you have more senses than I do" Zorack looked at the pretty little girl, tilted his head and smiled "Well hello little girl and what is your name". Bob just looked on with an evil glint in his eyes.
  4. Fayte was almost home when she felt something wrap around both her legs. All of a sudden she was upside down in the air looking into the faces of a demon. She was too shocked and scared to even scream or fight back at first and she could barely understand the words coming out of the demons mouth's. She blinked confused when it asked her the question. She didn't know whether she should start screaming or answer at first and her head was starting to hurt from the blood rushing down to it. Fayte's mind cleared when she watched her camera fall out of her hand. "Oh crap..." She said hoping it hadn't broke. She looked back up at the demon, now able to actually talk. "My name if Fayte..." She said trying her best not to show the panic and fear in her she felt. She was dead and she knew it, but she was going to try her hardest to not give these demons the satisfaction of the hopelessness that they wanted from her.
  5. Kia was flying high above the tree's and talking to herself "Where is everybody this is getting really boring" she had her green scanning everywhere waiting for a human to come out to play. She hadn't gone in to town to many other hell spawns would be there and she wanted to find some one different. That's when she noticed the farm with its farm house, stupid humans leaving there cattle out for me it may not be a human but this could take my mind of my boredom for a little while, with that thought she flew down and landed near the cows who got scared picking up the closest cow she took to the skies. Waiting until she was high up she just dropped the animal and waited for the splat of satisfaction. I'am sure if i keep this up someone will come out to play. with that she swooped down to grab a new one.

    Aidan was sat outside his home on the table and chair having a smoke his normal place as his father hates the fact he smokes but he finds it helps him keep his temper in check, His father had hoped that when all hell had broken lose that he would of given up so he didn't have to be outside. But Aidan wasn't stupid he had taken his kukri blade with him it had 2 throwing blades with it well that's not what they were for. They were meant for skinning an animal and sharpening the Kukri but hey they worked as throw blades too. Siting there in the relative peace and quite you wouldn't believe there was anything sinister going on in the little town well that is until you hear the screaming. Aidan jumped up as he heard someone scream and with out thought he went out to see who was getting hurt and if he could do anything. That's when her saw Terriana in the air with a demon scum running to get a better look to see if he could try something anything. Luckily the Demon hadn't got her to high up yet and with his Kukri in hand he grabbed one of the throwing knifes and throw it right at the Demons back between the shoulder blades. With that done Aidan started running at speed to catch Terriana if his plan had worked.
  6. Ken sat on the front porch in the front of his small cottage. A voice came through the door screen. "Hey son, could you bring back the tools from the workshop." He rolled his eyes. "Sure dad." He took his sword and started heading off. Halfway there, he heard someone screaming. "Help! Someone please help!." Ken ran towards the voice and found several winged imps torturing a little girl. "Let her go!" He demanded. They stared at him, eyes faintly glowing dark red. "What if we don't?" Ken slowly drew his sword. "Then I'll kill all of you." They broke out in laughter. "You, trying to kill us?" Ken charged at them as fast as he could and started removing heads, one at a time. By the time it was over, the girl looked up and saw a blood bathed man holding a sword approaching her. "Stay away!." She yelped. Ken sheathed his blade and started wiping his face to make himself look more presentable. "Are you ok?"
    "Hmmm, a blessed blade, that may prove challenging." Chaos stood nearby, watching the entire bloodbath take place in front of him. He lost interest after the fight and started looking around if anything else was happening. After a few minutes of flying around, he found a girl being dragged by a demon. "This is going to be interesting. Unlike most other demons, Chaos enjoyed victims who fought back. He sat on a roof of a nearby drug store and stared at the struggle as if it was a fireworks show.
  7. Caitlin heard scream echo through the streets and she paused momentarily. "Maybe I chose the wrong time to come into town today..." She shook her head and then continued anyways. All she would have to do is be more careful and she would be fine. After all if she just went back home she would lose precious time going through various books. There were a few books in particular that she to find and bring back with her this time.


    Aurora walked quietly down one of the town streets until she heard a scream extremely close to her. Seemed that the other demons were already at work. With how often they tormented the townspeople she found that there was little to entertain her anymore. However, she did look forward to the fact that a new month was beginning soon. It meant a new victim for her to find and take. She smiled evilly at the prospect.
  8. Alariel let out a grunt when the knife hit his back and stopped moving forward to instead turn around to face the boy. When he was hit his grip did loosed on the girl but he didn't let go, he wasn't that weak. He looked at the other boy and raised an eyebrow, "Oh you want her?" He asked tauntingly and gave the girl in his hands a rough shake, "Then have her." He said with a smirk then threw the now screaming girl right at the boy that was running toward him with enough force to make the boy fall back a few feet.

    Terriana didn't know what had made the creature holding her stop or let out a grunt of pain but she assumed it had something to do with the fact that Aidan was now running toward them. When she was shaken she didn't scream but instead tensed and closed her eyes from fear and pain, fear because she was sure he might drop her and pain because his grip was way too tight on her arms. However when she was thrown she did scream, she could't help it, she was flying through the air at high speeds and was about to hit a boy that was known for getting into fights.
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  9. Dominique was in the basement of the house "I told you dad the farm still needs looking after. I'm not going to stay hiding forever." Dominique argued with his dad and father. With that said he marched upstairs into the house with a huff. He looked over by the front door, there on the desk next to it was his skateboard and cutlass. He walks over and picks both objects up. Before stepping outside he looks back and mutters "love you both". He opened up the door and he notices dead cows over the field. "For F*** sake" he yelled and that's when he noticed the demon picking up the cows and dropping them. Dom took in a deep breath and shouted "Oi b**** from hell". He jumped onto his skateboard with cutlass in his hand and quickly moved towards the Demon. "Come on Demon I'm waiting for ya".


    Zorack and Bob was chuckling at Fayte "Well well Fayte seems you dropped your camera" Zorack said. He then let their right tentacle go of her leg and picked the camera up. Bob started swinging Fayte around like pinwheel while Zorack looked at the camera "Oh look a pre....." Zorack turned to Bob "Bob I'm talking here spin her later". Bob didn't listen he was having to much fun then he started laughing manically. Zorack got annoyed "BOB" then with the camera in his tentacle he smashed it over Bob's head which made him let go of Fayte. Fayte went flying into the air towards the village. They both lost interest in the human and then concentrating on themselves and kept hitting each other's head with each of their tentacle.
  10. Aidan shouted at the "Demon scum" then he noticed Terri flying through the air towards him "damn it" he muttered and braced himself ready to catch her as his arm went around Terri he went flying on to his backside but luckily he had Terri in his hands in one piece."Hey you OK what the hell were you doing out here?"
    Kia laughed at the human boy "Aren't you a crude little child" she said as she came back down to earth just a few feet from the human boy "so you want to play with me" she said licking her lips. With that said she let out a loud chuckle and flew at the boy who had the audacity to call her names and knocked his weapon from his hand and picked him up in one hand "I'am sure your'll make a more satisfying splat then the cows" she said as she took him higher in to the sky once she had reached a height that would scare anyone she let go and watched him fall. But rather then letting him splat she flew at him again and grabbed him before he hit the ground. "I'am not ready to stop playing with you just yet" she said and took him back in to the sky.
  11. Terriana's body was tensed as she was braced for a hard fall and grunted when she hit Aidan but slowly relaxed when she realized that neither of them was dead or seriously injured. "I-I… there was someone out here, they were hurt and I had to help them." She said then pointed to where the person was but now was gone, having fled to the cover of one of the buildings when she was attacked.

    Alariel laughed when the two humans collapsed onto the ground then managed to pull the knife from his back which wasn't very easy thanks to his wings blocking the way. Once he got it out though he looked at it, twirling it around in his fingers. After a moment he held the knife with one hand then flung it at the boy so it soared toward them faster than Terriana had, "In case you'd like your knife back." He said mockingly.
  12. "Terri get behind me"Aidan shouted as he saw the knife coming towards them. As the blade got closer he put himself in the way so Terri wouldn't get hurt. But unfortunately it grazed passed and cut his leg not badly but he felt it."Good job I'am use to getting cut's and bruises he said laughing.
  13. Terriana moved behind him when he said to, not wanting to argue at the moment. After the blade cut him it landed beside her so she picked it back up and felt a strange substance on it. Her brows furrowed in confusion and sniffed it, her eyes widening when she recognized the smell. "Aidan-" She said urgently but was cut off by the demon.

    Alariel crossed his arms over his chest and chuckled at the boy, "Maybe, but do those cuts have poison in them?" He smirked. When he had the knife, he plucked out one of his feathers and wiped the poison from it onto the blade that way even if the cut itself couldn't kill him, the poison would it it was taken out fast enough, which it wouldn't be. As he spoke, he landed softly onto the ground a few feet in front of them.
  14. "S*** Terri run get the hell away from here"Aidan shouted if it was his time he would go out fighting but he didn't just go through this for her to get killed too. Aidan stood up and could feel the poison in his body but he stood there and laughed at the Demon "you cheating w*****, i should of guessed you would do something like that. With his blade he had been given by this grandfather he cried out as he ran at the Demon blade in the air. As he got closer he bought the blade down and managed to get the Demon not bad but still it gave him the Adrenalin he needed to carry on until more came to help well he hoped at least.
  15. Ken took a deep breath and faced the little girl. "So what's your name?" She kept sobbing. "Ce...lty." Ken patted her head to calm her down. "Alright Celty, I'll bring you home." He grabbed he hand and started walking down the street. "Where do you live?" She pointed to one of the houses nearby. It was about a block away from where he lived. After dropping her off, he headed back towards his father's workshop. Once he past near the drug store, he noticed there was a demon sitting on the edge of the roof. Ken placed his hands on the grip of his sword. "What are you doing?"

    Chaos got interrupted from watching the fight. He glanced down and looked at the guy. Same guy from last time, might as well kill him now before he causes any problems. Chaos dropped on the sidewalk and took off his gauntlet, showing a razor sharp claw underneath.
  16. Terriana stood her ground, "No! I'm not leaving you Aidan!" She shouted, he just saved her life so she was going to be sure he got out of this fight with enough time for her to get the poison out of him. She may be better at healing people and helping them get better but she could also take care of herself, that's the only way anyone could survive this long.

    "Ooh, someone has got a temper, and some bad language." Alariel chuckled at the boy then watched in amusement as the girl didn't run away as she was told. She was stupider than she originally seemed. Only fools such as humans would risk themselves for each other. It was because he was watching her that he didn't pay attention to the other boy before he stabbed him. The blade cut down Alariel's arm and his black blood seeped out. He jumped back with a growl and glared at the boy. "You're going to regret that." He said then ran at him and grabbed him by the throat then leaped into the air with the intent to drop him once he got high enough.

    Before the demon could get too high, Terriana used his distraction against him by running up behind him and jumping onto his back. She grabbed hold of his horns and twisted his head so he would let go of Aidan before they got too high.

    Alariel groaned in pain when his head was twisted painfully and let go of the boy in his hands to instead claw and grab at the other person on his back.
  17. Aidan fell to the ground. After shaking himself off he realized that Terri was still up there with the Demon "TERRI Jump i'll catch you don't let it touch you we don't know how much of him holds this poison". Aidan could feel the poison in his leg moving but there was no way he would let Terri get killed.
  18. "Wait!" She called back, she couldn't let go just yet, if she did before this demon got hurt then he would just attack them once she jumped. Her arms were already scratched up but she ignored the pain and twisted his head again, disorienting him and making him run right into the wall of one of the buildings. Once he hit she was rattled also causing her grip on him to loosen. The demon became shaky and her grabbed his head in pain then growled and reached around trying to grab her again. She let go and jumped off of him, and the demons wasn't able to do anything but scratch her back. She then braced herself to hit the ground.

    Alariel groaned in pain when he hit the wall that he didn't notice was there since he was too busy with the girl turning his head this way and that. He only knew he was scratching her because he could feel her blood on his hands. His vision was fuzzy when he came back from hitting the wall and he tried to grab her to slam her against the ground but she was already gone from his back, leaving only her blood on his hands. He turned and growled at the humans, he was injured and didn't want to continue the fight in this state. "You two are going to wish you never came out here today!" He shouted then zoomed off to the building this all started in which the demons had made their base to stay in when they weren't out torturing the humans.
  19. "Terri nice work" Aidan said with a smile as he hobbled over to her. His leg was causing a lot of problems but he wasn't one to complain it wasn't his style.
    Once he got to her he noticed she was bleeding from claw marks over her body "Come on you my dad's place is just round the corner we can get patched up there and my dad can ring your mum because I'am sure she's worried sick." With that Aidan helped Terri up.
  20. Terriana accepted his help and stood back up then put her hands on her back to crack it since she landed wrong and it hurt a bit but she took in a sharp breath when her hand pressed against the cuts back there. She noticed his limp when he walked over and wrapped her arm around him to help him walk, "Here, you shouldn't be walking on that, it'll just allow the poison to get into the rest of you." She said quietly, "And don't worry about my mom, she's used to me being out. We need to go by my dad's store, it's just down the street and he has medicine there we can use." Her mom really probably wouldn't notice if she was gone a little longer than usual as long as her brother was with her. He was a handful and kept her busy so she rarely noticed the time. Terriana led them down the street to the small drug store, it was kept locked to she creature couldn't get in there too easily and get to the supplies of medicine that everyone needed but she kept a key with her since she was alway out helping people when they were hurt.
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