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Little Shop of Wonders and Trinkets

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by The Origliaso Family, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Hot sweat slid down her body and fell in small droplets to the ground, her pants or fell on to her running shoes if they didn’t get swallowed by her already soaked shirt. Jogging on the evenings was always the perfect way to end the day and start the nocturnal shift. Also you got sufficiently distracted to not think about all the bullshit that puddle up inside her mind when she was doing nothing. Selene’s long and dark ponytail moved from one side to the other with each step and slapped the back of her shoulders with fury every time she decided to push her body a bit more. The speed made her fingers tingle with excitement caused the adrenaline that pumped through her veins almost as fast as her blood. It was safe, it was comforting, it was known and she had the control of her body. She could stop whenever she wanted to, run faster whenever she needed to. Selene didn’t have the privilege of controlling herself all that much so she liked to feel in control whenever she could.

    Selene jogged, walked and ran all around the city and always avoided the dark alleys and corners. You never knew what could happen in a big city… Though the moment that her body begged for her to stop and take a breath, the place that it picked was in front of an antique store that unlike the rest of the big fancy stores surrounding her, looked old and curious. Selene gathered her breath and wiped off some of the sweat that was falling to her eyes, wiped her hand on the left side of her sweats and decided to go check it out, just for the hell of it. -ring, cling- She pushed the door open and the smell of old and dust greeted her accompanied by the familiar sound of the alarm bell. “Hello?” She called out in her little voice as she stepped into the store. To her surprise the place appeared to be an old toy store and at the counter sat an old wrinkly woman with bright red eyes that pierced right through her soul. The red eyes that held her glare seemed to have been holding on to her whole begin because she just couldn’t turn around and flee like she was instructed daily by her best friend Annette; Selene just stood there petrified. “Welcome young lady.” The older woman said in a voice that sounded much healthier that her frail appearance allowed one to imagine. “Do you want a glass of water and a few cookies? You look like you’re in need of hydration.” The old woman asked obviously seeing the fear that was keeping Selene immobile; the way the old woman smiled as if pleased of inflicting fear, made her stomach churn. “Don’t worry my dearest’ come, get closer. No one can bite you here. We are only allowed to feed from humans. You did not know that? Oh, shame on that irresponsible vampire that did not explain how the balance works for you. Come along, I will tell you.” The old woman insisted and Selene didn’t know what else to do… but follow along. ‘How does she know that I hang with vampires?!’ Selene wondered

    What is this place?” Selene asked in a whisper as the old woman took her time to stand up and walk to the back of the store, dragging her skinny and wrinkled legs.

    This is a little shop of wonders and trinkets, and a vampire hideout.” Answered the woman casually.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.