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  1. The world is much bigger in the eyes of a creature so small.
    So, little explorer, are you ready for this journey?

    Link For More Info (The interest check):

    The IC will be posted once the people who were interested make their character sheets, and then sign ups will most likely still be open!


    • Name:
    • Alias:
    • Titles: *
    • Age:
    • Date of Birth:
    • Zodiac:*
    • Bloodtype: *
    • Gender:
    • Sexual Preference: *
    • Species/Race:
    • Occupation: *
    • Alignment: *
    • Languages Spoken:
    • Current Relationship Status: *

    • Height:
    • Weight:
    • Body Type:
    • Eye Color:
    • Skin Color:
    • Hair Color and Style:
    • Distinguishing Marks (tattoos, scars, etc):
    • Birth Defects:
    • Clean Shaven, Stubble, Rugged: *
    • Usual Clothing Style:
    • Wearing Currently:

    • Hobbies:
    • Strengths:
    • Weaknesses:
    • Quirks/Habits:
    • Religion/Philosophy: ***
    • Political Affiliation: **
    • Outlook: *
    • Likes:
    • Dislikes:
    • Usual Demeanor:
    • Quick to Anger or Difficult to Anger:
    • Easily Approachable or Not So Much:
    • Introvert or Extrovert:

    • Describe your characters History/Background. Be sure to include things such as:
    • Hometown:
    • Childhood trauma:
    • Parents/Siblings:
    • How events shaped their outlook on life. *


    • Where are they now?
    • What are their fears?
    • What are their goals? *
    • What purpose do they feel their reason for existing is? *
    • What drives them? *
    • What are their current beliefs? *

    • Do they know their heritage well? If so, does it resonate with their personality? (Ex. A viking having a brash and impulsive, violent personality) *
    • Powers:
    • Weapons:
    • Talents:
    • Social Standing: *
    Ones marked with a * are optional!
    This is still in development! Please leave suggestions,
    and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!
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  2. Before I make my CS, will this be like a sandbox where we can make whatever as long as it fit the story like places, languages, title, jobs and etc? Or is there a list you have for it?
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  3. You can make it whatever. I don't have any specific jobs or whatnot for it, and the Tinks are mixed around with lots of different creatures. So let your imagination flow haha! @PandaChu
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  4. Name: Alexander
    Alias: Alexander
    Age: 6
    Date of Birth: March 31 2008
    Zodiac: Aries
    Blood type: O negative (universal)
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: doesn't know, but he will be straight
    Species: tink
    Languages Spoken: tink

    Height: about a nickel
    Weight: as light as a feather
    Body Type: skinny but not scrawny
    Eye color: hazel
    Skin color: he is Caucasian but tan
    Hair color: brown, long and wild
    Distinguishing Marks: none
    Birth Defects: none
    Usually clothing style: a shirt made of dandelion fluff, pants made of leaves and a back pack made of grass weaves together where he keeps his gemstone collection
    Wearing currently: the same as his usual except his shirt and pants are in pretty bad shape, his backpack though is still in good shape.
    Hobbies: gemstone collecting
    Strengths: for his age he is quite book smart
    Weaknesses: he is not very strong physically, and he is not very street smart, which is very ironic as his parents were thieves
    Habits: doing anything to get another stone for his collection
    Religion: Christian
    Likes: gemstones
    Dislikes: frogs and snakes
    Usual Demeanor: happy go lucky
    Quick to anger
    Not so approachable, he is very shy

    Bio: He was a happy go lucky kid traveling with his parents who were nomadic traders, or so he thought. One day they were in between villages and his mother pointed out an obsidian stone which he didn't have in his collection so grappling the small bag he kept his collection in he ran off toward the stone When he returned his parents were gone. A group of men showed up and asked what he was doing in the middle of no where all by himself. He said his parents must have forgotten him.

    The men were kind enough to take him to the next village and reunite him with his parents, who were not happy to see him, but the men were actually bounty hunters who had been hunting his parents. His parents were then exerted for selling the leader of a nearby village fake goods.

    The leader of the village said he would not allow the son of two thieves to live in his village so he had the same bounty hunters who killed his parents take him into the wilderness and leave him there, but not before leaving some supplies with him and telling him how to get to a nearby village.

    Currently Angelo is making his way towards the village the bounty hunters told him about (the village in this RP) in the hopes of finding a home and someone who will love him. He gets very scared at night due to him being six and also because he knows that is when snakes come out. He is deathly afraid of snakes after he and his parents were attacked by one, he also is not a big fan of frogs.

    Powers: he will having healing abilities, but he doesn't know about them yet (ties in with his blood type)

    Weapons: a stick (he's six haha)

    Talents: he is an expert about gemstones

    @Tart good? Bad? In the middle?

    Name: Angelo
    Alias: Angelo
    Titles: sir
    Age: 21
    Birthday: March 21 1987
    Zodiac: Aries
    Blood Type: A positive
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Species: fairy tink
    Occupation: guard/scout
    Alignment: lawfully good
    Languages: tink and fairy
    Current relationship status: single

    Height: a quarter and half a dime
    Weight: as light as a feather like the other this
    Body type: tall and elegant with a thin layer of muscle
    Eye color: gold
    Skin color: white
    Hair color and style: gold, short and well kept
    Distinguishing Marks: he has a few small scars in his chest from a fight with a rat
    Birth Defects: none
    Clean shaven, stubble, rugged: clean shaven, although sometimes in the morning there will be a slight stubble
    Usual clothing style: pants made of spider silk, leaf shoes, and occasionally a vest make of spider silk
    Wearing currently: spider silk pants and leaf shoes, nothing covering his chest and back

    Hoodies: flying and keeping an eye on the village
    Strengths: he is a very good flyer and is very smart mainly book, but also street
    Weaknesses: his wings are not the most durable thing so with enough force they could break with makes him a flight type of person instead of a fight
    Quirks/habits: he is constantly checking the perimeter of the village to make sure there are no intruders
    Religion: Christian
    Likes: flying, nature, most of the villagers
    Dislikes: reptiles, tunnels and some of the villagers
    Usual Demeanor: like most of the male villagers he is serious at work and semi-laid back when not at work, but he always carries himself elegantly
    Quick to anger or difficult to anger: depends
    Fairly approachable or not so much: if you know him he is approachable if not then not so much
    Introvert or extrovert: depends

    Bio: Angelo was born in a fairy tink village which is located to the North of the village in a great tree. He was the oldest of five children and the star child. Angelo is naturally elegant which got him far in the fairy tink world. His village was extremely safe thanks to the imperial guards who Angelo idolized. When he was young he was chosen to be trained to be an imperial guard graduating early at the age of fourteen. The imperial guard would sometimes help nearby villages by protecting them from threats, when he came with the imperial guard to the village to help deal with a horde of rats living nearby, which is where he got the scars in his chest, he realized that this was where he belonged. Once he was back in the fairy village he asked the leader if he could become a roaming guard something only a few of the imperial guard chose to do which meant they would guard the surrounding area and report if they found anything wrong. His request was granted on the terms that he must make monthly reports back to the fairy village. So at the young age of fourteen he moved into the village building himself a house in a tree, with a winding staircase around the trunk for visitors. He has not regretted his decision and goes back once a month to report how things are going to the fairy village. He is afraid of reptiles as they were the biggest problem the fairy trunks faced. His goal is to keep his new home safe, but to also keep in touch with his old home as he still is a member of the imperial guard.

    Do they know their heritage well? If so, does it resonate with their personality? Yes, he is very elegant like al, of the fairy thinks strive to be.
    Powers: flight and some magic
    Weapons: a golden sword marked with the emblem of the imperial guard which is the symbol of Omega (kinda looks like a horseshoe)
    Talents: flying and magic
    Social standing: one of the higher ranking members of the community as well as the imperial guard.
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  5. For weight, you can put light as a feather since the Tinks are all so tiny. And the average height for a Tink who is fully grown is about the length of a quarter. For a child, say about a nickel. :) @andrew21234
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  6. Okay, I wasn't sure to put for some of the other things like clothing
  7. Body type is the same as a humans, except they somehow have the ability to have hollow bones like a bird and still function normally. Clothes, think like an elf for a second. Or think if you were a tiny creature of the sort. Be creative! Perhaps a hat made out of an acorn top, or a shirt made out of the petal of a rose. Anything is possible. :) also, please add a picture of your character. It can be anime or realistic, I do not mind. :P @andrew21234
  8. You don't mind us having pets, right? I plan to have a big, furry friend for my character~
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  9. Yes, go on right ahead! I was planning on having a pet of my own. :) @PandaChu
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  10. Okay I'll do that, can I put the picture up on Monday, I will be on my iPad for the weekend and post pictures is a ton of work, I'm not trying to sound difficult
  11. Nope, it's all good. Don't sweat it haha. :) @andrew21234
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  12. All done except for a picture
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  13. BASICS
    • Name: Tallyan Viste
    • Alias: Tally
    • Titles: Sir
    • Age: 25
    • Date of Birth: January 5th
    • Zodiac: Capricorn (Heh.)
    • Blood type: AB-
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexual Preference: Gay
    • Species/Race: Satyrian Tink
    • Occupation: Hunter/Guard
    • Alignment: Chaotic Good

    • Height: About the length of a silver dollar
    • Weight: About that of a wet feather
    • Body Type: Lean, but fit.
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Skin Color: Beige
    • Hair Color and Style: Long white hair, kept in a braid.
    • Distinguishing Marks: Multiple scars across his body.
    • Clean Shaven, Stubble, Rugged: Well-kempt facial hair.
    • Usual Clothing Style: Traditional clothing
    • Hobbies: In his free time, Tally enjoys teaching the children of the village different hunting techniques.
    • Strengths: Tallyan is a natural hunter, and fully capable of utilizing various traps and weapons, mainly range weapons such as spears and bows.
    • Weaknesses: While it may seem odd, Tally is very easily embarrassed. If the proper buttons are pushed, he'll become a red-faced, fumbling mess. Of course, manly Tallyan wouldn't want people to realize this, so flirting is a cue to leave and misunderstandings are an absolute nightmare.
    • Quirks/Habits: When agitated, or simply standing idle, Tallyan will lightly stomp his foot a couple of times every few moments. Despite how annoying he finds it, himself, it is a quirk outside his control.
    • Likes: Tallyan enjoys doing his job and helping out the people he care about. He also likes simply relaxing somewhere like a tavern, with his friends.
    • Dislikes: He cannot stand feeling weak. Being sick or injured is like torture for him, when he can't go about his day as he normally would. More often than not, he'll try to fake being fine.
    • Usual Demeanor: On the job, Tally is strictly professional. In more casual situations, however, he's more laid back and prone to joking around.
    • Quick to Anger/Difficult to Anger: Angering Tally is very difficult, but once you do hit that nerve, it's near impossible to calm him down.
    • Easily Approachable or Not So Much: Sort of in between. He can be intimidating, but he does not mind being approached.
    • Introvert or Extrovert: Tallyan is a varying mixture of both, depending on his current mood.
    • Hometown: Tallyan was born and raised in the village he now protects and feeds.
    • Childhood trauma: Though he was almost eaten by a lizard as a child, Tally doesn't consider it trauma. He does, however, really hate lizards.
    • Parents/Siblings: Tallyan was raised by his lone mother, and has never had any siblings. He has never known his father, but Tally visits his mother daily to make sure she's okay.

    • Where are they now? Tallyan now lives in a home near the edge of the village, and is considered one of the top hunters. His home is above ground level, hidden within a hollow casing of tree fungi and foliage. ( Like this )
    • What are their fears? Tally has an irrational fear of somehow losing everything and everyone he loves.
    • Powers: Aside from very advanced senses, Tallyan does not have any powers.
    • Weapons: Spear and/or bow & arrows.
    • Talents: Tallyan has extraordinary aim with ranged weapons.
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  14. @Kaz I really like him so far, so will he just have horns or will he have goat legs too?
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  15. Just the horns, ears, and tail. I gathered dozens of satyr pics, most of them with the goat legs, but I liked this one best. :I

    Here's all of the other pictures I gathered, for anyone who wants to look. There's faries, little people, all sorts of stuff. and
  16. I think this one is good, it makes him not human, but not a complete goat man, full blown saytrs kinda gross me out to be honest haha
  17. Hey everyone! I'm BlueSkies, @Tart 's friend, in real life haha. Well, I'm actually her best friend. I'm looking to join this, and hopefully I'll make more friends on here! :)
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  18. @Tart so there going to be a village? Will it have a leader or just a democracy?
  19. Hello, welcome to Iwaku, and good luck~ c:
  20. Hello Tart's friend, @BlueSkies!
    Welcome to IwakuRoleplay, I'm PandaChu but you can call me whatever fits your taste!~ I hope you have fun roleplaying here!~
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