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  1. [​IMG]
    Once upon a time a little kitten starred up at the moon, and and in admiration of its majestic glory it meowed to the stars twinkling in the night sky. Following the light of the moon the Kitten sat out on an epic adventure to save the land and all the small creatures born to the mother of all.

    A Thousand years later, the moon cried out for help and for heroes to rise again. Seeking out the heirs of the KittenZ and to the children of this new world she descended from the night sky. And spoke to him who so bravely watched the night sky and didn't flinch in her presence...
    The moon goddess (open)


    "My Dear child if I may pry, please hear my cry. A task you must try. Walk in my brilliance my sacred light, to evil fight... in this endless night. To you I myself lower, to plead you for thy power, go best and evil tower. " She spoke to the KittenZ And in return for their help, she gave them the powers of the Stars to banish evilZ from the land.

    Good Morning little KittenZ, or as you can see its still dark outside... sadly the sun won't return to you without your aid, as an endless night have fallen over the world. The Sun Goddess have been captured and everyone older than a year or so have fallen into a deep slumber... however you as a KittenZ, are immune to this spell... you are too young to be deemed to be a threat... and thus its now up to you to show them Baddies that your waaay more than they can handle.

    The Fate of the Entire world now rest on you, walk in the brilliance of the moon... children of the stars.

    Looking for the IC?: Then Here it is Meow :3
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  2. Character Creation: General Rule of the thumb... err toe?. Make funny characters unless your part of EVILZ!... any animal child in general can be a Gooddie as long as they're either fluffy, cute or both. And any animal can be a Baddie as long as they're Terrifying,EvilZ looking or... well something in between. Oh Baddies can be adults as they're blessed by Evilz...

    Gooddie: Kitten, Puppy, Piglet etc.
    Baddie: Snake, Aligator, Owl,

    Character Sheet... 'yes not Cheat!... there's no cheats...)

    "Character Quote"
    Name and title:
    Gooddie or Baddie?:
    KittenZ power: Blessed power from the Moon or Gifted by the Darkness. 'its cat-tually... I mean actually, called Darkness power if its from the darkess...
    Other SkillZ: Something else you can do?... barking and biting etc
    What else?: something else you wish to share?

    -Powers are unique to each character.
    -Good Character have a Bonus feature unique to their power activated only in the Hour of Need. Its called The 'H,O,N' ability.... yeah very... very inventive name I know.


    My char... chara... chaaaaraakkk ter.. .. close enuff rite?.

    "I'm Caaaptain Skippy, Pweased to meet ya~"
    Name and title: 'Captain' Skippy Von Fur. "Its Caaaptain Skippy.... Captaaain"
    Gender: Tom
    Animal: Kitten. "Wat do I look liek? a Unicon?"
    Gooddie or Baddie?: As Good as you can come. "Hah... I'm a very nice kitty..."

    KittenZ power: Dragon Lion ROAR!... A Shock wave of pure force travelling in one direction pushing nearly anything aside or throwing stuff to the ground. 'Fus Ro/ar Meow!' 'This attack travel in a cone directly in front of Skippy up to 5M meaning he have to be relatively close to his intended target. "I'm a KittenZ hear maw ROAR!"

    -During a H.O.N, Skippy can Channel his *ahem* Unrelenting 'meow' in a close proximity 'Mini' Nuke. Blasting just about everything including the ground he stand on aside and throwing it sky high if its above him. This is a 10M aoe which can serve as both an attack and a shield. /It have no effect what so ever on other Good KittenZ, but will however leave Skippy himself exhausted to the point of fainting directly after.
    "If dis is goin to be maw end... I shall go with a BANG!"

    Other skills: 'Flurry of Needles' A balloons worst nightmare, Skippy can use all his claws... in an leap towards the foe and spin swipe them for maximum lethal-ity... its kinda painful, even if a small cat has small claws.

    What else?: Skippy is a Kitten, 'duh' but a very Brave Kitten. He do not waver in the face of danger and views fleeing as an act of cowardice as long as the going goes well. He's very difficult to intimidate and is a great leader for someone so young.

    Skippy is born under the 'Brave Star'.

    Even if Skippy don wings he can't fly, they are purely cosmetic and serves no general purpose other than make him look even cuter.
  3. Meow​
  4. Can a bird be the good guy?
  5. They can ^^.

    If its a 'Good bird' like... totally not a Evil Raven, Hawk, Vulture etc xD
  6. So are the animals limited to young everyday animals or can you be any animal that isn't extinct
  7. It's not really limited xD... Be what you want
  8. Apperance: [​IMG]
    "Just cause I'm wild doesn't mean I'm bad"
    Name and title: lieutenant bella
    Animal: wolf
    Gender: female
    Gooddie or Baddie?: I'm not good, I'm great
    KittenZ power: wolf slash, I have the ability to slash my claws sending a wave of energy towards my opponent
    H.o.n power. She has the ability to heal her allies but this has a significant strain to her body
    Other SkillZ: I can track down anyone else
    What else?: captain Skippy sometimes picks on me
  9. Accepted awuu~
  10. How many ppl are we waiting on for the ic
  11. Well We can start when Crow Join I guess ^^.

    So which Personality trait would you say Bella have?

    It would kinda be the Star she's born under xD
  12. She's more the calm and collective one meant to keep Skippy from rushing right in
  13. Compassion Star? perhaps?... caring for others.

    Strategic Star...

  14. Compassion star
  15. Works for me xD
  16. I really hope we get more people in this rp
  17. As do I xD
  18. I talked to crow and she said she was having problems creating a character and coming up with a suitable animal
  19. Well any cute looking animal should be suitable xD...

    Its a bit of fantasy based too so that should broaden the horizon.

    An Owl could be a Goodie, for example. As long as it don't want to eat kittenz... cause that's baaaad.
  20. If she doesn't post in the next day or two could we start off and hopefully more will join in later
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