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  1. And so his journey had begun, wishing fare thy well to mother moon the little Kitten known as Skippy sat out on a journey. One small step for a little kitten, but a giant leap for all children born under the stars.
    Walking forward on his path Skippy wondered who his first ally would be, and perhaps even who would be the first to stand in his path. Cheerfully bouncing fourth along the side of the road, with but one true goal in mind to save the Goddess of the sun. From the giant box he had once called home he bounced down the wooden staircase leading from the door, then out over the stone path onto the grass until he reached the fence that he would squeeze through with little effort... then came the long paved road but he would follow the soft grass on the side of it as he journeyed down the villa area where he lived.

    With courage in his heart and being full of curiosity he wandered forth towards the big wide world. Guided by only the light of the moon as he really had no clue where else to go, he kept a fast pace for a small kitten as he were full of energy and wanted to help out as quickly as possible. Ahead of him as the path converged, he thought for a moment that he could see other creatures like himself, small KittenZ chosen by mother moon to save the world.
  2. Bella was sprinting through the woods on her journey. It had been an hour or two since she departed from her pack as she heard mother moons request. At first she was a bit scared, but with spell affecting the rest of the pack, she didn't have much of a choice. She stopped in tracks as a scent filled her nose. She knew from what mother moon said that only others like her were still roaming about.

    She began to sprint towards the scent at full speed. As she descended upon she contemplated if this scent could belong to kittens or one of the bad guys. She stopped once she spotted what was making the scent. She looked at the young kitten as she flattened her self to the ground in order to hide her self. She would follow him for a little while to determine if it was good or bad.
  3. Skippy looked around the branching patch, the thing he thought he saw were gone now and perhaps it had just been a shadow. He didn't really realize that someone were watching him, his awareness level was not the best and he were currently too happy go lucky on his exploration of the wide big world to even consider that someone would want to ambush him or something this early on his mission. Picking between the different paths were easy, only one of them had a flashing streetlight and it was directly towards the moon, of course the other paths didn't have any light at all and were in general darker as well meaning they had to be the wrong path... it was perfectly logical. Skippy passed by the intersection and down this slightly more lit up road, outside the villa area he could already see the forest nearby and even if he knew there could be adventure there as well, he couldn't stray from his path.

    Yet as he walked down a slope, he came upon something that made him stop in his track. This small area of the road had been flooded, well if you considered 'a big' water puddle that was hardly ankle deep for a kitten a flood at least. However there was no way around it, the areas on the side was fenced off by walls and they were too hard for Skippy to climb. He had encountered a difficult trial... "owh noes, Mew nem-e-sis.... watej" he said to himself as he pondered how he would get past this puddle. If he touched the water he would get wet... and wetness was really bad, it could possibly... make him cold, and cold was even worse. He sat down and pondered how he would get past this water puddle without getting wet...
  4. Bella had been following the kitten for a while maintaining her distance and remaining out of sight. This was her plan until he came up onto the water. From the look of it, the kitten refused to enter the water. This is when Bella decided to make her self known and walked down the path next to the kitten.

    "Seems like your having problems here." She looked at the kitten with a smile revealing her wolf teath. "Would you like some help?" She laid down and waited for the Kitten to climb on her back.
  5. Skippy watched the water puddle with a thougthful gaze as he wondered how to solve this problem, then as he noticed something he quickly spun around to face the wolf that approached him. His gaze narrowed for a second or two before he sat down calmly as she spoke, it was clear to him that this wolf was not an opponent becaue the moonlight shone on her warmly unlike those living in the dark. She was a KittenZ chosen by the moon, and she asked if he needed some help. "Mew problem is naut as impordant as savin the sun" he replied yet she walked up to his side and laid down... did she intend to carry him?, was she strong enough to do that?... he figured he was not that heavy or anything, but to burden another kittenZ didn't feel quite right.

    However he didn't have many other options at the moment, yet he wondered how she intended to get past the water puddle... or did she honestly intend to walk right through it?. "Mew neme is Captaaiiinn Skippy, Pweased to meet ya" he said proudly before climbing on the wolfs back and trying to keep his balance and not fall off. It did indeed feel very weird and strange to do something like that... he felt it was probably a bad idea.
  6. Bella smiled as she felt the kitten climb up on her back. She made sure to stand up slowly making sure not to knock the kitty off. She then began to slowly cross the puddle of water. "No it's fine, in a wolf pack your kinda thrown into the nearest river to teach you how to swim." She stated as she finished wading through the puddle. She laid down once again on the other side to let the kitten off her back. "Nice to meet you captain Skippy, my name's bella. Well maybe I should change that, every captain needs a lieutenant. I guess I'm now lieutenant Bella." She grinned she shook off a little once the kitten was off her back. "Now captain, what's the plan.?"
  7. Skippy watched the water fearfully as the wolf crossed, squinting his eyes slightly as he expected the 'boat' to sink at any second even if it was not deep at all. "Dat sound dangerous... I will nevva be a wolf den" he said and happily 'skipped' off once she laid down on the other side. Thne he looked to her as she introduced herself, as a Lieutenan. He smiled to this, it was good to have an ally "Okay Lu ten ant-Bella. We are goin in dat direction to save Daddy Sun from De EvilZ... " he said pointing into the distance ahead of the direction he traveled.
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