INTEREST CHECK Little Childish but....Lion king style?

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  1. But would anyone want to do a lion king style role play? The difference being you do not use the lion king movie/story characters. You would make up your own.. It would be a pride of it's very own.
    Also would it be better to set up a brand new place for the lions to live or use pride rock and the outlands and the surrounding areas?
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  2. Oh, I would most definitely be interested in roleplaying this with you! For what ever reason I've been really craving to roleplay anything lion based, so I think this would be awesome. (:
    If you're still looking for a partner that is.
  3. I would be up for it as well if it's a group thing
  4. For the first time in a while a roleplay idea has grabbed my attention. I would be interested as well if it is a group rp.
  5. Ooh this sounds lovely! I'd totally be up for it.