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  1. The world is much bigger in the eyes of a creature so small.
    So, little explorer, are you ready for this journey?

    Hello everyone! I had an idea for a roleplay that circled around a world where tiny little people live. They are the length of a quarter, and the world around them is gigantic! They've settled down in a little village they made themselves, consisting of acorns or objects they found that provided some use, and the tiny people that live there are called the "Tinks." The tinks have a vast diversity of species, consisting of elves or satyrs, or even a sprite! So, what will you choose?

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  2. I'm in tart this looks awesome, reminds me of Smurfs
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  3. Yess! This sounds fun!
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  4. @Tart: I really, really am! Let me know when you get it started!
  5. Was thinking of making a RP like this. I'm in.
  6. @Tart well there is four of us, I think you can make a thread :)
  7. Yay! I'm excited now haha! I really thought this would be totally looked over, and no one would be interested. Gah, you guys rock! Anyhow, I will make a post about it soon, and I already have good ideas for the Ad. @andrew21234 @Crono @Muzixmonzter
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  8. boi
    are awesome, @Tart
    pls let me join.
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  9. Welcome aboard @Lynne ! And ah, thanks. Alright, are you guys okay with filling out a semi-complex character sheet? Most of the things will be optional, but I really want some good characters and I have a feeling this is going to be awesome. @andrew21234 @Crono @Muzixmonzter
  10. Ugh....I suppose haha jk
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  11. Would a creature like this be acceptable?

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  12. Yes, that should be just fine. Also, I'll post the thread soon and link it. @Crono
  13. YES! Kanpachi is in the house!
  14. OMIGOSH!
    This reminds me of "The Secret World of Arrietty" Σ(゚ロ゚) -those who don't know it please ignore-
    If you don't mind, can I also join in?
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  15. Totally okay with this! They make the best characters!
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  16. Ah, this sounds adorable. I'll likely join, too~ c:
  17. Aw Yay @Kaz ! Haha. This is going to be awesome~
  18. Almost... done...!
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