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  1. So i've been wanting to make this roleplay for awhile now.
    Basically this roleplay is about little red riding hood. Just a darker version.
    When little red was little she was cursed. The curse turned her soul into something dark and eery. She was to a forest called Dagwood.
    Along with her were four boys and three other girls. They lurk deep withing the forest killing anyone who tries to enter. The tribal people who live outside the forest have hired assassins to venture into the forest and kill what they call the hooded children.

    That's the main idea for right now. If your interested just reply on here. If you have any ideas please feel free to write them. These are the characters that I have for the story so far. I don't know if I want to add more yet.

    Also they call them the cloaked children, because they all wear a different color cloak.

    1. Me (red cloak)
    2. Taken
    3. Taken

    1. Taken
    2. Taken
    3. Taken

    1. Taken
    2. Taken

  2. I can play uhm girl number 2? xD
  3. I will play =D
    I will be a boy #1 lolz? :3
  4. I play assassin. NUMBAH ONE!!
  5. Girl nĂºmero 3 please ^^
  6. Ok cool :). when we get enough players I'll make the thread for us to post. If you guys want you can make a character sheet. I dont really want anything in particular. Just put whatever you want and a color cloak. I'll make one too. I was thinking maybe each person could have a significant animal...maybe.
  7. So is it a free form charrie sheet?
  8. Yeah. I mean if that's ok. I don't do many roleplays where you need a character sheet so I figured it would be easier this way.
  9. Name:Lolita Cassia

    Nicknames: Loli; "Doll Face"
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: Dec. 14

    Age: 12

    Appearance: 27927Rena.jpg With blue eyes
    Alliance: "The cloak children"

    Cloak Color: Black- Associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. It's associated with fear and the unknown. It usually has a negative connotation and denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very prestigious color.

    Weapon: Lolita prefers to use her bare hands. Sometimes she also likes to use a bow or her throwing knives.

    Talents: Lolita is a skilled hunter and tactician. She is also good at acting and setting traps.

    Personality: Everything in the world is an experiment to Lolita. Even as a child she wanted to dissect everything. This trait made those around her afraid of her. She also exhibits a sadistic and intimidating personality. Emotionally, she described herself as always alone and that she has no love. She can't feel deep emotions other than the need to dissect whatever interests or irritates her. Despite this twisted personality, Lolita does have a kind side that worries for her friends and feels the need to protect them. She also exhibits a paternal demeanor.
    Fears: Lolita has phobias of heights and spiders
    Theme Songs: [video=youtube;pCSRo_jRt10][/video]
    History: Lolita was raised by an abusive father who raped her daily. One day, after she had enough, she killed him and the rest of her village because they did nothing to help her when she came to them. She survived in the wilderness alone and the cloaks saw her potential. Lolita joined them immediately.
  10. Sounds pretty interesting! Mind if I take boy 2?
  11. Yes, you can have boy2
    Trackerofthenorth: I really like your character sheet
  12. how old can our characters be? xD
  13. The cloak children can be from 12-18
    The assassins can be in their early 20's
  14. pensivity_by_xxxbekixxx-d49o3k6.jpg
    Name: Ivy Moon
    Age: 17
    Cloak: Silver/White representing the moon's purity.
    Abilities: highly skilled in combat and weaponry. Great at tactical planning and organization.

    Bio: She was a princess of the Moon tribe but they were taken and slaughtered by a bloodthirsty enemy. She, 12 then, and other children were taken captive while their families were slaughtered and tortured in front of them. She had then planned to run away and take the rest of the captives with her including her tribe's children and the others' but the conquering tribe has found out about it before all of them can escape. Some of the children were killed, only few were saved. They left the tribe but she went back later on, alone, silently creeping in the shadows, killing the whole tribe one by one. It was then that she had come to the forest, blood in her long winter-blonde hair, to be found by the Hooded Children.

    Personality: Being one of the older kids in the cloak, she's always taken the maternal role. She takes care of them even if they don't necessarily need it but it comes naturally to her. She is usually soft-spoken and level-headed. She prefers the quick and clean way of killing, unlike some of the other children who seems to enjoy inflicting pain.

    Weapons of choice: knives, swords, darts laced with poison, arrows and other hand weapons for that inflicts the minimal but critical damage.
  15. I'll take the last boy char
  16. I'll be assassin number 2 :D
  17. Name: Machiavelli Ollivario


    Cloak color:
    Blue, representing calm.

    Appearance: (His eyes are glazed over and milky looking.)


    Mac has a very peaceful, calm aura about him and it's quite rare for him to outwardly show any sort of emotion. He doesn't seem to know how to act around people, usually being formal and awkward. He values his intelligence over people skills, talking to someone has never saved his life, after all. Though being level-headed is a good trait, his near constant serene disposition often becomes unnerving to others.

    Weapons/fighting style:
    Because of a birth defect, Machiavelli is almost completely blind, making combat rather hard for him. Instead of hand to hand combat, he makes traps, setting them up almost everywhere in the woods. Traps can range form insanely complex to very simple, but they are almost always lethal. There are a few, however, that will simply make it so those who are trapped cannot fight back, allowing him to easily kill or torture them as he sees fit.

    Special skills:
    Above average intelligence. Due to his lack of sight his other senses are heightened.

    Mac came from a family where he was the middle child between two sisters. His father was an avid hunter and was the one who originally though him how to make traps. His mother ended up getting vary sick and died, causing his father to eventually grow mad. During one of his many mental breakdowns he set their house on fire. Mac was the only one of his family able to escape the inferno.
  18. 17702_1243735534120_400_300.jpg

    cloak color: Red. Increases enthusiasm, Stimulates energy and can increase the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate, Encourages action and confidence, Provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety

    Weapon: Katasha has always had a thing for daggers of all kinds. She keeps at least two hidden in her boot.

    Talents. Katasha was "born" with red eyes. She is able to see well in the daytime and night with them. When she met the cloaked children she told them she was born with them. Even though that is far from the truth. She is also a very talented fighter.

    Personality: Katasha has a very dark personality. She grows impatient very easily unless she's taunting her victim. The only people she shows any kindness to is the cloaked children. She still seems to keep to herself more than the others. Using most of her time training or ending someones life.

    Fears: Katasha has a horrible fear of fire.

    Bio: When Katasha was born, she was born into a gypsy family. Her father found out that it was not his child and accused her of being cursed. He stole her from her mother in the middle of the night and began to do a ritual on her. When the mother interrupted it Katasha's eyes grew red. To this day she is still unaware of what it truly means. As she grew older her family would reject her more and more. One night as she slept her mother set her tent on fire. She escaped with a burn shoulder. When she was healed she returned and finished off her village. Quickly she retreated into the forest. Over the years more children came and joined her with their own twisted stories.
  19. So...when are we starting this? I'm excited XD
  20. I was thinking maybe after a few more people made there characters. I know im going to start it sometime this week though. I'm thinking Tuesday at the latest.