Little Lines I (A One-Liner RP)

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  1. Please visit the OOC. Everyone is welcome to comment on this crazy idea there, even if you aren't participating here. I have no idea what I'm doing and I need help haha...
    Link to OOC

    I. All your posts should be one sentence.
    II. Ok fine if you really, really, need to, you can use two. If you really need to.
    III. Read all the posts. I am starting with neither plot nor setting nor genre, and it will probably remain vague for a while.
    IV. Maybe you can write a nice sentence in ten seconds. Mull it over for at least a few minutes, though. Let's keep it careful?
    V. And not too graphic, of course.

    Notes / Suggestions / Random Thoughts - for the OOC
    Should our characters be shared? Should we all create a small cast together?
    We have decided on NO POWERPLAYING
    Is this poetry? Is it a script?
    Should it all by cryptic and feelsy?

    @Yiyel @Marionette @Shade_XY @Salsacookies
    AND let the experiment begin! Let's hope for something beautiful!
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  2. The walls of the coffee shop are filled with prints and plaques and mounted heads, but they don't cover all the old bullet holes.
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  3. Then again - that's part of the charm, having a restaurant so clinically known for hosting such high-profile guests.
  4. Yeah, Scarface, Al Capone... they show that we have a reputation, character, ya know?
  5. In the grey hours of the morning the energy of the place is depleted, save for a dreary leftover nursing a mug of lavender tea and three mealy pancakes.
  6. Some days the dreary person just came it and sat with the food, not laying a finger on it, and other times they even left the condiment jars on the table empty.
  7. Tips are always welcomed by the waiters and waitresses.
  8. But there was always one constant - he HAD to order lavender tea, and it HAD to have a sip of it left when he was done.
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  9. A strange quirk, some might say; many other folk, who without coincidence drank coffee in the morning, would object to say it was perfectly reasonable, especially considering his supposed status.
  10. They say he was a Deposed prince, or a rich entrepreneur. It was all speculation.
  11. Some others though think him delusional. Lost in his own world.
  12. But no one ever wanted to talk to this guy, who they thought was extremely odd, to find out what he actually was
  13. But if they had actually gotten to know him, they might have become great friends.
  14. In the other hand, however, is There really enough time to "get to know" someone like him? Doubtful, I think.
  15. Sure, he kept coming back to that place - but who knows where he was before that, or goes afterwards.
  16. Maybe he was just a fiction of everyone in the bar's imagination.
  17. Maybe, maybe...but hello, who's this? That has just entered the bar.
  18. It was any other day, a modest crowd of people producing a quiet storm of clashing silver- and glass-ware; each person was passive and yet eager, unwilling to break the ice but awaiting the one who would.
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  19. A teenager with long, blue hair was the first to speak up, in a loud, yet unsure and nervous voice.
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  20. "Free drinks for everyone!" he cheered.