Little High, Little Low!

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  1. Hello, How goes it everyone?

    My name is Android , or if you'd like I also go by Dex if thats easier, and I hope to meet some new fellow roleplayers and have some fun :)

    I am not very good at bios or introducing myself, so I filled out my roleplay resume to the best of my ability and if you would like to roleplay at all, just say hello~
  2. Greetings and Welcome to Iwaku, I'm to bid on elaborate howdie do's either, but Welcome all the same.

  3. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you around the site. Maybe we can write together, sometime. :D
  4. I appreciate it, Thank you ^^
  5. Thank you! That would be great, I can't wait :)

    Hallo and welcome to the site! :D
  7. Welcome to the site!