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  1. I based this off a previous RP of someone else.

    Basically, the setting is a garden. Your character is either a human who was shrunk down to size due to some odd reason, or you are already an inhabitant of the garden.

    Basically, the premise of this RP is to have fun, and occasionally, battle each other. Occasionally, you might work together to infiltrate the house, so that you can acquire certain items such as food.

    I'll be putting a limit of playable races, but I might consider custom ones. For now, I've planned - human, Koropokkur, Butterfly Fae, Funghi, Tadpole, Garden Tink, Cowry Swallow Snail, Ant and Plushie. Yes. Plushie. Each race has advantages and disadvantages.

    Racial traits will include 'growth process' for Tadpoles and Cowry Swallow Snail. These races MUST start off in their infant stages, before advancing towards adulthood.

    Humans must start off as 'Juvenile'.

    We will occasionally do stuff like fight bosses(mostly they're just bigger animals like koi carps, cats and even squirrels).

    Mating is possible, but unless I change my mind and put this in Libertine(I'm ACTUALLY thinking thrice because who the hell wants to play frogs fucking each other like frogs? Who is actually intrigued in ant sex?), it will be off-screen or in spoilers. All races except Plushies will lay eggs, even humans.

    So, is anyone interested?
  2. Base outline of each planned Race. For human-like races, 2 metres is scaled down to 4cm.

    Human - You were mysteriously shrunk down to size. While balanced, you lack any particular racial traits. Must start and stay as Juvenile Stage

    Koropokkur - a intelligent race which lives in communities underground. Their technology resembles animals such as kittens, birds and such for blending in.

    Garden Tink - An elven race with enhanced agility and dexterity. They are skilled in archery and beast taming.

    Butterfly Fae - a female-only race with human-like bodies and butterfly wings. They have flight advantage, but are not very durable.

    Funghi - Sentient mushrooms that enjoy gardening. Very few are good at being warriors, but most of them are good at befriending others.

    Tadpole - Must begin at infant stage. They are limited to water-based environments, specifically the pond.

    Cowry Swallow Snail - a mysterious race that, for now, seems to be and acts like a regular snail. Ridiculously slow, but their defensive shell makes up for it. Must start at Infant Stage.

    Rogue Ant - a very physically strong race. After losing their Queen, these lone warriors swore never to vow allegiance to another Queen.

    Plushie - Plushies given life. While functionally more immortal, they cannot reproduce, and are genderless. They must retreat when 'the children are home', whatever that means.
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  3. Sounds very different for sure. It might be fun.
  4. I'd go for this! I could drop in either a Butterfly Fae character or a Human!
  5. This Roleplay is still being pondered on.
  6. Do you all still display interest?

    I am planning on this. However, I still host and partake in other RPs and thus must proceed on them before starting on this.
  7. If this is happening I'm in!
  8. If this roleplay is still available to join, I'd love to be apart of it as a Butterfly Fae! :)
  9. Alright boys

    Libertine or Regular?
  10. I do agree with the point that having people roleplay as ants or some other animal having sex would be awkward, but I believe this has the potential to be pretty interesting if libertine. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like a libertine one. :\
  11. I don't mean to be "that guy" ....but I am. I don't do libertine sorry
  12. I'm still interested in this one, but if it's going to be libertine, I'm still a kid member, so yeah >.<
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  13. I can still throw my hat in right? Well! This sounds promising, and I'd love to be apart of it as long as it isn't going to be too much for you as you've mentioned you have a few rp's already.

    As for the sex, fading to black or spoilers works if ya really want that mushroom on mushroom action I guess. Though I think the whole libertine/cross-breeding is unnecessary. 'sides, if any race can breed (and I mean breeding not sex) with any other there would be many more kinds of races to choose from than what's listed (unless it's like pokemon where only one kind with some traits from the other parent comes out rather than a combination of the two).

    Also, the races probably have pretty different structures (besides fae and humans and probably tinks?), how would that work?(I mean, logically speaking. It could very well be solved by 'it's magic' and bam, here's your half butterflyant baby) While I suppose some would appreciate the option to make babies with whatever I'd still say regular if I must choose either or. Tl;dr (I like it! and I vote regular)
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  14. Alright, after some consultation, I've chosen to improvise.

    Make one Libertine and one Regular. If you'd like, you could help make a Liberteen version.

    I'm considering some sort of 'version exclusive' thing, like regular having Plushies as playable races and Libertine having... something else...
  15. Little Eden

    You wake up, only to find yourself in the middle of nowhere. You look down. Why the hell are you naked? The grass is tall, and your surroundings... a garden?
    Everything looks bigger.

    Or maybe...
    You're smaller.

    Welcome one and all, to the garden of beginnings. Little Eden.


    I think we all have *coughcough* common sense so I won't list them. Just don't powerplay, godmod and all that. Also, have fun. Plus, this will get pretty sandboxy. And I'll drop bosses in from time to time. If you have questions, just ask.
    For human proportion sizes, one metre is dumbed down to two centimetres. These proportions apply to other humanoid races.

    Breeding Mechanics:
    While most of the other stuff are sandboxy, this one is most notable.
    For humans, there will not be an age system, except from 0 to 13 for newborns. For other races, the age system goes from 1 to 20.
    To gain a level, you must defeat various bosses and even fight others. Methods of gaining levels will be shown throughout the Roleplay. You will have an experience bar that will increase based on your actions. It can only decrease by losing a battle against another player character.
    Any two possible races can breed unless otherwise stated.
    Age 0 is basically your egg stage, which requires incubation time.

    Playable Races:

    You are the one who has woken up to find that you are in a new environment. This is not your home. You have nothing with you, and you must survive. Now, you must hunt your way around and learn to live in the wilderness.
    Age has to be between 13 and 17.

    Butterfly Fae
    You have the ability of flight. You are less durable, however. You have knowledge of herbs and you know how to heal others. You are often sought for beauty. In the darker version, they might be more... pursued... by other races...
    They are a female-only race.
    At Ages 1 to 10, you are in your larval phase, which resembles a caterpillar. You are capable of eating a lot in this phase, and can scale walls with ease and stealth
    At Ages 11 to 14, you are in your pupal stage, which resembles a Chrysalis. Your defense is incredible, but you cannot move and will require aid.
    From Age 15 onwards, you are in your regular butterfly fae stage, and can now reproduce.
    You can start at any age

    They are great swimmers. These beings are just ordinary frogs, nothing much really. Their extensive tongue can reach many times their length. They are great jumpers, too, capable of catching up with others with ease and speed. The frogs here grow up to 8 centimetres.
    At Ages 1 to 10, you are in your tadpole stage. You are bound to the pond.
    At Ages 11 to 14, you are in your legged tadpole stage, which allows you to venture out of the pond.
    From Age 15 onwards, you are now a full-fledged frog, and can now reproduce.
    You must start at Age 1 to 5.

    Rogue Ant
    Having lost their queen a long time prior to the start of the RP, they roam the gardens, going solo and swearing never to serve another queen ever again. The ants here grow up to 1 centimetre.
    Their child stage is 1 to 13. From 14 onwards, they are adults and can reproduce.
    You can start at any age.​
  16. You all still interested, based on the WIP first post above?
  17. hmm, seems like you put emphasis on the breeding system, which isn't bad but, What else? like, locations, and characters(npc's if there are any) and the battle system/bosses and story surrounding it all?

    I know it's a WIP but ya sorta lost me here.
  18. I kinda want to make it sandboxy, so yeah, for fights, you just smack, smack, smack.

    I'm not sure if I should add a story, since I never intend for the humans to turn back. I was thinking of... letting the story write itself.

    I'll keep secrets about bosses.
  19. Well I liked the idea behind it, but just leaving it all up to the player won't get very far if not without some kind of direction or goal like I donno, promise to returning to normal size or one free wish even if such a thing didn't exist. And I understand you mean for it to be sandboxy, but landmarks and or cities can still be within a sandbox world so players have some kind of direction.

    with that said, the concept's promising but I'll have to pass.
  20. This is a garden or two so there'll be landmarks.

    Anyone else?
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