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  1. What to expect of me
    • I will give you what you give me. Although, sometimes I do like to write a book. Haha​
    • I love plot twists, So I will inform you when I feel like it's necessary and vice versa​
    • I am very easy going. I will not be offended if you think something could be better.​
    • I am very open minded, so don't be worried about asking for a special kink or fetish. I usually don't say no.​
    • I tend to favor yaoi or dude on dude role plays. However I do enjoy a good heterosexual or lesbian role play.​
    • I also favor sekes, for it keeps things from becoming redundant.​
    • i work a lot so I may be a bit slow, however I will respond like crazy when I have time off.​
    • I have very few human characters (I draw my own characters), but upon request I might change them to a human.​
    • I do not like porn without plot. Don't get me wrong i like to have as much loving in the role play as possible, but I do love a good plot.​
    • If you wish to role play with me and have your own idea, let me know!​

    Pairings I would like to do (open)

    Humanoid x demon
    humanoid x humanoid
    humanoid x vampire
    humanoid x human
    Dance teacher x student
    stripper x mafia leader
    musician x manager
    demon x demon
    goddess x witch or demon (lesbian pairing)
    vampire x human
    vampire x demon
    alice in wonderland themed

    Plot ideas

    Reaching for the stars

    A promising hairstylist has dreams of becoming a platform artist. He wants to travel the world and allow new hairstylist to learn from him. Everything he has done in his career path has been aiming towards that goal. The next step is to make it in the big leagues. He has done many models, but now it's time for the big screen. Out of complete luck he finally gets the chance. However, upon meeting the people he has to work with is going to prove that his luck might just have run out. A few are nice but most of them are rude and obnoxious! Particularly one. The taunt, prank, yell, etc at one another. Will they both be able to keep their sanity through the movie or will one of them breakdown or will they end up liking one another? Will the take their frustrations out in a more physical way?

    Looking for:

    Seme or Seke
    Can be Actor, director, another hairstylist, makeup artist etc
    Enjoys lots of good man on man action
    Add your own flavor to the idea
    Doesn't mind My character being a Neko
    Able to handle a mix of drama and romance

    I will be adding more ideas to this thread at a later date, so I prefer a PM. However, I do not mind if you wish to post in this thread.

    With love!
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  2. Plot #2
    My Candy Kitten

    A new club has opened up in town! On Thursday nights it transforms into a strip joint. The club is very gay, straight, and lesbian friendly, so they use strippers for all categories to accommodate everyone. Chiko, a struggling student, is currently working there. He was able to get in for his friend owns the bar. However, he keeps getting requests to be on the stage for Thursday nights. He keeps refusing until he is in dire need for a fatter paycheck. That night a man watches Chiko dancing and decides that he wants him to be his personal dancer. Unable to refuse to money Chiko agrees, but tries to fight tooth and nail to make the man loose interest. He refuses to be some man's pet.
    • Seke or seme ​
    • more ideas to help the plot out ​
    • I want this to have minor roles that could become bigger later. (Varies between different types and positions)​

    Chiko (open)
    chiko misaki
    age: 21
    height: 5'6

    please pm me if you like this idea, I will be adding more later <3
  3. Plot #3
    Fight with me!

    The government has set out to create the perfect team of soldiers. They are so bent on achieving this dream they recruit people who society would not notice missing. After many unsuccessful attempts, they finally achieve it. The team consists of four males in their twenties. Being thorough the scientists even blocked their memories of their previous lives. Taking away their names and renaming them Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Zeta. The four are obedient to a fault. After a few months of constiently doing the governments bidding, their memories are slowly returning. Outraged at the government they decide to flee and fight back.

    must have one seme and one uke
    each character must have two special abilities/talents and at least two weaknesses
    plot input is wanted

    pm me if you are interested, or have an idea of your own.​
  4. Plot #4

    No rest for the wicked

    Inhumans: supernatural beings in human form of some type. Demons, angels, humanoids, vampires, etc
    Inhumans have been in existence since the beginning of time. They once lived separately from the humans, and pledged to their creators to not harm the humans. As a result of those actions the humans unknowingly expanded their territory pushing the inhumans away from their homes. Till finally, man gained control over the earth. Forcing the inhumans to hide in fear of being killed. The inhumans started dying off, some adapted into society fairly well. All still hiding what they truely are.

    As years passed one inhuman flourished and rose to the top. He became CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. He can finally put his plan into action. He has become tired of the human who think they are the top of the food chain. His plan is to make humans more complacent and fat for inhumans to enjoy and rule over. No more hiding for them, no more fear of being found out what they truely are. This is gaining popularity fast thought the inhuman community.

    However, one inhuman calls for revolution in a different way. To show humans they are not as bad as the movies and stories make them out to be. He wants everyone to become equals. This too is gaining popularity, but not as fast. In fear of humans becoming a meal, he decides to fight the man behind the plan. He needs to get all the support he can find to make his plan actually work.

    multiple ccharacters even amount of semes, sekes, and ukes
    one character must be evil, however that one doesn't have to always stay evil.
    ideas are appreciated​
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