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  1. Well, let's get some discussion going!
    Main Thread is "Little Lines I" because this is totally experimental and we'll probably need to make new guidelines to make things work, and start new rps. This could potentially be a total disaster, heh. Cautiously optimistic everyone~

    These rambles are on the main thread too, but I'll elaborate here:

    Should our characters be shared? Should we all create a small cast together? I've no idea how a large cast is gonna work here - though I have very little idea of how a small cast would work either.

    Are we aiming for a something closer to a poem or a script?

    How abstract should we keep it?
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  2. Shared characters may become blurry, though - and it becomes more like cooperative story writing than RPing, so I say that it should be tried first to do it more standardly.

    As for the cast size - it depends entirely on how well it works and if we manage to put a posting convention - because unrestrained, I give it at most 4 people before it devolves into a lightspeed mess.

    Though I have no idea what we're aiming for. I'm pretty sure, in the end, it's going to look a lot like the input of a text adventure game.

    As for abstraction - it depends on your definition. Abstract story? That's fine. Abstract concept? Also fine. But abstract structure we should be careful, because there is only a fine line between abstraction and gibberish/chaos/incomprehensibility.
  3. Such a fine line... and also a blurry line.... ahhh -flails-

    That's what I was nervous about. With character sharing, it definitely becomes a co-operative story - breaking the rules of RP, essentially, but it's still collaborative and it's still writing...

    Anyway we'll see what breaks, and then make a Little Lines II. We will figure this out!

    I'm gonna wait for some of the others, or maybe even some new people, to peek their heads in before I go on. Love what you did to the setting.
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  4. Um... this is kinda embarrassing. What does your question "should our character be share" and "cast" mean. -.-; Sorry. Me no inggeris gud.
  5. Characters be shared means that everyone can make any character move - so basically, if powerplaying should be encouraged.

    Cast is the ensemble of characters in the story.
  6. I already got confused. :P
  7. @Shade_XY
    As Yiyel said, the cast is basically all the characters. Small cast = a low amount of charactes, High cast = lots of characters in the rp.

    Sharing means that the characters might not be "yours." In a typical rp, you control your character's actions, other people control theirs. In a case of shared characters, everyone has the option of moving them.

    I hope the others are reading this...
    So far we need to get serious events rolling, I think - and of course never be afraid to drastically change things. Is it just me or does everyone seem to be... tiptoeing?
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  8. I noticed it seemed like like 5-word-stories I've participated in. But I think people are gradually moving toward their own characters. And since a position of authority hasn't been brought up yet, I'm thinking of some twists for the waitress character.
  9. I don't think people moving to characters is a bad thing at all - but that brings up the question of whether or not we should be allowed to / encouraged to powerplay. Characters are good, but weak characters are not.

    I'm actually going to mass-ping everying so that this can be answered:

    Should we share all the characters?
    @Yiyel @Salsacookies @Katrina Iceheart @Shade_XY @Penultimate Pi @Cheeki Breeki @AAB

    and please be active here! This is an experiment and if there are any guidelines that you think should be followed, suggest it! The ultimate goal is something cohesive.
  10. I think we should share characters unless someone claims one as theirs or keeps using the same one so that their attachment to it is apparent.
  11. I don't have anything to say, I am enjoying it so far. Nothing I can think of to change.

    I'd say we have our own characters.
  12. I say that for now have our own characters - but not be afraid to transit.
  13. I personally don't have a preference either way. (In reality, I'm just glad that this idea exists XD it's so creative and diverse)
  14. Eh, not sure. I think we should just keep it how it is.
  15. Well, the issue was that I wasn't sure what the plan was, so I didn't know how to keep it the same.

    From this, I think most people want to keep their own characters, which works - but note that it will probably veer off into scripts and dialogues. :)

    I'm thinking maybe there are two types of one-liner rps that can happen... hmmm
  16. What if there was more than two?

    I can see more than two.
  17. Continue this train of thought 8)
  18. So.

    I thought this through, and it's pretty much a tree. There's two main sets, each with two identical subsets, and each of these subsets have elements that further refine. It goes as such:

    Main sets:
    1)One Character
    2)Multiple Characters

    Main Subsets:

    Ancillary subsets:
    Dark Horse: The character(s) generally start out as relatively unknown, but end up being Big Goddamned Heroes. In set 1, it manifests as The Loner (think Fallout 3 or NV's protagonists or the Dragonborn) who, while they may accept help, generally travel and work alone. In set 2, it usually manifests as the Ensemble Dark Horse (compare Mass Effect's Shepard and crew) who is a little, unknown team who ends up getting the job done.

    Company: Generally abrasive characters who still get the job done. In set 1, it generally manifests as the Anti-Hero, who gets shit done for his own profit (take note that in set 1B, it may also become seemingly schizophrenic as it switches between different sorts of abrasive). Set 2 would become the Bunch of Misfits (or, in 2B, source of hilairous chaos and infighting if no one takes anything personally)

    Misfortune: The character(s) have SHIT luck. Set 1A generally shows this as An Obituary, where we play out the terrible events that lead them to their breaking/demise/other unfortunate acts. Set 1B generally turns SAW where people take turns pulling the character through as much as they can pull off. 2A generally becomes Bad End, where they try but fail terribly. 2B generally becomes the Death Row (where characters are trudged through everything, seeing their friends die only to fail at the most soul-crushing moment).

    Improbability: Through some dumb luck, character(s) that are completely normal make it through or save things from a situation that is the exact opposite of normal.

    I''ll add more later...
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  19. Geeze this is well thought out for a one liner rp XD yet again, it never ceases to amaze me.
  20. See, Katrina, it's because to me and Sarre it's sorta more than a one-liner RP. If you ever spot us again, take note - you could guess that whenever me and Sarre interact it's an experiment, and I'd wager 90% of the time you'd be right.

    It's exploring the possibilities.

    You're more than welcome to join us.
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