Little Lines: crazy edition (One liner RP)

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  1. Similar to the experimental Little Lines I this RP is only to be made up of one line posts. It differs in that anything at all can happen. I encourage you to go crazy and make the wildest things happen.

    1. One sentence ONLY, Two sentences if absolutely necessary.
    2. Be sure to read all posts. This has no intended plot, but consistency is preferred.
    3. Don't post back and forth between two people for mire than five posts. Give others a chance to contribute.

    Let the experiment begin.
  2. The chili cooking competition was off to a heated start, but anything could happen as the judges tested the competitors dishes.
  3. Which, of course, pushed Jake to use his little secret weapon - a pepper so potent that ancient Mayans weaponized it.
  4. A farmer and his herd of forty-four dairy cows were camped outside, ready to profit from any bowel emergencies that might occur.
  5. Juan Martinez, the most esteemed of the judges, came to a man known as "Jake" to taste his chili. He took a tastes of a small of the mans dish.
  6. A news reporter whose long hair stuck out randomly stood on the sidelines to take notes on the judge's opinion and reaction and whether he got sick or not.