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Hello darlings~ I'm currently on a search once to find an Rp partner! I simply adore rps with a supernatural twist. Vampires, demons, Gods of the past, I love them all!( however if I have to be bias vampires will always win my heart over).

Here is a tad bit of information about myself.

I work a lot and other daily activities that might keep me from immediately responding. Typically I only send messages via phone since it's easier to access and I always have it on me. I don't think that hinders my post in anyway.

I'm a sucker for mean/overprotective/dominant characters. I would rather have someone that my characters can fight/bicker, then for everything to be easy breezy (covergirl).

I love romance in an Rp, it's my favorite part honestly and one of the main reasons I do Rp!
Does that asshole character have a soft hidden side, LET ME SEE IT!

I only play female characters, just because that is something I'm more comfortable with. I tend to only do F/M pairings.

I typically can write anywhere between 2- 6 paragraphs per post. Though if I'm really feeling an Rp, I can do 6+. Or I will try to match your post length as well! I hate even making this a request, but at the minimum I would prefer my partner to at least give me 2 paragraphs. Now sometimes only one paragraph might be called for, then so be it. But if you are only handing me one while I'm giving you five or six paragraphs I'll quickly lose interest.

I also enjoy hearing other people's ideas for plots, so don't feel shy about asking to do something or even offering more to my own plot!

I am ghost friendly. Hate how the Rp is going or feeling like we aren't a good mash after all? That's totally fine! Or if you leave and want to pick it back up later in life, that's a-okay with me!

So that's about it for me! I currently have no ideas going through this noggin, if you have something you've been wanting to do, don't hesitate to hit me up! I'm all for hearing ideas

Here are some pairings that I deeply enjoy!



Arrange marriage





Ancient being/godXsacrificial bride/reincarnation love