Little Darlings

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  1. First things first:
    I need a partner/partners who can do the following:

    1-Actually participate in the role play. Don't leave in the middle, or just never post at all.
    If you sign up, please be sure you want to do this.

    2- Post more than once a day.
    It's annoying to wait two or three days for one little post.

    3- Use correct grammar and spelling, along with correct punctuation.
    I hate it when people don't do this.

    Now, on to the plot~

    Mika Suzugara (Me), is in the popular group at school.
    The girls call themselves "Little Darlings".
    She's the leader, in fact.
    If Mika doesn't like someone- then it's a no one.
    She's the queen bee of the school, and that's that.
    In this group, the girls are unnaturally pretty,
    and get prettier by the day.
    They constantly look perfect, and they're also really smart.
    If they weren't popular, they'd be called sluts, whores, druggies, ect.
    But since they are popular, they're called amazing.
    These girls do what they want, who they want, when they want.
    Got a cute boyfriend?
    Cool, Mika'll take him.

    Got a cute purse?
    Give it to Mika, now.

    Nothing and no one is safe from these girls.
    But inside their little clique, they back stab each other too.
    Liars, all of them.
    They take each others boyfriends, they lie to each other,
    they lie ABOUT each other.
    They all hate each other, but to an outsider, they're bff's.
    And what's making these girls so perfect?
    In time, you'll know.

    Slots available:

    "Little Darling" Members:
    1- Mika Suzugara- Leader. >Severusx<
    2- Second leader
    3- New girl
    4- Freshman
    5- Makeup/Clothes expert
    6- Anorexic

    Outcast school members:
    The ones who hate the clique, and are investigating them.

    1- Sierra Trist. >Severusx<

    The roles:

    Mika: The leader, the one who knows everything. Decides everything.
    Before making a decision, you go to her. Got a problem? Go to her.

    Second leader: If Mika is unavailable, go to her.

    New girl: The girl that just joined, has no authority, is just being tested.

    Freshman: A freshman in school, they're also testing her. She does things such as fetching them stuff from their
    locker, or purse, or basically anything that they want.

    Makeup/clothes expert: While Mika may be the leader, if you want to know all the new fashion, ask this one.

    Anorexic: If you're feeling fat, or wanting to know if your lunch has too many calories, talk to her.

    Character sheet:

    Age: (15-18)
    Grade: (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)
    Clique or outcast?:
    Role in Clique: (Say none if you aren't in it)
    Apperance: (Pictures please. Anime or real.)
    Background story:
    Best class in school:

  2. Name: Neferty Izengrad (Nefy)
    Age: 15
    Grade: Freshman
    Clique or outcast: Outcast

    Background story: Nefy was always very small for her age and was constantly picked on by those around her for it. After a several years of this, she began to close herself off from the world around her only interacting with it, or those in it, to take her pictures. She fell in love with camera's at a very young age after watching her mother taking pictures for a wedding.
    Personality: Very shy and quiet. She never goes anywhere without her camera.
    Likes: Pictures, anything she can make into a scene for a good photo.
    Dislikes: Stuck up, self-centered people.
    Best class in school: Photography

    Hope it's acceptable. :) Not one of my best but hope it works for now. Will continue to work on it either way.
  3. So how many are you waiting on before you start the rp? For all the slots to be filled? Or for a few of them first?
  4. I was hoping to fill more spots..