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  1. I've been itching to RP once more so I'm looking for partners. I require the proper use of grammar, spelling and details when playing. I write anywhere from 2 to 4 paragraphs and prefer detail to help visualize the setting. It's fine if it takes you some time to reply, life happens of course and we all have our days. Just shoot me a quick message and I won't mind waiting at all. I prefer to role play in PM's.

    Plot Ideas:

    X. Kidnapped and shipped off to an abandoned Chernobyl building, two people are locked inside and forced to find a way out while every night they are attacked by mutated people.

    X. Two roommates have to fight their way off campus in the middle of the night when students start attacking each other. They eventually find out their school is part of an experiment by the government and are not able to leave the grounds, forcing them to find an alternative route out.

    X. While on a road trip the car breaks down and two people are forced to spend time in a creepy town.
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  2. I'm sorry, I like to take stories at a slower pace. Thank you though!
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