Little things you'd like to do someday.

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  1. We all have them. They're those little things in life that will hold no real significance in the long run of our lives but we want to do them anyway. Skydiving, scuba diving, stuff like that. So what would you want to do like that someday?

    I personally would like to learn to properly wield and fight with a sword. You know, good old medieval swords! Arming swords, longswords, stuff like that! I know the big fascination in a community like ours is katanas seeing as I'm sure most of us have watched at least ONE show featuring them, but I wanna get behind the swords that are meant more for crushing. Where you can't always swing fast, but there's always some brutal power behind you swings!

    So what do YOU guys want to do?
  2. I want to be a rock star ~ on a big stage ~ on a debut, just once with a popular boy band & jump around and sick with a headset :D

    I want to ice skate~ professionally ~ I'm mean I'm okay, but I wanna learn to jump~ and do the backspin :P And pairs skate...with someone :P

    I want to sky dive ~ bungee jumping isn't nearly as fun because I've tried it and it feels too safe (too many straps lol no thrill xD)

    I want to eat a long six foot long sub sandwich slowwwly ~

    I want to eat a whole box of ice cream without worrying about getting fat~

    I want to sword fight, too. All cool and swoosh swoosh like in the movies.

    And finally, I want paint a mural on the side of some really big building in Manhattan so everyone can stop and look at my definition of art <3
  3. "Everybody is just old."
  4. "I'll get older too. It's not like I'm staying 1000 forever."
  5. Go back to New Orleans and continue helping and building.

    Sky dive for sure, cause I already bungee jumped.

    Um...I think my life is under control, so that's about the only two things I want to do right now.
  6. "Don't forget that he and Anya got dangerously close to becoming parents."
  7. I wanna pick bellydancing back up and be good at it
  8. I want to make a full size anamatronic space marine power armor costume. for expos and stuff
  9. I want to drive a tank. Through a building.

    I want to fly a helicopter in real life like I can fly one in a video game.

    I want to visit Singapore, Korea, Germany, and yo momma's house.

    I want to have a bacon burger so packed with meat, bacon, and other condiments that eating it gives me a fatal heart attack.
  10. I wanna see Trance Kitsune bellydance! (just kidding (maybe))

    I want to be able to take a year off from life in general. Just get a yacht and sail around the world with no responsibilities, no worries, no nothin'.

    I would like the sword thing, too. But I'd probably go for something like the katana. Sorry Chaos, it's the ultimate sword. And it's probably the only one I can lift.

    Shave a grizzly bear. Don't ask me why, I just want to do something ballsy for once.

    Successfully surprise my girlfriend so that she has no idea that I'm planning something special for her. (I always have trouble keeping my big mouth shut, and she's pretty smart, too.)
  11. I want to see the world! I want to taste authentic cuisine, dance to traditional music and see how people are living now as well as what the past can teach us. I want to do this with a man that wants to take on this life long pursuit of going from wonder to wonder.

    Oh, wait, that might be a bit too big. I do have a goal this year to learn to make a good florist bow. There is also....

  12. go to russia.
    see the sights and the lovely wodkas.

    go to 'merika, get pissed with my mates there.

    go to Ireland.
    see the sights and THEN get pissed with mates i make there.

    go back to Italy, see more of the country, since it was fuckwin. especially the pizza.
  13. Get out of the boat on the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney Land and become part of the backdrop by practicing to be a mime.
  14. I wanted to see parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls ever since I first learned about. Just saw a few of them today....Oh the history, makes a nerd like me love it so~
  15. ~ Move to a larger city
    ~ Eat Sushi
    ~ Learn how to Skate
    ~ Get a better job

    I know they don't sound like much.