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  1. Even in modern times, creatures from old stories and books of myth and whimsy cling to the edges of survival. While humans destroy the wilds, eliminate food supplies, and poison the very air, some creatures are being driven deeper into hiding or even attempting to blend in with those filthy stinking humans...
    I, for one, hate the idea of loosing the territory that my pack has held on to for centuries. I hate that I can't protect the few remaining members of my pack from these menaces. And I hate having to admit defeat to this idiotic problem. But, for the safety of my pack, we must blend in with these cruel creatures...

    Alright! So the basis of this roleplay is that you're a mythological creature attempting to get by in this modern day without getting caught or identified!

    As you could guess, I have a few simple requests that I would like you to take heed of, or else you will unleash my rath.
    2.) Please put a picture of your character, your character's name, and your character's species on your first post in order for us to get a full understanding of your character.
    3.) No "oh so perfecto" characters. I'll whack 'em with the shame stick. I want to see character development.
    4.) Have fun and write words!
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    She is 15
    She's a female
    She is straight
    She's a cat neko
    She likes sweets, the night, books, cats, cute things, hanging with friends, and singing
    She dislikes bullies, scary things, thunder, really cold/hot days, and being put down
    She is good at cooking, singing, and playing guitar

    Rin, cyan
    A small figure, around 5'1" walked on the sidewalk. The figure wore a black beanie, long grey shirt with a black heart on the front, black skinny jeans, a black and white varsity jacket, and black and grey Nike shoes. She had long purple hair that went to her butt and purple eyes that were a little darker than her hair. She had a delicate and cute appearance, one that made guys fall for her a lot. She looked to be human but of course, she wasn't. All though, only she knew that little secret.

    Rin walked down street on the sidewalk, carrying five books with her. Her hair swayed with each silent step she took. She looked graceful as she walked, her eyes staying ahead of her and never straying. She wore a kind and friendly smile and her eyes were lively. Rin had a specific destination and was in a happy hurry to get there. She was heading to the Library, her favorite place in the world. I wonder what books I'll get this time? Maybe they have new ones! I hope so. She thought and began humming excitedly.

    Once Rin got there she turned around and opened the door walking backwards. She turned once the door was wide enough and walked in. She inhaled deeply, loving the smell of the Library. She felt calm here, thanks to the atmosphere. She walked to the front desk and set the books on the counter. "I'm returning these." She announced to the lady behind the desk then walked off to the Fantasy section to see what she could find. She spotted a book called Romeo and Juliet: A different story than what you know by Muriko Hashitaka. Rin took the book and set a wooden divider in it's place. She read the first two pages and decided to get it. She closed the book then removed the divider and kept searching.

    This is what the book she got is based off of
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    Character Name: Caleb Abernathy
    Age: 5000
    Appeared Age: 17
    Personality:Wise, quiet and smiley, Caleb is a sociable person who is willing to talk and interact with everyone. He is a lover of anything to do with water, so if you're a fan of water sports, he'll be a fan of you.
    History: Born within the deepest crags of the ocean, a boy's body floated up to the surface, blue haired and fully clothed, and unconscious. A sailor took him into his boat and took him home, and raised him, soon realizing his son was a water dragon from frequent hormonal transformation. Caleb decided to leave home because he didn't feel like he fit in to the fishing village and moved with a few funds to Neo Termina.




    -Dragon Physiology: User with this ability either is or can transform into Dragon: a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures. There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons: the European dragon, derived from European folk traditions and which is ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, and the Chinese dragon, with counterparts in Japan, Korea and other East Asian countries.
    -Water Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other.
    - Ice Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state and appears naturally in forms of snow, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps, and cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things colder, for various effects and combinations.

    However, these powers, being his strongest, cause him to tire easily, then if used more, begin to experience strong pain in his muscles, and then bleeding from his eyes, and finally, his muscles will deteriorate and he will be unable to move for a period of 5-10 days.

    -Dragon Scent: Can detect smells and identify them from a range of 5-10 meters away.
    - Eyes of the Dragon: Can see things up to 5-10 meters away.

    Caleb strolled about the library, gazing at the books and the scent of age that emanated throughout the place. He never really went to libraries since he awoke, but now he had been, he wanted to go again. His hands traced the covers of the hardbacks as he strolled with a keen leisure about the place, flitting from shelf to shelf with mere investigation on his mind. The old books and the new titles meshed into an environment of wonder for the Water Dragon. However, as he strolled, he was unaware of the people walking past and around the bewildered dragon, and long before he knew where he was going, he had knocked into someone.

    "Sorry about that." He stated matter-of-factly before looking at the person he had rudely knocked into. A girl in a black beanie, a long grey shirt and black skinny jeans was in front of him. "Sorry for the interruption, miss. I was just so taken in by the library, I didn't even notice I was walking into people." He explained before offering her a hand to shake. "Caleb. Caleb Abernathy."
  4. [​IMG]

    Paws carrying her silently through the brush, her main focus was to hunt without getting spotted and shot at. She needed to put some food on the table for her pack. Yes, she was young, but as her father was killed before she'd fully grown, she had to take on the responsibilities of the alpha. And they couldn't keep their old ways. It would have given them away.
    A scent drifted down towards her, causing her mouth to water. Her sharp gaze was focused up ahead, watching as the deer grazed on the thick grass at the edge of the human property. The deer moved on into the yard of the humans, and she let out a soft sigh. It wasn't safe for her to venture out and kill the creature.
    She shifted into her human form and ventured out of the woods, ignoring the oh so lucky dear for the moment. Her stomach growled fiercely. She didn't have money to buy anything to eat, however. So, to soothe her mind she quietly walked to the library.
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    Thorn Enzo
    Werewolf Beta

    Thorn padded after Aluro as they chased after the deer, his alpha suddenly stopping. They were in a human's yard. Understandable caution, but, there was no need not to hunt, even in the presence of humans. "Aluro." Thorn stated after transforming into his human form. "We needed that deer, Aluro. To feed the pack." Thorn muttered in his alpha's direction with evident scorn. "I suppose you're more human than wolf, right?" Thorn exclaimed with sarcasm and venom in a congruent mix.
  6. Arc Epirius (open)

    Name: Arclight 'Arc' Epirius
    Age: 7999
    Race: Fallen Angel
    Ability: Energy Weapon Creation, Archery
    -Arc's main ability is to create a bow from pure energy, and fire arrows made out of energy as well. The energy is being pulled out from Arc's angelic force, and as such, it does take a toll on Arc's energy. In this case, he can also pour much of his energy into an attack, increasing or decreasing the size of the arrow as well as its speed and rotation.
    Others: Works as a part-time librarian

    Thelma, the regular librarian, smiled to the kid who had just dropped of the tons of books on the desk. Arc knew what was coming, he always knew. It's not that he's lazy! Contrary to the norm, the old bag was actually the lazy one. Of course, Thelma looked at the part-time librarian, and dropped of the books on his dilapidated desk. He would be the one to do the stamping, filing, updating, and finally, the returning.

    Arc sighed as he opened his stamp pad, and began stamping the books. He did the work slowly, because it would at least, lessen Thelma's inclination to dump him with the other work. As long as he looked busy, Thelma wouldn't give him any additional work.

    The only sound that could be heard from Arc's desk was the dull thumping of the stamper, and the slow writing of his pen. He made sure to write as slow as possible so that he wouldn't catch the heat from the library's hideous monster that was Thelma. Seemingly, each letter took five minutes to write, and Arc was loving it!

    Unfortunately, he did finish the filing and updating so, reluctantly, he stood up, and carried the books to return them to the shelves. It wasn't all that bad... He had been working at this library for a long time now, and he memorized every nook and cranny of this place. Fantasy went there, classics go here, and the magazines go way over there! Arc sighed as he finished returning the books... well, it was, as what the humans would call, lunch time! Arc went over to his desk as he pulled out his lunch: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and some vegetables. Technically, he didn't need to eat-- he was a fallen angel after all. However, it did delight his taste buds to taste such exquisite human gourmet. Well, it wasn't gourmet, but it was all he had.

    He waltzed over to the entrance of the library, slinging his lunch set on his shoulder. Suddenly, he stopped as he noticed two weary looking people who wouldn't seem like they belong in a quite place such as a library. Well, Arc had to make sure.

    "Hey there!" Arc said in a happy tone as he looked at the girl. "Most people would be having lunch at this time, but I guess it's not the same for everyone, huh?"

    Arc scrunched his brows, perhaps noticing that this woman might be hungry... In any case, her stomach did grumble. One thing for certain, she didn't eat not because she didn't want to, rather, she couldn't. No money, perhaps?

    "Well... it's already lunchtime. So, if it's okay with you, you and your partner there could accompany me to the restaurant across the street?" Arc smiled as he raised up his hand. "Don't worry... My treat, at least."
  7. Thorn smiled at the man who had offered a free meal. "Thank you, sir. I'd have to take you up on your offer." Thorn delegated with the man as he shook the hand that was outstretched toward them. "I'm Thorn. My friend here will probably like to introduce herself, with all the trimmings of a presidential speech." Thorn exclaimed with a wry smile as he amused himself with the image of this restaurant. Was it what the humans' called fancy? Or was it just a rundown hideaway where meat could be found? He'd have to find out. But his main job would be protecting Aluro at all costs. It was his consistent burden.
  8. Aluro was biting her tongue to avoid snapping at Thorn. He was right in some ways, but there was something that he failed to understand. Her gaze flashed up to the man before them, surprised at his offer. "Thank you. My name's Aluro. What's yours?" She asked, still ignoring Thorn for the sake of her temperament.
  9. Arc smiled, noticing some sort of a dilemma between these two people. Were they lovers, perhaps? Maybe, maybe not. He nodded slightly to the lad who called himself as Thorn, and even shook his hand. "Nice to meet you, sir Thorn." However, as his hand collided with Thorn's, he recoiled a little bit. This lad wasn't normal, he could feel it... he could sense the taints of slaughter on his hands. Arc retracted his hand after doing the human custom of handshake, however, the way he retracted it was quite... well, awkward. As a former angel, he had the uncanny ability to gain an insight of a person-- somewhat akin to how angels would know the sins of a person.

    Suddenly, the girl also introduced herself. His eyes surveyed her weary-looking figure for a brief moment before he smiled as well. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Ms. Aluro. My name is Arc, librarian at this place." the man smiled warmly before he coughed to avoid the tense air. "Well, it's better if we go now, right? The restaurant ain't gonna wait for us." Arc chuckled as he hopped down the steps, and arrived at the road.

    The restaurant, named as Sanctum Imparis, looks like any typical restaurant... It had a renaissance-esque architecture style, a few cracks here and there, and a beautiful flower set just outside of the building. At least, it looked normal. If there was something that was normal in this city, it would be the fact that the presence of underground supernatural structures are a common sight. This place, Sanctum Imparis, is one of those underground structures. It had a failsafe to keep humans at bay as well.

    A barrier surrounds the building. If a human enters the barrier, they are presented a door which leads them to the human side of the restaurant with the normal waiters and service. However, if a non-human entered, another door appears which shows a cafeteria filled with the children of the supernatural. While a supernatural creature can choose to go on the either side, it isn't recommended... The last time it happened, a sister restaurant was reduced to nothing more than a pile of ashes the next day. If one wanted to live peacefully in the human city, they needed to hide who they were.

    In this case, Arc wanted to lead the two to the restaurant, and check in what part they would enter in: the human side or the supernatural side?


    Arc went up to the door, and knocked on it before opening. As he swung it open, he looked at the two... "What do you see?"
  10. Aluro followed behind the man, taking note of his cheerful demeanor. Something told her that this man wasn't just some ordinary human. But she kept this gut instinct to herself. She looked into the open door and smirked, a keenness in her sharp gaze. "I thought you said restaurant, not cafeteria." She mused, her voice low as she walked in.
  11. As the walked to the renaissance restaurant, Sanctum Imparis, Thorn smiled. He'd finally get fed. He wasn't saying Aluro was incompetent, no, but she was still in practice in her new alpha position and it left Thorn with a rumbling stomach on one too many occasions. As Aluro mentioned the place looked similar to that of a cafeteria, Thorn nodded in silent agreement. It did indeed look run down, but still hospitable to those without too much taste and standard. "It's not much in the looks department." Thorn stated simply.
  12. Rin had been carrying four books and was searching for two more. Out of nowhere someone bumped into her, causing her to drop all her books. She gasped slightly and quickly turned around in panic. She saw a cute boy with blue hair.

    She listened as he apologized twice and was a little surprised when he suddenly took her hand and shook it as he introduced himself. "It's alright. I've been there. And uh, nice to meet you. I'm Rin Kirigawa." She said and smiled kindly. She removed her hand from his grip and ran it through her long purple hair before she turned her back to him and squatted down. She began picking up the books she had dropped. Once she finished she stood up and turned to him. "So, find any books yet?" She asked.
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  13. "I see." Arc smiled knowingly as he spoke to a corner. "It's safe. You can let them see."

    As he spoke these words, the illusion vanished. Monsters of all kinds could now be seen eating in the cafeteria. Ghouls, witches, and other creatures known or unknown. The food was seemingly normal, however, it was separated into two categories: raw and cooked. Of course, it takes into account that not all monsters were fond of the human variety, however, some have also grown accustomed to it.

    "You see, my dears, this place is a haven for creatures like... us." Arc chuckled as he forked over a wad of money to the gatekeeper. "Of course... you're not humans, are you?"

    Arc turned to the gatekeeper, nodding in agreement. "Yes. Buffet for the three of us. Thank you, Charles."

    The Minotaur gatekeeper handed them three red plates which was a category for payment probably. "You do know, right? We're losing our ground against humans? They've grown strong over the years to the point where... we're merely fables and legends. That is why we created this place... to give creatures like us a chance to meet with one another, to remind one another that... we exist."

    Arc waved off the two as he went to a table. "Just join me when you're done ordering anything you like! They've got all sorts there! Pork, beef, chicken, veggies, anything!"

    The fallen angel sat down calmly as his eyes focused on the two creatures. "What could you guys be?" he mumbled silently to himself, opening his lunchbox at the same time.
  14. Aluro took her plate and listened to Arc as he explained this place to them. Nodding softly as he sent them off, she filled her plate with some assorted meats and returned to the table. She was mindful to use the silverware while she ate, eating her food as fast as could be expected from a hungry werewolf. She looked up at their new found friend with a hint of curiosity in her sharp gaze. "So, what might you be, Mr. Arc?" She asked.
  15. Arc chuckled, amused at how fast this woman consumed over a dozen pound of meat. Suddenly, he nearly choked on his chicken when the girl asked him what he was. His eyes darted around the room, observing the other creatures there. A gorgon? A werewolf? An elemental? Arc's eyes wandered for a little more before it settled on Sir Etwahl, the griffin. Etwahl never liked shifting into a human form when around creatures like him.

    "Yeah. I am a griffin. Yep, totally a griffin." Arc smiled gently as he drank some water to wash down that blasted chicken. He coughed a little bit more as he shifted his gaze back at the woman. Arc didn't know how long these two have traveled and isolated themselves from civilization. It must have been hard for them, whatever they were.

    "Have you been isolating yourself from the dwelling place of the humans? But I guess, I have no right to judge. After all, it might have been necessary for your kind. Speaking of which, what are you and your partner?" the man inquired, tilting his head a little bit, showing sincere curiosity.
  16. Aluro watched as Arc began to choke. His gaze wandered about the room, and the werewolf knew exactly what he was up to. "Now now... Why should I be honest with you if you won't be honest with me?" She asked, her voice soft as to not bring attention to herself. She prided herself on being able to sniff out a lie from a mile away.
  17. Being fed his own slab of meat, Thorn devoured the feast with an unearthly gusto. Looking at Arc, he tried to judge what mythical creature he was supposed to be. "You're as stupid looking as a bandersnatch, I'll give you that, Arc." Thorn teased playfully as he yawned, the meat bringing on a slight food coma. "We're none of your beeswax, bandersnatch boy." Thorn teased, still hoping he would get to keep eating.
  18. Arc laughed softly as he was greatly amused by this lively duo. The woman was more of the serious type, and the man was more of the reckless, happy-go-lucky cases. The man took a sip from the cup of tea, and heaved a relaxed sigh after a few moments of silence. He closed his eyes in contemplation, and after a few instances, he opened them again. "I guess we all have our secrets to keep. Although, wouldn't it be interesting to find out each other's true nature after some time?" Arc smiled as he wiped his mouth with a napkin.

    "Still, I'm really interested of your origins, but I do understand if you would be hesitant to tell me. After all, we just met today, haven't we?" Arc shrugged his shoulders, looking at the lad. "On the contrary, you're actually someone's beeswax. You see, every city is under the overseer of a guardian. That way, he monitors the progress of every supernatural creature-- just to make sure nothing goes wrong."

    "Besides, you've heard the rumors, right? Supernatural creatures gettin' killed left and right. It's actually a bugger." Arc sighed sadly as he began to clear his table. "Some say they are human hunters, some say avengers, still, some say that they're just natural deaths. We'd never know."

    Suddenly, his eyes brightened as he snapped his fingers. "Which reminds me... it'll be a long time before you can eat here again. This is because members, like myself, can only bring in guests once every year. So, if you want to eat here again, you'd need money, a membership, and a job." Arc informed the duo as he yawned.

    "Money you can get from jobs, and a membership... by undergoing the 'test'." Arc nodded to the two as he drank more tea.
  19. Aluro narrowed her eyes as she listened to Arc talk. Those rumors were facts. A human hunter had taken the previous alpha before her very eyes. As he continued, she found herself feeling slightly more hostile. "I'm afraid I already have a job protecting what little family I have left. We must get going now." She stated as she stood up from the table.
  20. "Your family is going to be more protected here in the town. You're not from around here, are you? It's obvious. Number one, I don't recall your faces. Number two, you don't even know the underground structures, and lastly, you're not aware of that simple fact that supernatural creatures like us are more protected by blending in with humans." Arc shook his head as he drank the tea completely. "If I have to guess, I'd say you're still one of those creatures who still live in the forests. If so, you must be aware that the killings begin in the forest? Do you know why? The hunters believe that the supernaturals still live there. Let me tell you this, Aluro, unless you want your family to be made into pin-cushions by silver bolts, I suggest you move them here. Under this city guardian's care. You'll be given a home to at least live decently."

    Arc got up as he began to walk towards the door. "Have you ever questioned why a lot of these creatures here, although forest dwellers, opt to come out, and live in the city? The answer is simple. The woods aren't safe anymore. They know that they have better chances of survival here. It's still your decision though, but if you ever want to reconsider, you can always find me in the library. Good day, Aluro, and Thorn. Survival isn't about escaping anymore... it's about blending in."

    With that, Arc went out of the restaurant, breathing a huge gasp of air. "It's never easy to move out from one's home. Trust me... I know." Arc mumbled to himself... remembering how he was cast out of Heaven. It was a long way down, though. From Heaven to Earth, it was a huge shock for him. He knew how hard it was to adjust. He knew the pain, trouble, and... benefits of it.