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  1. Lilac (open)

    Full Name: Lilac Grace McKinnon (Black)
    Nickname(s): Lila, Lily, Grace
    Birthplace: Godric's Hollow, West County
    Date: May 5, 1979
    Age: Depending on RP.
    Blood Type: Fullblood
    Sexuality: Bi-sexual
    House: Slytherin
    Affiliation: Neutral
    Wand: Oak, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inches
    Clubs: Slug Club, Quidditch (Beater), Prefect


    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Body Type: Thin
    Unique Features: Dimples
    Animagus: Fox
    Face Claim: Tahlia Giumelli
    Extra Details: None until she gets in her adult years with a scar down her back, that she gets from the war.


    Patronus: A Horse
    Boggart: Spiders
    Amortentia: Bananas, Jasmine, and Coconut
    Likes: Butterbeer, Having a good time with friends, Charms, Quidditch
    Dislikes: Pickels, Transfiguation, Lavender Brown, Most of the Black family
    General Personality: She isn't particularly your average Slytherin. She doesn't care for blood purity or care about muggles or not. Her adopted parents taught her what her parents fought for. She, however, is sly, cunning, and ambitious. That is how she became a Slytherin. Sure, she may sometimes have that 'leave me be' type of attitude. She is easy to anger, much like her father and quick to get in a fight. Though, she uses her brain against her opponets, which sometimes throw them off with her anger. She knows how to sneak around. Loyalty to her is everything, though. You could call her stubborn, she doesn't like to believe things that she feels are wrong and will argue until the subject is dropped.


    Nationality: English
    Home Town: London
    Current Residence: Borrow
    Financial Status: Upper-Middle Class
    Family Relations: Marlene McKinnon (Mother), Sirius Black (Father), Mr. /Mrs. McKinnon (Aunt/Uncle, Adopted parent)
    Pet(s): Black Owl named Snuffles
    General History: Lila lost her parents in the first Wizarding War, her father went to Prison and her mother was killed. She was only two years old, a year older than Harry. She grew up in her mother's family, being treated as their own. She was raised well and raised to always be a good person, like her mother was. When the time came for her to get sorted she was given Slytherin. She didn't quite understand but her adopted parents blamed her father. The father she barely remembered. Telling her that he was in a Slytherin family and was put in Gryffindor only to back stab his best friends. Lila never believed it, it didn't sound like the father she had one memory of.
    When she was a little girl, before her parents left, she was playing with baby Harry. Her mother and Mrs. Potter where with the two children as the men where out. She didn't know why, but now that she was older she suspected it was because of Voldemort. When the men came back she recieved a kiss on the forehead by her Uncle Lupin and her dad picked her up and cuddled her before turning into Snuffles to play with her.
    When her father broke out of prison she wasn't sure what to think, maybe hoping she could be with him once again? She didn't get to see him, instead Sirius gave Harry a letter to give to her. It told her that what was going around was not true and he hoped she did not hate him for what has happened. He had to be in hiding for a while but he was going to come back for her, one day. At least for that one year she had her Uncle Lupin who she loved dearly. He visited her often when she was a child growing up.
    Her last year of Hogwarts was the year her father died, she knew why he never came back. Though, it pained her at times to look at Harry. She knew it wasn't his fault. When the news of his death came they did morn together. One of the very few times they spent together in Hogwarts. She vowed to help Harry in the war.
    When the war started in Hogwarts she returned there, much like many others. She was sure the Slytherins thought of her as a traitor but she didn't care. She didn't think Voldemort needed to win. She fought along with the Weasley twins and even felt hurt when Fred died, she honestly grew attached to them when they played Quidditch together. After the war while Harry and the other students were in school to finish their last year she helped George in the store. Soon helping him through his grieving.

    Draco (open)

    Lilac was rushing to Hogwarts Express, she promised she would meet Harry there before he left for his last year... again. Ginny already made her older brother George come without her knowledge. Apparently, Harry wanted Lilac to work with George until the school year ended so neither would be alone. It wasn't like Lilac needed him to take care of her. She finally made it and hugged the Trio along with Ginny. "Alright, I'm here. Sorry I was running late Harry."
    "Its alright, George will be here soon." Lilac rose a brow. "You need a job and he needs help." He stated matter-of-factly.
    "I don't need you taking care of me, Harry James."

    Draco sighed, he made Head Boy and everyone hated him. Slytherins believed he was a traitor and the others all knew who he fought for. His mother was trying to get her family back sense his father went to prison. He finally met Andormeda and that little odd infant with blue hair that apparently Harry was going to raise. He wouldn't admit he changed but he has. He knew he would. He wasn't afraid to step out of line anymore. The first thing he needed to do was apologize to Potter and his friends. Mainly Granger, he done her wrong on too many levels. As the thought of what his aunt did to her arm he scratched at the dark mark, wanting it to be gone. "I am truly screwed this year."​
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    George let Dean be in charge of the store the last few days. He had trouble doing most things now. Sometimes he was sure he hears Fred's voice. Even when he spoke sometimes, he thought Fred would be there to join in. From now on, George would have to finish all of his own sentences. He cleared his throat and looked over at the bedroom he used to share. He hadn't gotten around to removing Fred's things even after how many months it had been. He took a shower and got dressed quickly. The last thing he wanted to do was make Harry and them late. He promised he would be there to see them off. He apparated right to the station and found them easily. The Weasley hair had always been a give away. "Sorry I'm late," he said quietly, clearing his throat as he hugged each of them.

    Hermione was anxious to be going back after everything that happened. She didn't want to leave her family again, but it was only one more year. Harry had gone with her to the southern hemisphere to meet her parents when she reversed the memory charm. It worked, well, like a charm. There were no negative side effects that had occurred. She hugged George and looked at the group around her. All of them were so out of it now, so grown. She tugged absently on the three layers of clothes covering her scar. She'd been made Head Girl of Gryffindor and Harry Head Boy. She still wanted to learn and rebuild. "I'm going to find seats with Crookshanks," she told the group collectively before heading onto the train with a fluffy orange cat following two steps behind her. Crookshanks never left her side anymore.
  3. (Okay but there is only two Head Students.)

    Lilac turned to George and gave him a hug, to think it was about five months sense the war happened. "'Ello, George." She said softly. She could almost feel the lack of happiness in the boy. "How are you?" She asked out of being polite though she knew he wasn't taking the death well. She couldn't blame him. She lost someone she barely knew and her Godfather, he lost his twin. "How's the shop?"
    "Alright, Hermione." Harry smiled to her, "We'll be there soon. I believe Ron already went to find a seat." He said before looking to George and Lilac. He still acted like he had to take care of everyone. "George, do you still need help in the shop?" He was sure Dean had to go to school again, unless he had help through Lee Jordan. He looked to Lilac who sighed, she didn't like the younger boy taking care of her. "Meddler," she thought.

    Draco sighed, he wasn't walking up to the lot like a crazy person. He just got up into the train and sat in a compartment up in the front. He leaned his head back, so many things running into his head. He wasn't the confident little bloke he use to be. He didn't know what to do or how to apologize. He sighed, grabbing out his book to read to himself. He needed to lose his thoughts. He looked to the window to see Hermione get onto the train. He could speak to her first but then he'd have to deal with Ron being the asshat he was.​
  4. George (open)

    Hermione (open)

    George did his best to smile back at Lilac when she hugged him. He bit the inside of his cheek as he gave a quiet, "Alive." It pained him to say, but he couldn't give any different response when he didn't feel any other way. How did one describe half of themself missing? He was alive and Fred wasn't. That's how it was... At least with the focus on the shop, he could ignore it for a little while. "It's doing well. Lee and Dean have been helping out a lot. Percy's stopped by a couple of times." That was the weirdest thing of all. With the death of Fred, Percy decided to come back into the family and make sure he wasn't as big a prat as he used to be. It was a nice change, George would give him that. "Yeah, only have Lee now when he's not a work." He had a feeling where this was going. He didn't like it - not because he had anything against Lilac but that was he and Fred's baby and nobody else's - but he would accept the help.

    Hermione went to the right to find Ron since she knew he wasn't in the front car where the Prefects sat. She walked through a couple of cars and tried to ignore the stares and little gasps she got. Those were to be expected now. She was right at Harry Potter's side. Her name would be going down in history too... They were on the wizard cards now after all. They were three of the greats; she would always say that Ron didn't really deserve it given everything he didn't do but he contributed nonetheless. When she found him, he was surrounded by five girls who were asking him about the war and what he did... and he was loving every second of it.
    She sighed and turned back to head towards the front. There were a lot of things she would put up with on that day but that was not one of them. When she opened the compartment door, Crookshanks ran right in and hopped up onto one of the sides of the seats. She saw Draco but didn't really know what to say to him, so she didn't say anything and took a seat in the corner. She had her same beaded bag on her hip and sat there contemplating if she should read or not.
  5. "Until Ron gets out of school Lilac can help, she could use the money," Harry said, though what he really meant was she could use the distraction as much as George did. He looked to Lilac, she only gave a shrug. What else was she going to do? Obviously Harry planned it. "Harry, we're adults we can talk it over. Go get on the train before you're late." Lilac wasn't sure what to do or say with George, Harry was meddling because he thought he was being helpful. She turned to George with an apologetic look.

    Draco heard the door open, first he seen an ugly little cat before he seen Hermione. "Hello, Hermione." He said quietly, going back to his book. He wasn't going to be rude to her, he kept telling himself, he had no reason to do so anymore. "Congratulations on making Head Girl." He said not looking up from the leather bound book he held. He actually enjoyed reading.

    The train's whistle blew to let the students and families know the train was about to take off. To some it was also the sign of change, the sign of new and possibly good things where rounding the corners of their lives... Or it was just a loud whistle telling the students that the cranky train workers where ready to go.​
  6. George waved Harry on and nodded a thank you. He didn't want the extra help, but he could use it. Fred had been the idea twin when they weren't bouncing ideas off one another. He would need fresh ideas and fresh minds, he supposed. "You don't have to work if you don't want to," he said quietly, clearing his throat after. "Have you ever been inside before? I can't remember." People still came in throngs to see them, well, now him. There was a small memorial for Fred in the back of the store and a lot of people were surprisingly respectful of it. They cared about Fred too and it made him happy to see it.
    He always thought Lilac was a nice person. She never got annoyed with the antics he and George caused all the time. Even if she was a Slytherin, he and Fred never took House politics seriously unless they were bothered first. "We can apparate there after the train leaves if you want."

    Hermione tried not to jump when he referred to her. "Hey, Draco," she said after she caught herself. He knew she'd made Head Girl? Well, that'd make sense since she'd known of his achievement. "Congratulations to you too... I'm not surprised." Her voice was quiet and reserved now. She didn't like to waste words or time. Hopefully going back to an education environment would help her adjust. PTSD wasn't something that the wizarding world seemed equipped to deal with. Crookshanks crawled into her lap on top of her bag.
    She pulled her phone out of her pocket when the whistle blew. Her service would be leaving soon unless Headmistress McGonagall decided to lift the ban on electronics. Her best friend Lynnae, a Muggle, had promised to write via the post if she had to now. After the war, they'd spent enough time together and wanted to make sure they never went so long without contact again. "What are you reading?"
  7. Lilac listened to him, she didn't mind working for him. "Actually, I've been there for your Grand Opening, I bought a small bag of Siriusly Sirius Dog Treats, she didn't have a dog or anything. She just wanted the bag. It was hanging in her flat, she couldn't stay in her father's home. It didn't feel right especially sense her Godfather put up a painting of Sirius before he died. She didn't want a painting to remind her she never knew her father. "I don't mind working for you, George. I just don't like Harry thinking he has to take care of me." She explained, she been on her own quite a bit. She missed the joy that use to preoccupy his bright eyes.

    Draco was rather surprised not to be called Malfoy, then again he called her Hermione and not.. He shuddered at the thought, he could no longer say those words. Hearing her scream was far too much. He didn't want to hear anyones scream ever again. Not even for a small moment. He looked at the book, "My Aunt Andormeda gave it to me." He flipped the book over, "Romeo and Juliet, a play by William Shakespeare." He didn't know who the man was but he was a great writer. He looked up at Hermione and her ugly little cat, he was clueless as to what that device was in her hands. "Hermione? What is that box?"​
  8. "He does that... If you'd rather you can think of it as just another investment of his. He gave us the money to open it up, y'know. We didn't have much before him." Harry was one of the nicest friends of his that he'd ever gotten to know. Ron was a prat but at least he was good for something. "He likes taking care of people... You get kind of used to it, once he died for the entire wizarding and muggle world, y'know?" George didn't like all the sacrifices Harry had to make (and then chose to make) for everyone, but it was something he'd gotten quite used to over the years. He and Fred had returned the favour as often as they could.

    Hermione's face visibly perked up when she heard it was Romeo and Juliet. "I love Shakespeare," she smiled. "He's one of the greatest. I don't understand why my friends don't like it when he's taught to them." Of course she was referring to her Muggle friends this time instead of the friends most people would think of when she mentioned the people she associated with. She DID have other friends... they just didn't get to meet them or see them. At the mention of her phone her eyes widened. She gently moved Crookshanks off her lap to get up and go sit next to him. "It's my cell phone. It's a, uhm, muggle tool and entertainment device."
  9. Lilac thought about it, it was Harry's hero complex that he never asked for. He didn't ask to be the chosen one. "I heard how he gave you the money. You did well for yourselves. I loved going into your shop." Lilac gave him a soft smile. He was right, Harry was a brave man but so was he. "If you need the help I'd love to." She finally said , letting a bigger smile grow. She was once friends with the twins and Lee Jordan.

    Draco went to look at the little box until it dinged and made him jump. "Is it suppose to do that?" He wasn't fond of Muggle things as it was but he been jumpy sense the war. He took another look at her. "Hermione, I have a lot to apologize for."
  10. George still made sure his parents didn't know the truth behind where the money came from. He would rather have his mother believing that he and Fred had done some delinquent acts than know they took money from Harry, his winnings from the Triwizard Tournament nonetheless. "Sure... It's just me now. Lee helps out too, but it's mostly just me." The ideas were flowing in less and less now too, but he really hoped that would change once he was a little happier. It was still too early for that, but George hoped that he would get there eventually. The major problems he had now were mourning and getting over the fact he only had one ear. Sometimes he felt it still, he was sure.

    Hermione grinned a little and nodded. She let the screen light up and saw it was a text from Lynnae. "Yeah, I got a text... It's like an instant letter." She didn't know how much attention he'd paid to Muggle Studies class. His blood purity left her uncertain as to how much he knew and how much he didn't know. She quickly replied to Lynnae and glanced over at Draco when he spoke. "Everything was settled in the Room of Requirements," she told him. "I'm not one of the people who need you to apologize for your family."
  11. Lilac nodded, it seemed he needed a friend. "Did anyone tell you that you look ruggish?" She said with a grin to bring his spirits up. Of course she was only joking, losing an ear was a hard thing to come by. She herself has a scar down her back from being hit by someone that told her she wasn't worth the Black name... Slytherin or not. She shook thoughts away and waved to the parting train. "Harry's green eyes still have light." She said to herself, their was hope. They could heal too.

    Draco shook his head, "I meant for myself, though, I am sorry for what my Aunt did to you." He indicated to her arm. She may call herself a proud mudblood now but he should have never said it. "You and Harry saved me, you could have let me die but you saved me. After everything I did to you guys..." He looked at the leather bound book in his hands. He let out a sigh.
  12. George grinned a little. It was hollow, but there was something behind it a little more than there usually is. "What? Is it the ear? It's rude to point it out, y'know?" He knew exactly what she was talking about but didn't want to bring attention to it yet. The lone twin waved when he saw Harry and Ron go by and then turned his back to the train. "I feel worse than I look, trust me. But I shower now, so I'm doing well by my standards." He gave a gentle smile and ran a hand back through his hair.

    Hermione tugged on the sleeves and cleared her throat. That day was etched into her memory for the rest of her life. She could still hear her own screams... "I stopped holding grudges against you after I punched you in the nose... You don't need to apologize to me or Harry. He's forgiven you too." Harboring grudges seemed so petty and childish after everything she'd seen and been through. Draco had been forgiven in her mind.
  13. Lilac chuckled, "I meant the hair. Your growing it out again I see." She thought the twins looked a lot better with their long hair. His hair was short but longer than the last time she seen him. "The showers look good on you," she joked with him. She hated the ginger looking so sad, she wished she could help though she knew better. She pushed her hair behind her ear.

    Draco let off a soft smile, he felt better knowing that she forgave him for everything he did. Even if he didn't deserve it. "Speaking of Harry, where is boy wonder and Weasley?" He meant Ron not Ginny. Ginny gained a first name, he just never liked Ron. He ran a hand through his blonde hair before he looked her over, she seemed to be healthy at least.
  14. George chuckled and said, "Long hair covers the ear better." The other reason was that he wouldn't look like Fred anymore with his hair being longer. That wasn't the primary motivation, but looking in the mirror was getting damn near impossible and it made it really difficult to shave when one couldn't look at themselves. "I think so too. And so does Lee... least I haven't lost my handsome charm."
    People were leaving the platform to head back to the Muggle world. The two of them were slowly becoming the last two people there.

    Hermione really did like his smile. She had never thought about it before because they were too busy hating one another. She smiled back at him. "Ronald is surrounded by girls who want to talk to the war hero who's best friends with Harry Potter... and Harry is with him... so I'm here." Her relationship with Ron was one with more downs than ups, but they obviously had a connection, right? Sometimes she found herself thinking about the couple other relationships she'd been in when she wasn't very happy. But she was dedicated if nothing else. She had to stick with him.
  15. Lilac chuckled, "Like Lee has any room to talk of showers." She tilted her head to see the bandage on his ear. Glamour charm can hide it, if he really wanted to. She finally looked around and blushed quite a bit. "We should go before the charm locks us in." She didn't mean to take so much of his time, he had a job to do. If there was a flaw Lilac would admit to it was the fact when she spoke to someone she would only focus on them and their conversation. To be honest, it didn't help when she use to have a crush on them. Yes, she once had a crush on George Weasley back in her third year, his forth, but ended up dating Lee for a week.

    Draco furrowed his brow, first he realized he actually smiled he didn't know he could and two.... "I may not have any room to talk but you let your boyfriend flirt with girls?" He didn't have any room to talk at all, he could give most Slytherin girls a look and they would turn over for them. He didn't like Pansy and he missused her a lot. "I don't think he should do that if he is happily taken..."
  16. George nodded in agreement when she said they should leave. He supposed they could always apparate out, but he didn't feel like it was imperative. He nodded at her to go first and waited for her to walk through the column. George followed after her and sighed as he emerged in the Muggle world once more. There were stares directed towards his ear and none of them had any idea what else he'd lost. He would gladly give his other ear, his right foot, his left foot, his left arm, and yes, his right arm if it meant he would get his brother back. "Did you wanna go to the shop... you might as well look at the chaos to see what you might be getting yourself into."

    Hermione pulled Crookshanks into her lap, and the cat curled up right there. "No, you don't have any room," she said. Her focus was on the cat since it was easier than trying to prepare for the smugness that she was so used to dealing with. It might not ever come, but that didn't mean she wasn't prepared. "I don't think happily is the word either of us would use, but it's definitely the one Harry would like to use." Ron was just a familiarity at this point. And she wasn't sure if she could handle being on her own. Spending so much time after losing everything she had (and occasionally getting it back) left her in a much more fragile place than most people would expect from her.
  17. Lilac nodded, stepping out into the Muggle world. Muffled where so blind that never noticed what was under their noses. When George offered to go to the shop she agreed. "Alright, lets see what I can do." Not entirely sure if he knew his way around the Muggle city she lead the way to the pub they could go through.

    Draco frowned, he let out a sad sigh. "I'm rather sorry to hear that." He didn't even like the thought of arranged marriages but a relationship just to say your not alone? Hermione deserved so much better. "If taken by a woman a man should always be faithful, even if you hate each other with all your might." He told her.
  18. George was happy to let her take the lead even though he did know his way around. His father was still one of the biggest Muggle enthusiasts around; the Malfoys didn't think they were blood traitors for nothing. When they got to the pub, George took the lead and said, "Allow me," as he walked up to the wall and tapped the bricks - three up and two across from the trashcan. He walked in first and waited for her to walk through before he let the bricks close. "We still do plenty of business at the school, y'know... Minerv---Headmistress McGonagall is a lot more lenient with us."

    Hermione chuckled a little. It wasn't a happy sound, but if someone couldn't see the irony in the situation then they were obviously blind. "No offense, but when you have a higher moral code than any of the three of us it's time to start evaluating our lives... You're not wrong, but I didn't think you were capable of taking any kind of high road." The last thing she thought she'd ever be discussing with Draco Malfoy was her relationship. Why was she even talking about it? It didn't matter... Not really.
  19. Draco obviously took offense, "Its not a moral code... My parents had an arranged marriage, my mother started to love him after time." He sighed, a muscle in his jaw twitching. "I watched her break as he cheated on her," and when his mother where to bring the subject up.... Well, there was a reason his mother feared Lucius Malfoy. "I rarely dated, when I did I was faithful." He dated people twice, when he wasn't taken he was considered to be a whore. He couldn't deny it.

    Lilac chuckled, of course he knew his way. Why wouldn't he? His father was Arthur Weasley, after all. She wasn't sure why she didn't think of that. "I'm glad Headmistress is accepting now." She smiled, "I live in a Muggle flat two blocks down," she told him. She wasn't sure she wanted to explain why she couldn't stay in her father's home. "I miss Hogwarts," she admitted. That was her true home and she met people she could trust with her life.​
  20. Hermione wouldn't know anything about a rough family life, that she would admit. Her parents loved her and loved each other. But one couldn't say she had it easy. Her blatant PTSD gave that away as did everything she'd been through. "I don't suppose it really matters.. He's happy to do as he pleases. Less morals than Draco Malfoy, that's what he has to live with." Once she was out of Hogwarts, she could try to find a nice Muggle boy and settle down with him. She knew Lynnae would be supportive with everything she wanted in life. If it meant a lot of changes and less involvement with magic, so be it... sacrifices were something she was well familiar with now.

    George smiled when she said where she lived. His dad was so enthralled with the Muggles. It was one of his most endearing qualities. "Don't tell dad or he might want to move in with you." And George would be laughing the entire time to help him move in. "I miss it too... kind of. You can always try and visit, I suppose." He missed it because that's where he and Fred thrived together. He didn't miss it when he left because he had Fred. Now he had nothing else there.